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With waist-up dressing becoming a legitimate concept after the pandemic, jewellery has become more important than ever before. Most of my meetings take place online and I’m therefore always on the lookout for unique pieces of jewellery that will elevate my outfit and multi-task from online meetings to social outings. Recently, I tried the Amama Jewellery brand and today I’m sharing my review of the products of this brand with you.

Amama Jewellery Review

Before I share the Amama Jewellery review though, let me tell you a little bit about this homegrown brand.


The philosophy behind Amama Jewellery is that women are inherently fond of the jewellery they own, especially the pieces that are inherited from their loved ones. Amama Jewellery therefore, sells products that tell a story and make excellent gifting options for generations. Their model of working is an interesting one – they curate and sell jewellery from around the world and also design handcrafted jewellery in their head office in Delhi.

Amama was founded in 2017 and since then, their designs have been spotted on celebrities like Yami Gautam, Masaba Gupta, Riya Kapoor, Neena Gupta, and Nora Fatehi among others. It is also a favourite of influencers and bloggers like That Boho girl, Komal Pandey, Masoom Minawala, and Kusha Kapila, among others.

Amama means Amma in Telugu which is how the founder of the brand addresses her grandmother who was the real inspiration for starting this business.

As I write for the lifestyle section of YourStory, I was impressed with this brand’s designs and vision and featured them in one my articles, which you can read here. I also interviewed their founder Nikita Gupta for my fashion column in The Daily Guardian, which you can read here.

The focus of this jewellery review, however, is their latest collection called ‘The Zodiac Collection’, which I decided to try for myself.

The Virgo Set in the Zodiac Collection – Amama Jewellery


The zodiac has always fascinated people, and many like to flaunt their sun signs through clothing and merchandise. Hence, releasing a collection dedicated to the 12 zodiac signs was a sound move by Amama Jewellery. As part of this collection, you can invest in sets of 3 necklaces that can be worn together in layers, or separately depending on your mood and method of styling.

Apart from the necklace sets, the zodiac collection includes bracelets, and earrings for all 12 zodiac signs, each one designed around specific characteristics of that particular zodiac sign.

The reason behind this collection was that Amama Jewellery wanted to venture into daily-wear minimal jewellery, which offered a special element of personalisation for the wearer. The collection has 46 pieces made with brass, enamel, fashion pearls and gold plating, and is priced within the range of Rs 2000 to Rs 6000. It took 4 months to design and execute this entire collection.


There are a few things that I look at while purchasing jewellery:

  • Design – since design and taste depend entirely on personal preferences, I look at whether the design appeals to me. ‘Trendy’ stuff, though nice once in a while, is not something that I base my purchasing decisions on.
  • Versatility – can the piece be worn multiple ways and with multiple outfits, so that I get the biggest bang for my buck?
  • Quality – this is the most important factor for me. Is it well-made, well-packaged and durable? Or is it likely to get caught in a piece of clothing and break apart?!
  • Value for money – if the product is priced on the higher side, its quality has to be excellent made with premium materials and the piece itself should be unique and stand out in a crowd. This is what defines the piece providing value for money for me.

I got the Virgo set from Amama Jewellery’s zodiac collection as that is my sun sign. It consists of three delicate-looking yet sturdy gold-plated necklaces made with designs that highlight the femininity of the wearer, as that is the particular characteristic of this sign of the horoscope. I like the versatility of the designs because I was able to style each of the three necklaces with different outfits as well as wear them together for a statement-making set. The quality was excellent and the designs unique, making the entire set of three necklaces priced at Rs 6000, good value for money!

I hope this review has answered all your queries. If there’s anything else you’d like to ask, feel free to do so in the comments section below! And till then, check out Amama Jewellery and happy shopping!

Website: www.amama.in
Instagram: @amama_loves

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/amamaloves/


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  1. I did not heard about amama jewelry before but after reading your review felt that it is really great. will surly check out their page and website to know more. thanks a lot for sharing your honest review.

  2. Lovely designs Noor. My personal favorite is the red one. You look stunning as usual. Zodiac sign inspired jewelry sounds new to me. So far I have always seen people wearing stones as per their zodiac in the form of ring. Rs.6000 for 3pieces is not a bad deal.

  3. These jewellery pieces look good on you. I am not a jewellery person but when it comes to buying something I prefer unique designs & quality. The brand looks promising, I will check out their collection.

  4. The jewellery look stunning and with their designs it is creatibng a unique vibe. Also I can see that it can be dressed with western and Indian wear, which is a big plus for adding it to the collection.

  5. I quite like their jewellery too Noor and what value for money they are. Thanks a lot for sharing about them< i will love to add a couple of pieces to my collection

  6. I really like the name Amama, which implies love and affection. What you are wearing looks stunning too. I agree being online is the new normal and while doing online trainings even I feel having a good necklace does give a needed impact.

  7. Thanks for sharing a detailed review. Though I have never heard about Amma jewellery but I really liked the designs. They are quite unique and trendy. Will check out their website and page.

  8. All the necklaces are really nice and I personally liked the long chain one which can be used in both Indian and Western wear. It is coming in my family so I’ll check out their collection.

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  10. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this review of Amama Jewellery by Nooranand Chawla. The detailed assessment of the brand’s craftsmanship, design aesthetics, and the quality of their jewelry is informative and helpful for prospective buyers. The inclusion of personal experiences and recommendations adds authenticity to the review. Nooranand Chawla consistently delivers thoughtful and honest reviews of various products and services. Thank you for sharing this insightful review of Amama Jewellery!

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