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With Diya Kapoor after a gruelling session!

Being a lazy girl at heart, my recent foray into fitness has been life-changing. To change things up from my usual personal training; I attended a class of Kriya Yoga with Diya Kapoor, at the Asiad Village Community Center. I’m glad I did, because I left feeling energized yet calm, refreshed and relaxed at the same time.


Downward dog with split leg


Kriya Yoga, which means “to work”, is the brand created by Diya Kapoor. She believes that practitioners of yoga must work hard in order to reap the true benefits of this ancient practice. Diya’s brand stands apart from others, as her vigorous yet soothing postures are geared to making her clients conscious of the connection between the body and the mind.


Butterfly Pose


Diya Kapoor learnt yoga at the Yoga Institute in Mumbai, credited as being one of the oldest yoga centers in the world. Diya earned her certification in hath yoga in 2007 and a specialized certification in pre-natal yoga in 2011. She began teaching in Mumbai and has continued to teach after moving to Delhi. Currently she takes classes twice a week at Asiad Village and private lessons at her residence. She is open to teaching groups of people at special rates, at venues of their choice.


Rotated Triangle Pose


I practiced pre-natal yoga with Diya, from the third month of my pregnancy till the eighth month. When pushing through 18 hours of a complicated labour, I was very grateful for the extra flexibility and endurance I developed in her sessions!

Having taken numerous yoga classes before meeting Diya, I feel her biggest asset is her ability to connect with each client individually. She excels at creating a relaxing atmosphere yet patiently encouraging you to push your limits. Her deep understanding of the human body caters to each person’s specific needs. Further, her approachable and affable nature make her clients return time and again. It’s no wonder she’s friends with so many people who started out as clients!


An engaged class at the Asiad Village Community Center


I thoroughly enjoyed my first experience of Kriya Yoga at Asiad Village. It was the first time I worked out with her in a group setting, and I appreciated that she divided her attention equally among everyone in class. Her involvement and concern go beyond the class, as she follows up afterwards with a message of concern and advice. If people have any queries, she gives informed answers and special tips.

The class I attended was well- balanced. A quick warm-up was followed by suryanamaskars to make an intense first half. The second half focused on balancing poses to improve one’s posture before resting with Savasana (meditation pose) and closing with Om chanting.

I highly recommend trying Kriya Yoga classes, whether at the center or privately. I’ll definitely be part of the next class. Would you like to join me?


Venue: Asiad Village Community Center

Days: Tuesdays & Thursdays

Timings: 9:00 a.m. – 10:00 a.m.

Charges: INR 2500 per month

If you’d like to start individual classes (both pre-natal and regular yoga) at her residence, or group classes at a venue of your choice, you can contact her here:

Phone no: +91 9811057111

Instagram: @kriyabydiya

Do follow her Instagram handle for quick yoga tips, as well as updates on events and future classes.

*Featured image courtesy: Diya Kapoor

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