Electric Muscle Stimulation with Eazy Gym: An Honest Review

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Being a lazy girl at heart, my recent foray into fitness has been life-changing. “Fitness on the Roof” is a monthly series in collaboration with my personal trainer and fitness guru, Tushar Bhatia (check him out here). Tushar is an American Council on Exercise (ACE) certified instructor, and the creator of Crush Combat. He stays up to date with all things fitness, and is a constant source of motivation for me. Hope you enjoy the series!  


All set to test this baby out!

For the first edition, we tested an Electric Muscle Stimulator (EMS) machine. It promises amplified weight loss, by eliciting muscle contractions through electric impulses sent via electrodes. In recent years, it’s been used as a tool for strength training, rehabilitation of immobilized patients, and post-exercise recovery for athletes.


The EMS Machine by E-Fit Ltd. 

I was invited by Eazy Gym to test it out. Based in Dubai, the company is slowly breaking into the Indian fitness market. They were part of the Franchise India Expo 2017, which took place in Pragati Maidan. Eazy Gym uses machines from E-Fit Ltd., a company based in Hungary. Their innovative technology promises a full body workout in 20 minutes, equivalent to 4-5 hours in the gym. The machine has to be used only once a week to achieve results.


Their stall at the Franchise India Expo 2017

For the demo, I wore clothes made especially for the machine. A device like a life-jacket was strapped on to me, with connections for the electrodes. Water was sprayed on the clothes to reduce the effect of electric currents. Wearing shoes was optional, but I recommend keeping them on for the exercises. A specially trained instructor supervised my workout. After quizzing me on my level of fitness, she attached me to the machine.

The electric current was kept at an appropriate level and time was set for 20 minutes. She then guided me through a regular strength training workout, with moves like jumping jacks, stationery bear crawls, lunges, crunches and planks. I did 10-15 reps and 2-3 sets of each exercise, while minor electric shocks hit most of my muscles. It was a grueling work out!


Mid-way through the work out

I weight train with Tushar three times a week and power walk/ jog at least twice, so I’m quite fit. 20 minutes on the EMS machine felt like a particularly hard cardio sweat session, but I’m not sure if it was equivalent to 5 hours at the gym. I was told my muscles would be sore the next day, but I mostly felt sore in my left bicep, where the electric current had been extra strong. I did feel extremely fatigued half-way through my personal training session the next day.

A session at their studio costs INR 4000 and a private session at home will set you back INR 10,000. If this is the only exercise you do in a week, it works out roughly the same as 3-4 days with a personal trainer. It’s a good option for people who are constantly travelling or can’t make time for exercise.

Tushar pointed out that the machine restricted my movements, not utilizing my muscles to their fullest. Another problem was the lack of stretching pre and post-workout. Despite these issues, I would definitely use the machine for a quick work out when I’m busy.


It’s a thumbs-up from me!

If you’d like to open a studio with the EMS machine in Delhi, please get in touch with Eazygym for a franchise here.

Fitness rating: 4/5

*I was invited by Eazy Gym to test the machine, but this post is NOT sponsored. This is my honest opinion. 


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