Why It Pays to Pursue Your Passion: Adam Davidson and the Passion Economy

Adam Davidson explains to an Indian audience why an economy based on passion is the way forward for the twenty-first century

The Amazing Benefits of Being Part of a Blogging Community

Here are 5 great reasons to be part of a blogging community, whether in India or anywhere in the world!

Zip, Zap, Zooming My Way Out of the ‘A to Z’! #AtoZChallenge

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Make 2020 about you!

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9 Simple Ways to Exercise at Home During Quarantine

Discover the Hidden Path to Financial Abundance

GUEST POST BY TEAM ZARIYA HEALINGS Are you tired of feeling stuck in a cycle of financial struggle? Do you find yourself secretly envious of others who seem to effortlessly attract wealth and abundance? It’s time to break free from the chains of envy and unlock the path to financial prosperity. Introducing Anisha Dutt’s transformative…

What I Bought in the Nykaa Pink Summer Sale 2023

It’s been ages since I posted anything about makeup – which is very unusual for me as a makeup junkie! But I’m back after a long hiatus with a mini-haul from the Nykaa Pink Summer Sale. Read on to know what I bought and my thoughts on the products. THE CONCEPT OF THE NYKAA PINK…

Class on Netflix vs. Jubilee on Prime Video: Which One Should You Watch?

I recently watched two popular OTT shows released in April 2023 – Class on Netflix and Jubilee on Prime Video. As I found some similarities and many differences between them, here are my thoughts on Class on Netflix vs. Jubilee on Prime Video. NETFLIX VS. PRIME VIDEO: THE TRADITIONAL DEBATE There is no doubt that…

5 Tips for Planning a Last-Minute Fuss Free Kid’s Birthday Party

Any parent reading this post will know how difficult it is to organise a kid’s birthday party. And it’s exponentially worse when it’s a last-minute kid’s birthday party! I found myself in this unenviable situation a couple of weeks ago, so I can sympathise. My son turned 7 on February 20. Sometime in January this…

5 Reasons to Try Make a Wish Box: Healthy Meal Boxes for Kids

If you are a busy working mother juggling multiple roles – as a professional, homemaker, caregiver, wife, mother, daughter, friend and so much more, you will appreciate anything that promises to make your life easier. Today, I’m here to share a tip on a service that does exactly that. The Make a Wish Box is…

The Importance of Education in Social Emotional Learning

As I’ve highlighted time and again on my blog, parenting is not a walk in the park. There are many aspects of a child’s holistic development that parents must take care of. This includes academic learning along with paying attention to their social emotional needs. The latter is done best by understanding the importance of…

Reviews of the Last Five Books I’ve Read

It’s time to upload another blog post for the Blogaberry Dazzle challenge, and today I’ve decided to share my short book reviews from Goodreads with you, just in case they appeal to you. I have been an avid reader all my life and I love keeping a record of things I do (hence the blog!).…

Review of the Gaggan Residency in Delhi

Back in January, I attended a press meet for the announcement of a pop-up by two Michelin star chef Gaggan Anand at the Hyatt hotel in Delhi. The hotel is set to complete 40 years of its flagship property opening in the Capital city this year, and they wanted to kickstart the celebrations in style.…

Narendra Bhawan Bikaner: An Honest Review

I belong to a family of intrepid travellers and we take off on vacations very frequently. 2023 also had with a promising start in this regard, as we visited Bikaner in Rajasthan for the first time. The primary reason for our visit to this city was my son’s request to see the unusual temple where…