Blogaberry Dazzle February 2021 Challenge: Let’s Grow Our Blogs Together!

Here’s everything you need to know about the Blogaberry Dazzle February Blog Challenge!

Why It Pays to Pursue Your Passion: Adam Davidson and the Passion Economy

Adam Davidson explains to an Indian audience why an economy based on passion is the way forward for the twenty-first century

The Amazing Benefits of Being Part of a Blogging Community

Here are 5 great reasons to be part of a blogging community, whether in India or anywhere in the world!

Zip, Zap, Zooming My Way Out of the ‘A to Z’! #AtoZChallenge

Now that the A to Z Challenge has come to an end, here’s what to expect from me in the coming months!

2020- This Year is About You and Only You #AtoZChallenge

Make 2020 about you!

Easy Yet ‘Xhilarating ‘Xamples of ‘Xercise #AtoZChallenge

9 Simple Ways to Exercise at Home During Quarantine

What I Learnt About Snacking by Observing My Son

The snacks that my brother and I enjoyed as children, form an essential part of my childhood memories – everything from the deliciously tangy aroma of quick-to-cook noodles, the melt-in-your-mouth goodness of sugary biscuits dipped in tea, and on rare occasions, the spicy crunchiness of masala chips. Before we knew it, these became our comfort

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Current State of Mind – A Rant

People are ill. People are dying. We sit at home, counting our blessings, but also afraid and exhausted, grateful yet guilty, overworked and anxious. Our elected national leaders have FAILED. UTTERLY FAILED in the face of adversity. State leaders from opposing parties have their hands shackled, and are unable to do much, but are at

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Stay at WelcomHeritage Corbett Ramganga Resort: Vlog & Review

In March 2021, just before this new Covid wave took over our lives, we were fortunate to be able to enjoy a quick family vacation. For the sake of my animal-lover 5-year-old, we stayed a night at WelcomHeritage Corbett Ramganga Resort and did the safari at Jim Corbett National Park. From there, we stayed a

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How Curiosity is the Meta Skill to Thrive in the 21st Century?

Guest post by the team at Real School Curiosity encourages children to be more aware of their surroundings and to think about and solve problems. Children’s vocabulary expands when they use language to explain what they’re thinking, doing, hearing, or feeling as they explore their curiosity. You will aid your child’s development by encouraging their

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New parents struggle with the correct methods to store the all-natural baby food products made by Slurrp Farm. This post will answer all your questions.

This Diwali Let Your Kids Forge Special Connections Through Storytelling

Stories are the universal way to communicate ideas and messages. Even the most obstinate of non-readers enjoy hearing good stories. In India specifically, children are brought up on stories and folklore. Our grandparents and parents narrate endless stories to us, which we in turn relate to our children, especially during the festive season. The current

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Laying it Out: 6 Outline Formats Every Writer Should Know

Guest Post by Jon Ward – Founder of Braincat Whether you’re writing a novella, a grant request, or a list article like this one, you can only benefit from creating your piece’s structure before fleshing out its content. Outlines are boundaries, and we draw boundaries not only to keep bad ideas out but to keep

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Where to Get the Best Cotton Fabric Online in India? Fabcurate Review

Gone are the days when we could simply open our mothers’ trunks and forage for good fabrics to make the latest designs. Today, people have neither the time nor the inclination to brave the milling crowds in local markets to shop for fabric. With the pandemic still at large, online shopping is definitely the more

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Queen’s Brigade is on a Mission to Empower Every Woman

International Women’s Day this year was celebrated with much fanfare, especially after Covid-fears had ensured muted celebrations last year. Organisations and individuals both, celebrated women through talks, award ceremonies and other creative mediums. The members of Queen’s Brigade – an organisation consisting of women who interact with each other for business and social purposes –

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