“Deadpool 2”: Is it Worth Watching?

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*SPOILER ALERT*. This post contains spoilers, please read with caution!

Having missed “Deadpool 1” I wasn’t particularly excited about David Leitch’s “Deadpool 2”,  yet thoroughly enjoyed the film! The film is entertaining in a way that superhero films were originally meant to be- a pleasurable escape from reality. Watching the first film isn’t mandatory, as this movie stands on its own legs.

Deadpool played by Ryan Reynolds, is an invincible superhero with a prominent negative leaning, even appearing as a villain in previous Marvel films. In this movie, while grieving the loss of a loved one, he makes it his mission to protect a mutant teenaged child played by Julian Dennison from going down an errant path. By doing so he saves the future from impending doom. Aiding him in this task is the unlikely team of a supercop from the future played by Josh Brolin, a woman with serious amounts of luck on her side played by Zazie Beetz, three mutants from the X-Men team and a couple of funny sidekicks with no apparent powers.

The movie is Reynolds’ through and through. His phenomenal acting capabilities never disappoint, but particularly hold him in good stead here, where deeply variant emotions are at play. Reynolds pulls off sarcastic humour while portraying believable grief, and an indomitable attitude while showing an honest sensitivity.


Zazie Beetz, Ryan Reynolds and Josh Brolin in the film. Picture courtesy: denofgeek.com

The film is humorous, timely and will appeal across board. Its message is touching without being twee, and makes you excited about the next offering in the franchise. Reynolds as the star, the writer and executive producer of the film, pulls many self-deprecating jokes and makes many interesting pop-culture allusions which will please fans. With pointed references against racism and sexism, the film breaks away from the traditional patriarchal mode of most superhero films. Beetz does a wonderful job with her quirky character, and Brolin plays his Terminator-esque role well. Other members of the supporting cast play fair companions to Reynold’s Deadpool.

The music is an important character in itself, with each song correctly placed and adding value. The story is clever and engaging and never serves a dull moment. The CGI effects and cinematography are beautifully done, as is expected with most films of this caliber.

As it’s been released barely a few weeks after the blockbuster “Avengers: Infinity War”; the comparison is inevitable. “Deadpool 2” doesn’t claim to be as serious or methodical as the latter, yet makes a passing reference to earth being destroyed by its occupants; a theme that was prominent in the “Avengers” film. “Deadpool 2” doesn’t match the poignancy of its counterpart, but is one heck of an entertainer! I’d highly recommend this to everyone looking for a laugh and some time off from the realities of the world.

Film Rating: 4/5


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