5 Ways to Insure Your Health in This New Normal World

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Through the months of lockdown, I have had plenty of time to reflect on the treasures of life. No matter which way I look at it, good health is indeed the biggest blessing I could ask for.

The world is slowly opening up after lockdown, and I have been most concerned about my husband’s well-being as he has returned to work. However, a few practical actions have helped us to #RestartRight, and they will provide comfort to you as well. I recommend following these five simple steps to insure your health in the new normal in India:


Though always important, health insurance is now absolutely essential. There are a few necessities to keep in mind when looking for the correct insurance policy in this day and age. The ICICI Lombard Take Care app brings insurance offers for the new world, and is the most comprehensive one-stop solution for every insurance need. In addition to scouting for the best health insurance policy, you can tele-consult doctors, book appointments online, receive second opinions from multiple health experts and maintain health records in one place.  


Research and on-ground experience* have shown the best way to test the severity of your symptoms is through a pulse oximeter machine. This unassuming device is used by pulmonologists to check the oxygen levels in a patient’s body. Oxygen levels are considered normal between 88-95%, but anything less than that indicates hypoxia, for which the patient requires immediate hospitalisation and treatment. It is essential to keep an oximeter at home for easy access.


Home remedies have been used to prevent diseases since times immemorial. Heed your grandmother’s advice and build your immunity by consuming traditional medicinal herbs like turmeric, ginger, black pepper and cinnamon or by drinking home-made ‘kadha’ every day.


Yoga and pranayama or a brisk walk should be part of your daily routine, as a further step to building immunity. A fit and healthy body is less likely to catch disease**. In fact, regular exercise has been proved to boost one’s mental health as well***. Exercise, even if a small amount, contributes greatly to your overall well-being.


You are bound to come in contact with numerous people now that life is inching toward normalcy. However, you must not let go of the simple practices you have been observing since the lockdown began. Keep washing/sanitising your hands and maintain social distance among co-workers or other people in your vicinity. Avoid social engagements and places of religious worship, as far as possible.

Insuring your health in the new normal in India, is easily achievable if you are prudent and well-prepared. Adopt these easy steps for your own peace of mind and the continued good health of your family. These five simple steps will surely help you to #RestartRight.

5 ways to insure your health in this new normal world


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*This is a sponsored post but views are honest and my own.

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  1. You have mentioned easiest but effective ways to insure health in the new normal. I just want to add about the excercises. I think excercises should be stress busters. It is highly important to #RestartRight.

  2. Every point you mentioned brought home some perspective; totally agree with the thought as health is most important; im going to prioritise my health much better now.

  3. I have the TAKE CARE APP on my phone.Agree about Daadi is nuska and exercise being a game changer together with social distancing and mask wearing as you mentioned.Loved the video

  4. Health is indeed the real wealth. And this is what we must focus on.You create amazing content that makes a positive impact in our lives. Thanks for sharing about the APP I am going to download this right away

  5. Thanks for the informative post.I completely agree with all the points that you have mentioned and Take care app has really been helpful while looking for best health insurance policies.

  6. I’m pretty sure that once the lockdown is over, a lot of people will relook at how they should lead their lives. Health and safety is a priority and this pandemic has provided us an awakening in many ways.

  7. Yes these things are definitely going to become a new norm and that’s the only way we can keep ourselves safe. Social distancing is going to play a very important role and it has to be practiced for sure.

  8. Better to have a healthy lifestyle than having to consult a doctor at all. However, sometimes it becomes crucial to get medical opinion and Take Care App helps a lot in that.

  9. Well written Noor, I agree, the pandemic has made us realize the importance of Insurance. Health is indeed our true wealth. I too have use this app on a recommendation of a dear friend and it is really helpful especially in these times.

  10. Frankly this unlock phase is scary and we better take some good measure, appreciate all the points you mentioned here, Keeping an eye on good health insurance is equally important like being fit and healthy

  11. Some important yet doable points there, Noor. Exercise and eating right is important. Thank you for letting us know the ways to #RestartRight

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