Here’s How HealthKarma Immunity Building Products Ensure Holistic Wellness

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Health, immunity-building, overall wellbeing, holistic wellness – these terms are uppermost in our minds during turbulent times. However, though bandied about frequently, most fail to inculcate these concepts in their hectic lifestyles. HealthKarma immunity building products are here to help. This brand of holistic wellness products was started in 2018 by Shalini Jindal, Certified Holistic Health Coach and Shivani Agarwal, under the parent company Nourish Herbs.

“Wellbeing is a way of living harmoniously with your body, mind and spirit. Our wellness story comes from personal experiences going back to our roots, our connection with farmers, their produce, the herbs they use and bringing together the simplest of ingredients to form the most potent medicines known to mankind. We believe if you eat well, you do not need medicines and if you do not eat well, no medicine can make you well. Our team has created an ecosystem to bring genuine, pure, value added ingredients and blends which work in urban kitchens and fit into practical fitness goals,” say the founders as they join me for a candid chat. Read on to know about their vision and where the brand is heading.

HealthKarma Immunity Building Products

Excerpts from an edited interview:

Noor Anand Chawla (NAC): Hello! What was your vision for your brand HealthKarma?

Shalini Jindal & Shivani Agarwal (SJ/SA): We built our brand HealthKarma to bring ancient Indian wisdom to modern kitchens and living rooms. HealthKarma’s immunity building products solve modern lifestyle problems and help people correct their course and become healthy from inside out.

At HealthKarma, we firmly believe everyone should have access to wellness care and not simply disease care. We attempt to do this by helping people get better and staying healthy from within – we make their mind healthy which is really where the root of all diseases lies. Through our holistic health coaching services and the immunity building blends that we offer we want to help the world heal itself.

NAC: How many products are there in your line? Which is the most popular one and why?

SJ/SA: We have a limited range of blends at the moment, but we are working on expanding the line-up. We currently offer ten of them. Our most popular blend is the Immune Herbal Tea as building one’s immunity became the need of the hour during the pandemic. This blend, like all our other ones, is made with herbs and spices that kickstart the body’s own healing mechanism and build strength from the roots. Hence, they work quite differently from other spices or tea-based products on the market. 

Also, the ingredients we use are of superior quality and they are good for building immunity. For example, we use srilnakan cinnamon in our blends unlike other brands that use the significantly cheaper cassia which can even be harmful. We also use giloy and ashwagandha whose illustrious benefits have been documented in various scientific studies all over the world.

NAC: How do your products stand apart from those of your competitors?

SJ/SA: HealthKarma’s immunity building products are unique on all fronts. We make our blends after doing thorough research and ensure that the quality of ingredients and the production process is superior, in turn assuring their efficacy. Further, the herbs and spices we use have numerous documented benefits and very few side effects.

NAC: What is the story behind the name?

SJ/SA: We have always believed that having good health karma amounts to loving your body, which in turn loves you back and keeps you healthy and wealthy. This was the reason for keeping the name of our brand HealthKarma.

NAC: What are the basics of building immunity holistically?

SJ/SA: For immunity building, a few things are very important, and they should be followed religiously. These include:

1. Eating unrefined flour, unrefined sugar, unrefined oils, and unrefined salt

2. Eating whole grains and vegetables

3. Eating seasonal and local produce

4. Sleeping well and early

5. Going out in the sun between 10 am and 2 pm for 20 minutes or more

6. Being courageous and positive

NAC: Do your products help with post-Covid recovery? If yes, how?

SJ/SA: HealthKarma’s immunity building range of pure herbs and pure spices and their blends are the key to great immunity. They reset the digestive system, and then empower the respiratory and immune system to fight inflammation and infection both. Hence, we believe our products can definitely help speed up the post-Covid recovery process. When food is used as medicine, all is well. And if you need help with this, we are there to serve.

NAC: Where can one access HealthKarma’s immunity building products?

SJ/SA: HealthKarma’s immunity building products are available on our website, as well as on Amazon, Luke Coutinho, 1MG and other e-commerce platforms.


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