Why It Pays to Pursue Your Passion: Adam Davidson and the Passion Economy

Adam Davidson explains to an Indian audience why an economy based on passion is the way forward for the twenty-first century

The Amazing Benefits of Being Part of a Blogging Community

Here are 5 great reasons to be part of a blogging community, whether in India or anywhere in the world!

Zip, Zap, Zooming My Way Out of the ‘A to Z’! #AtoZChallenge

Now that the A to Z Challenge has come to an end, here’s what to expect from me in the coming months!

2020- This Year is About You and Only You #AtoZChallenge

Make 2020 about you!

Easy Yet ‘Xhilarating ‘Xamples of ‘Xercise #AtoZChallenge

9 Simple Ways to Exercise at Home During Quarantine

5 Reasons to Try Make a Wish Box: Healthy Meal Boxes for Kids

If you are a busy working mother juggling multiple roles – as a professional, homemaker, caregiver, wife, mother, daughter, friend and so much more, you will appreciate anything that promises to make your life easier. Today, I’m here to share a tip on a service that does exactly that. The Make a Wish Box is…

Predictions for 2023 by Anisha Dutt of Zariya Healings

Happy new year folks! The 1st of January always brings with it room for hope and lots to look forward to as we begin with a clean slate in life. It also means we begin planning for the year ahead. So, if you are keen to plan your year with some knowledge of what lies…

Louis Dreyfus Company and Louis Dreyfus Foundation on Empowering Women Farmers in Rajasthan

I have visited Rajasthan many times, but my most recent trip to this colourful state turned out to be the most educational one. In October this year, a few of us media folk visited different villages in the Tonk District of Rajasthan. We were there to examine the results of the ongoing efforts of Louis…

The Importance of Education in Social Emotional Learning

As I’ve highlighted time and again on my blog, parenting is not a walk in the park. There are many aspects of a child’s holistic development that parents must take care of. This includes academic learning along with paying attention to their social emotional needs. The latter is done best by understanding the importance of…

2022: Summer of Transformation – The Best Summer Camp for Youngsters

If you have been following my blog for any length of time, you are familiar with Megha Bajaj, an award-winning bestselling author, film script writer, popular educator and passionate seeker. Previously, I have interviewed her and highlighted the in-depth creative writing workshops she conducts in conjunction with Heena Sodhi Khera of Queen’s Brigade. Today, however,…

Best Preloved Kids’ Stuff in India

You are an eco-conscious parent. You chose to cloth diaper instead of relying on disposables, used the hand-me-downs of older family members and meticulously preserved the clothes your child outgrew, joined a kids’ library to avoid amassing hundreds of books, and discouraged the purchase of shiny plastic toys for your little ones as gifts. As…

Musician Zachary Ray on his Latest Single ‘Cloud 9’

Those of you interested in the indie music scene will be aware of the exciting things currently happening in it across the board. A number of talented singers and musicians have been belting out single after single and keeping us music lovers thoroughly entertained. Mumbai-based Zachary Ray, an independent artist, just dropped his new single called ‘Cloud…

Musings on 2022 and Goals for 2023

And just like that, it’s December and another year is coming to a close. 2022 was in many ways the exact opposite of the last two pandemic years – guided by a return to going out, travelling, and embracing a demanding work / social life with a vengeance. If I assess the year gone by…

Tips to Take Care of Your Nail Health with Perfectil’s Triple Beauty Multivitamin

When I got married nine years ago, I meticulously began to search for all things beautiful and bridal – from outfits to accessories, tools for weight management and products that promised glowing skin, luscious hair and beautiful nails. Afraid that my nails would break at the last minute, I chose to experiment with gel nails…