Diwali in Delhi: The Joy of Gifting

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IMG_4223Presents all ready to be sent out

Most Indians I know (including myself) take their celebrations very seriously. What better time to bring out the ostentation than the festival of lights aka Diwali!

If you haven’t caught up with my Diwali in Delhi series yet, go here, here and here. Today’s post, timed to coincide with Dhanteras, is all about Diwali gifting. As I explained yesterday, people love spending their money around this time, in the hope of earning it back through the coming year. The best way to spend it is on their family and friends.


Too much of a good thing! 

Perhaps similar to gifting around Christmas time, the thought is to spread love and bonding in the larger community. The difference I’ve noticed (please correct me if I’m wrong), is that Diwali gifting is not restricted to the immediate family. People send out large consignments of presents as corporate gifting, or to people in their larger circle of acquaintances. The idea being what you give will most certainly come back to you.

It’s a fantastic time for retailers of all sorts as they put out new merchandise for sale. In recent years, online retailers have jumped on the bandwagon by announcing big sales around this time of year. Many employees receive Diwali bonuses, making it easier for money to be spent.

Traditional gifts include mithai and sweets of all kinds, dry fruit, candles or earthenware diyas, and other things for beautifying the home. Paraphernalia related to gods and goddesses are often included. It is now fashionable to give fancy chocolate goodies too.


Different options for homeware

I remember dressing up on Diwali day and stepping out with my parents for our gifting rounds. Despite the annoying traffic, meeting all our loved ones and having a cup of tea or beverage at each one’s house, was always memorable. Now, things have changed drastically. As our lives get busier, personal gifting has become tougher. Presents are now sent out with drivers and lists (though this is not true for everyone!). However, the sentiment remains the same.

There is so much to love about this beautiful festival. It single-handedly brings everyone together, in one way or another. It’s my favourite time of the year for a reason! Look out for tomorrows post- the last one in the Diwali series.

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