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HAIKU_ Books, Love, Read, Coffee

After participating in the demanding A to Z Challenge last month, I have begun to enjoy blogging challenges. I love letting my creativity tackle the prompts provided in blog trains and challenges. The #BookBlogTrain Season 2 is a book-lover’s dream, with a rich variety of book related topics to choose from.

One of the prompts is to “Write a poem using – books, read, love, coffee”. I have written poems on my blog before, but I wanted to try something new this time with Haiku poetry.

Haiku is a Japanese form of poetry writing that is traditionally written in a fixed syllabic format of 5-7-5. This means the first line has 5 syllables, the second has 7 and the third rounds off with 5 again. This in itself is difficult to implement successfully, but a genuine Haiku must also express a sentiment of ‘opposition’.

Haiku literally means “cutting word”, and signifies the juxtaposition of two ideas or images. With a limited number of words/syllables to work with, this separation becomes harder to emphasise. However, what is hard is also fun- at least in the creative sphere!

Today, I have written 5 Haiku, one for each word given in the prompt and one combining all words. Though modern Haiku poets don’t necessarily stick to the 5-7-5 syllable rule, I have stayed true to the formula for each. I would love to know your thoughts, and would love to read your Haiku if you attempt to write any.

Happy reading!


Books transport to lands

of countless wonders despite

their minuscule size


Read because you can

open the doors of the world

while sitting at home


True love is not a

comfortable ride for sure

but is worth each bump


Coffee is a vice

that offers many pleasures

Good cheer in a cup!


When life’s difficult

I love to read good books and

enjoy good coffee


As an example, I’m including the syllable count of the last poem “Life”:

1 + 1 + 3

1 + 1 + 1 + 1 + 1 + 1 + 1

2 + 1 + 2


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  1. Damn amazing poem! How I wish, I can also write one, but nonetheless, you really penned the thoughts beautifully. Great blog! 🙂

  2. Well Hiku is new for me

    But i will try

    I love poetry

    And i should try this
    Hope you will help me

    Informative post for me

    1. Of course I’ll help you!
      Pick a topic and write a line which has 5 syllables.
      For example:
      Your first line here has 7 syllables:

      Well (1) + Hai – ku (2) + is (1) + new (1) + for (1) + me (1)

      Your second one has 4, and your third one has 5

      I (1) + love (1) + po- e- try (3).

      Now you try making one in a 5-7-5 format, dividing into syllables (sounds) 😃

      1. Yes it’s right in terms of syllables, so yay!

        But there has to be some sort of opposition expressed. So maybe something like:

        “I thought I could not
        write haiku but I found that
        I totally can”


  3. Woha fabulous Noor you are a poet and you know it….Haiku something new i learnt. My favourite is the last one. Wow you bowled me.over

  4. Haiku is often mistaken by many people, you’ve explained it the right way. as for me, I’ve written quite a few poems but never tried Haiku. Would love to try it

  5. Haiku is new for me but I really loved the way u explained, it looks great to express the emotions in words.
    Great blog!!

  6. You are a smart and tactful writer Noor. I never understood Haiku nor the poetry. Just not my area to dwell on, but am amazed by the way you made it sound so easy peasy.
    When you come up with ficition writing challenge, ping me up. I am all game for ficition or flash ficition write ups.

  7. I didn’t know about Haiku but you explained nicely. I love poetry and I am a fan of your writing style too. You make everything very interesting with your words. Lovely read Noor. God bless you. I want to learn also.

  8. Wow! This is really amazing. I loved the poem. This post is very unique.

  9. Nice poetry dear Haiku is new for me this is really nice post I will surely try haiku

  10. Haiku is new to me but love the way you have explained it, making it look so easy. I liked all the 5 haiku poems you wrote using the prompts. Great job!

  11. Wow you write poems too! You are truely a versatile writer. These haikus are amazing! Would like to check out more.

  12. Have always been fascinated by Haiku. They say so much in so few words. Reading your Haiku poems, getting inspired, may be will pen a few soon !

  13. Haiku is new for me never heard it before. Good to learn something new today from you. Thanks for sharing this with us.

  14. I liked the way you attempted Haiku on the prompts.
    I have an ebook on Haiku poetry.

  15. Oh dear, this poem is amazing. Taking up challenge is one thing. But you have taken up a challenge inside a challenge, A Haiku. That’s fantastic. Good luck👍

  16. Books and coffee is a great combination and I too an avid reader. I can forget everything when I am with books. This blog series looks amusing to me.

  17. I am a huge fan of your writing skills, honestly you can actually make a scene appear in front of someones eyes, I am definitely sharing this link ahead.

  18. Noor …you always surprise me…I really loved the way you pen down your thoughts…I have heard of Haiku ..thought once to participate but never done

  19. Loved your Haikus girl. I admit I have read many before but these are much different from those that I had read but yes convey great messages for the readers.

  20. That is so interesting. i am definitely gonna try this once.Thanks for letting us know about this form of poetry. And you’ve written it beautifully. 🙂

  21. Amazing. Didn’t know about Haiku.. that there are any formats of writing poems. Your writing skills are marvellous. Keep writing and sharing!!

  22. I have had always loved Haiku and have been in awe of people who write these.

    Believe me, I am amazed by your selection of the words and the syllables woven around it.

  23. Wow! Thanks for detailed information on Haiku. I will definitely going to try this. This is new for me and today I learnt something new

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