Here’s How You Can Help Underprivileged Children Achieve Their Dreams- Support the Artroom Internships

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Artreach India is a unique platform working to improve the lives of underprivileged children by teaching them various mediums of art. Having been closely associated with this NGO since its inception, I have seen the wonderful results up close. Most of the children are teenagers, and take well to an artistic education. The display and sale of their work helps to improve their financial conditions, while giving a boost to their self-esteem and confidence.

The latest initiative by Artreach India, are their ‘Artroom Internships’ which aim to provide experience and knowledge of a career in art, to young graduates. For this, Artreach India is looking for donations and sponsorships which cost INR 12,000 per student. Read on to know why this cause is worthy of your contribution.


Children brought up in Delhi care homes have plenty of talent but lack opportunities. Unemployment is a rampant problem today, and students coming from this kind of background find it significantly tougher to pursue a fulfilling career of their choice. The Artroom helps young people with an interest and aptitude in art. They are offered skills training, helped with applications to colleges, aided with work placements and internships in arts organisations and with arts professionals. The program mentors them to have successful futures.

‘I am just too grateful. I had been wanting to do all this that you do for the kids and never knew how to… You have made it possible.’ Says Kiran Modi, Founder and Managing Trustee of Udayan Care Home.

The students selected for the Artroom internship program, are talented young people living in Delhi NCR care homes who have graduated from the Arteach India Teaching Fellowship. They attend regular workshops led by artists, designers, photographers, film-makers, architects, composers, curators and conservators, to develop their artistic interests and skill sets towards successful careers in the arts. These workshops are supported by and in collaboration with Devi Art Foundation.


20 students have been shortlisted for the internship program this year, of which a few have already successfully completed internships in esteemed art institutions such as the Studio of artist Atul Bhalla, and the Devi Art Foundation. You can view snippets of their journey so far by viewing the videos on this link:


It costs Rs. 12000 per student to organise a good internship or mentorship and 20 students are eligible this year. Would you like to help one of these talented students? You can help make it happen by sponsoring an intern, spreading the word, offering your studio and expertise to mentor an intern from homes such as Udayan Care, Karm Marg, Rainbow Homes and Salaam Baalak Trust. 

From working the streets to Graphic Design. You can make the difference. Your gift of Rs. 12,000 will help one Artroom student find their voice and follow their dream.  

Join us in changing a life. Click this link to donate today or contact for a direct contribution.


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  1. Thank you so much, Noor, for letting me know about this unique platform working to improve the lives of underprivileged children by teaching them various mediums of art. Really appreciate your efforts.

  2. Trust me from bottom of my heart for sharing this…we all want to help in someway or other but don’t know how to go about it…this is really helpful post!!

      1. This is such a wonderful way to help support and bring some life to under privileged children. We all need to make a difference individually.

  3. Art room is doing a wonderful job by giving a learning platform to underprivileged teenage kids so that in the near future it will help them to earn for their livelihood. I am sharing the word in my group.

  4. It’s such a wonderful and noble initiative.

    Would love to know more and be associated.

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  6. Truly a great initiative by this NGO to help those underprivileged.It will boost their morale and provide them with the necessity to survive.Will surely spread the word.

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  10. Such a thoughtful initiative this is. I am sure the amount is also not too high and can be donated easily as well. I am sure going to check this out and do my bit.

  11. This is a nice initiative that we all should contribute in. If we save Rs. 100 every day then we can collect it within 4 months. I would surely check and contribute

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