5 Ways to Keep Your Sanity as a Parent #Momology

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Hi folks, last week I penned my parenting mantra to deal with tricky situations as part of the #momology blog train (read the post here). This week’s prompt is even more interesting- “5 ways to energise yourself when you’re exhausted of parenting”.

I took a long break from my legal practice when my son was born. The first couple of years went in adjusting to my new role and responsibilities as a mother. Once I felt comfortable being the primary caregiver, and established a system, I could finally devote time to myself. My first foray into self-discovery was writing my blog. Writing gives me vigour, keeps me mentally fit and raises my self-worth tremendously. I’ve recently made inroads back into the legal profession as well.

Juggling motherhood with writing, networking, editing; along with nurturing my fledgling career as a lawyer, after a long hiatus; is not easy! This hectic lifestyle leaves me completely exhausted. Read on to know the 5 foolproof methods I’ve adopted to stay sane as a working parent:

  1. TRAVEL:

Traveling to new places or returning to old favourites, is balm to my soul. I crave being on the go, at least once a month. I don’t travel much for work, which ensures all the travel is pleasurable. Fortunately, all my family members and even my son enjoy travel- so I don’t face much resistance!



I can’t stress the importance of self-care enough. With our busy lifestyles, pampering ourselves becomes last priority. We forget that a pedicure or head massage, can have the same effect as a week-long vacation! Next time you’re feeling down and out, book yourself a spa or salon appointment and watch your spirits rise.



Sometimes blocking my reality is the best form of therapy. This includes reading an engaging book, watching a good film or TV show, or watching mindless videos on YouTube. The latter is the easiest to make time for, in my jam-packed day. No one will grudge you a 10-minute video break, no matter the situation 🙂



Spending time with my loved ones is essential to my mental well-being. This includes time alone with my husband, my family members and my close friends. I recommend scheduling date nights with your partner, frequent visits to your parental home (if possible), and a catch-up session with friends once a month for sure.



If none of the above pointers seem feasible, there’s always retail therapy. With the advent of online shopping sites, it’s easy to have a quick shopping fix. I’m an unabashed shopaholic!


I hope my list inspires you the next time you’re in a rut. I also recommend, staying connected with other parents in similar situations. Often, I feel energised simply by comparing notes with my mommy friends. What do you do when parenting and life gets a bit much? Please share in the comments section below.

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  1. Agree with you Noor, Nothing beats Travel and self-love. And who doesn’t love shopping? I normally shop online these days, but it is very refreshing stepping out to shop till you drop. Great post #Momology

  2. Spending time with your loved ones, traveling with your toddler or just narrating a story to him, actually develops great bond. Daily routine might be really boring otherwise.

  3. Happy parent keeps the family happy so yes these pointers must be followed. As a parent, I feel the need to unwind so that I can approach my duties with renewed zeal.

  4. In the hectic lives that we all lead today, it is highly imperative that we take a pause now and then. Travel and reading or any other hobby that breaks the routine is a great way to get rejuvenated.

  5. I swear by travel and self-care. Thanks for sharing this beautiful post. Happy parenting is a must to ensure totally family happiness. Loved your post.

  6. Shopping, spending time with loved ones, traveling actually it works great. I am a mother of twin’s daughter and it’s difficult to manage time but my husband helps me a lot. We enjoy each and every bit of time.

  7. This is a lovely post. It’s truly a task to keep your sanity as a parent. These ways truly help. Thanks for sharing this.

  8. Hahaha… Staying sane as a parent is truly hard and I can see the agony on my mom’s face everyday! XD These are some really good points to unwind the mind and recharge!

  9. Loved the post, the way it has been written, I am not able to relate to this a lot but yes probably my brother has a kid, he will connect with the blog for sure, thank you for sharing this amazing bit.

  10. Travel, shopping, spend time with partner is the bestest ideas to keep yourself happy . I love street shopping ,it is really a stress buster for me.. Awesome post..

  11. lovely post! really relatable….. i feel in the fast pace of life we are all living these days, it is essential to find these mini vacations which one can insert through the day and week to keep going and staying up-beat.

  12. Self care and shopping makes me happy. And these mantras are really effective and helpful. Being a mother of two is at times hectic and stressful. Thanks for sharing these mantras

  13. These were some very useful pointers. specally the one about self care and spending time with loved ones. Self care goes a long way in relaxing the mind and replenish the energy reserves to get back to the battleground.

  14. You are truly multi talented Noor. Being a lawyer and writing your heart out with a toddler is not easy. Taking short breaks every month is truly rejuvenating.
    Thank you for taking part in momology.

  15. I couldn’t agree more noor! Mental escape is just so much needed! And I love it! ‪Thanks for taking part in #Momology! ‬

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