Easy to Use Surface Cleaning Cream for Spring Cleaning

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Come springtime, there is a sense of buoyancy and vibrancy in the air. Nature rejoices in the change of temperature, the emergence of creatures from their months-long hibernation, and the bloom of fresh buds signifying life.

For humans, it is time to pack away the heavy winter wardrobe that has weighed us down for months, put away the heavy drapes and bedcovers and clean, clean, clean every surface that is suddenly thrust into the limelight again. Spring cleaning can be quite an arduous, even though necessary task! Fortunately, I have recently discovered an awesome and easy to use surface cleaning cream that has provided a great solution to my spring cleaning woes this time around. I’m referring to the Cif Surface Cleaner Cream. Read on to know why you too should invest in this easy to use surface cleaning cream.

Easy to Use Surface Cleaning Cream


When you think of spring cleaning, what comes to mind? Scrubbing, washing, beating out of carpets, rummaging through cupboards to discard unused items of clothing, washing the stubborn stains on bathroom and kitchen tiles and generally ensuring that a good, hard scrub-down is given to every possible surface naked to the eye, am I right?

If your sun sign is Virgo like mine is, your cleaning woes probably mirror mine. Our perfectionist personalities and aversion to grease and grime often make our tasks tougher. Especially when it comes to removing stubborn stains from surfaces that seem to have lodged themselves there merrily refusing to be parted with their home of choice. No matter how many rounds of cleaning you inflict on them, they just don’t budge!

This is clearly a huge problem and most cleaners on the market haven’t been able to effectively solve it. Which is why I began my search for an easy to use surface cleaning cream in earnest a few months ago – I had to be prepared in time for the spring season after all!

Cif Surface Cleaning Cream


When I discovered Cif – an all-purpose cleaning product that helps to clean 100% of tough stains absolutely safely, I was delighted.

As India’s first-ever cream-based surface cleaner, this brand has a demonstrated track record of being the world’s largest selling domestic easy to use surface cleaning cream. In fact, Cif has been a trusted and established brand for over 70 years now.

I chose to use the Cif Surface Cleaner Cream, as it seemed the most promising product to deal with the difficult to remove stains on my kitchen hob and other surfaces in the kitchen.

This easy to use surface cleaning cream removes tough stains from bathroom tiles, sinks, bathtubs and any difficult corner of the home. Its creamy formula penetrates deep and completely removes the most stubborn dirt leaving behind 100% shiny surfaces. The best part is that the formulation’s new texture requires less rinsing than before, which in turn aids us in saving water and requires less effort.


I have told you the problem and I have shared the solution to it, but I am sure you are still wondering why the Cif Surface Cleaner Cream is better than others on the market? Read on to know why:

  • It removes the toughest of stains and grease

The Cif cream’s newest formulation is its best one yet. The product removes 100% of the most ingrained dirt for 100% beautifully clean surfaces, more easily than ever.

  • It removes stains or surface grease very easily

The Cif cream penetrates and removes the most stubborn dirt completely. This includes encrusted grease, burnt-on food, bathroom limescale stains and as in my case, stubborn stains in the kitchen too.

  • It is so easy to use that anyone can clean surfaces with this product

All one needs to do is apply the Cif cream to the surface using a damp cloth, then simply wipe over it and gently rinse the residue away. The method could not be any simpler!

  • It leaves behind 100% shine

The new Cif cream’s texture requires less rinsing in comparison to its previous formulation, so you can have a perfect, shiny and clean surface, right after use.

  • It has a pleasant smell and no stickiness

As I have always been partial to the scent of lemon, that was the variant I chose. The product really does impart a very fresh and lemony scent. However, for those who prefer other scents, one can choose from their Original and Pink Flower scents. I can personally attest to there being no stickiness after the use of this product, as I checked for this specifically.  

  • It has all-natural cleaning particles

In a world where almost all cleaning agents contain chemicals, which invariably find their way into our hands and through them into our systems; the Cif cream stands out. With its 100% natural cleaning particles, you can be assured that you will not be exposed to harmful chemicals.

  • It promises not to damage any surfaces

What I liked particularly about the Cif cream was its promise that all Cif products have been developed to give the best cleaning without damaging surfaces. In fact, the products work to prolong the original beauty of the surface.


I hope this list of reasons has convinced you of the fact that the Cif Surface Cleaner Cream is indeed the best and most easy to use surface cleaning cream. Let me share an incident where the Cif cream recently came to my rescue. On Sundays, my house help is on leave, and I had to cook (something I quite dislike in general!). After cooking comes the cleaning, another part I really wasn’t looking forward to. Fortunately, the Cif Surface Cleaner Cream came to my rescue, as it usually does in situations of this nature. It worked so quickly and easily that I was done in a jiffy!

