Yum Yum Cha, Khan Market: An Honest Review

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I love a good sushi restaurant. I also love a good dimsum restaurant. When the two cuisines combine and move to Central Delhi, the expectations are certainly high. Yum Yum Cha, run by the famous Yum Yum Tree group, has become a chain to reckon with. Its latest branch is located in the middle lane of Khan Market, surrounded by many food giants.

The restaurant does not allow reservations to be made in advance, but hoping that a table for 10 would be available at 8 pm on a Tuesday night. Surprisingly, the place was choc-a-bloc full when we arrived, despite being early for Delhi dinner time! The friends I met there are all young mothers who trickled in over the next 45 minutes (as and when their babies allowed!). We did get additional tables later, but I would recommend reaching either very early or much later if you plan to go in a large group.


This Origami-themed place has a delightfully quirky ambiance. They do not serve liquor, which may be a deterrent for some, but I felt it allowed the food to really shine. They have an open kitchen on the top floor which was cramped but quite clean.

We ordered communally and chose the following dishes- the Pork Belly and Jus Baos and the Truffled Mushroom Baos; as well as the Spicy Prawn and Crispy Vegetable Cheung Fun. For dimsums we called for Pink Crab, Prawn and Chive, Prawn Hargao and Chicken & Chilli Oil as the non-vegetarian options; and the Edamame and Truffle and Cantonese Veggies as vegetarian ones.


We ordered two of the beautifully arranged Chef’s Sushi Boats which included 6 sashimi, 8 rolls and 6 nigiri. For sushi we opted for Rock & Roll (roasted rock shrimp tempura with spicy mayo); Spicy Salmon, the California Roll (crab, tobiko caviar, avocado and cucumber). The sashimi included Hamachi (yellowtail), Shake (salmon) and Unagi (bbq eel). The nigiri were Spicy Hamachi (yellowtail and spicy mayo), Abocado (avocado) and Aburi (roasted salmon).

This was the ideal amount of food to be shared by 10 people. Three pieces of sushi remained untouched, and there was definitely no room for dessert! Full points for the presentation of each dish. Each plate was laid out differently and the sushi boats were very striking. We ordered Fresh Lime Soda’s on the side, which were very refreshing.


The Chef’s Sushi Boat

The food was delicious. In my opinion, the restaurant ranks in the top Asian joints of Delhi. My only gripe was with the Spicy Prawn Cheung Fun, which was devoid of any flavor other than extreme spiciness. That may appeal to some people though!

Overall, it’s a lovely place for a casual yet tasty meal. Be prepared to eat quickly though, this is not a place to prolong the chit-chat!

Meal for 2: INR 3,000 approximately 

Restaurant rating: 4/5


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