One dab of the product on a damp sponge, and one quick swipe across the stain of that damp sponge with the Cif cream on it, was all it took for the kitchen hob to look as good as new. While I was at it, I decided to do a thorough clean-up of other surfaces in the kitchen too. Then too, all it took was one quick swipe. The ease with which this products works and its super quick results are very satisfying!

Does your creative passion lie in cooking delicious dishes in the kitchen? Or are you a compulsive Monica-from-Friends kind of person, always ensuring that every place and surface in your home is spick and span? Whatever your personality may be, I highly recommend you check out the Cif Surface Cleaner Cream as your one-stop solution for tough dirt removal and shiny clean surfaces. It is undoubtedly the most easy to use surface cleaning cream. I assure you that you will not regret it!

Have you tried the Cif line of cleaning products with their long legacy of being top-ranked home cleaning products? If yes, what are your thoughts on their products – especially their Cif Surface Cleaner Cream? Do share your experience in the comments section below as that always helps readers make informed choices before buying products.

That’s it from me – signing off with the message #DontJustCleanItCifIt!


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    1. Got to get this. Thanks for writing about the cif. Previously mom used to buy this when we were in Chennai but now I got to get it on Amazon. 😊👌

  1. My sunsign is also virgo thought not a stickler for cleanliness. Still there are moments when things go beyond control I get to spring cleaning. Thanks for this informative post and I really enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed using CIF for my kitchen.

  2. Our spring cleaning is still pending, I am planning to go for deep cleaning my house this month. And, for that, I was looking for products that could make my task easier. I have heard a lot about Cif products, I think this Cif cream would be a great help in cleaning. Ordering it right away.

      1. Never imagined that zodiac could be related to cleaning habits. No wonder it’s an extremely serious topic back at home for me. Let’s try if this could help in checking woes.

  3. This is a wonderful product and I am sure it helps in many ways when it comes to cleaning the messy kitchen surfaces. You have explained it so well, Noor.

  4. I do time to time deep cleaning in my kitchen and it becomes a tedious task. Cif looks like a great solution to help me out in my kitchen. The results in the pics look very impressive.

      1. Will surely check out this product..i was in search of such products..which can clean my tea wala stains on my gas ..my chail lover family

  5. I find Cif super easy to use too. It doesn’t require much effort to remove stains with Cif.

  6. Thank you for sharing your experience. I can completely relate since I’ve been using Cif too.

  7. Thank you for sharing your experience. I can completely relate since I’ve been using Cif too..

  8. My mum used to use this surface cleaner and looking how effective it was, I started using it some 5 years back, great product

  9. Cleaning the kitchen especially Indian kitchens is a tough job. The grease around the hub in the oven is so difficult to clean. CIF makes it sound so easy to clean. Thanks for sharing the review. I am going to get one right now.

  10. From your post I could sense their importance to keep the kitchen clean. Thanks for the pictures they show perfectly how it will be helpful for us.

  11. Well, I may not get to try this product here but I am reading a lot about it. When we have some good brand to rely on, cleaning gets easy.

  12. I am hearing a lot about CIF cleaning products all across the web. seems they had excellent quality. thanks Noor for sharing your experience with us. will share about this with my family. BTW, you are looking beautiful in promotion pic.

  13. Thank you for a much needed solution to all our kitchen woes. Such a well explained blog, will surely use the CIF products to make my life easier and the kitchen cleaner.

  14. Another Virgo says, Hi ! . The brand has been hit in my family, my maa never bought anything other than CIF when it came to cleaning her Kitchen. Over the time packaging might have changed but I am glad the quality remained constant and now I too make sure to add this in my monthly grocery list 🙂

  15. This looks like a good product. Very few of them are chemical free but do a good job. I will surely try it out.

  16. I haven’t used Cif yet. But if you are highly recommending it, it is sure to be a good one. Will give it a try.

  17. Cream based cleaner sounds more promising and the best part it does not use much water. I am Libran but I am equally crazy about cleanliness and specially organisation and cleaner and neater surfaces. I go crazy on every Sunday as that is the only day I get an off. Will definitely try out this cleaner.

  18. I am about to start deep cleaning my house so this was super helpful! Will try it out

  19. I never tried this product but after reading your experience it seems like an amazing product. will recommend this one to my family.

    1. I am also having the same safai ka keeda. Specially kitchen n bathroom tiles cleaning is very tough. CIF cream make it easier. I haven’t use it. Will go in my safai kit. Thank you Noor for sharing.

  20. I have used Cif earlier and have found it good too but I switched to a herbal product. Since uv mentioned that it has all natural ingredients… maybe I can give it a shot again.

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