Home Workout vs. Gym Workout- Which One is Taking the World by Storm?

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Being a lazy girl at heart, my recent foray into fitness has been life-changing. “Fitness on the Roof” is a series in collaboration with my personal trainer and fitness guru, Tushar Bhatia (check him out here). Tushar is an American Council on Exercise (ACE) certified instructor and the creator of ‘Crush Combat. He stays up to date with all things fitness, and is a constant source of motivation for me. Hope you enjoy the series!  


2018 began with a decadent yet much-needed family vacation to Goa. While I loved relaxing and over-indulging, now I’m back on my fitness regime. I wasn’t always so diligent about exercising! Here’s a little background to my story.

For most of my life, I’ve been slightly overweight, or ‘pleasantly plump’. With the birth of my baby, I became ‘fat’ for the first time. Don’t get me wrong, this is not a body-shaming post. My excessive post-baby weight caused many premature aches and pains in the body, and severely affected my mental health. Since I was on extended maternity leave as a litigating lawyer (I never went back, but that’s another story); exercise was something I could easily devote time to. Now I can’t imagine life without working out.


Tushar setting up the suspension rope



Working on upper body strength

Exercising in the comfort of my home, with my baby nearby; was essential to make me committed to fitness. In the hustle-bustle of modern life, it’s easy to make excuses for not working out. Honestly, the time and effort involved in going to a gym or fitness studio can be a deterrent. When you decide to work out from home, you’ll find yourself sticking to your goals.


Upper body workout

Everyone doesn’t have the luxury of a personal trainer, but there is plenty of information on the internet. Various fitness gurus and bloggers guide you in interesting workout plans, often for free. These are usually easy to follow and have a variety of workouts, in case you get bored of repetitive exercises in the gym. Personally, I like to use fitness apps on my phone when I run in the park next to my home. Pumping music and a trainer guiding you through intervals of cardio, is a surprisingly effective device for motivation. I’d even call it “me-time”!



Core and lower body strength

As the social media phenomenon continues to grow, I believe that home workouts are the way forward. It’s definitely taking the world by storm! Having waxed lyrical on the subject, let me give you an example of my favourite home workout routine, designed by my personal trainer- Tushar.

A suspension rope uses your own body weight to strengthen your muscles. This beginner-friendly equipment can be attached to any surface in your home. In comparison to lifting weights, it is easier to do unsupervised. With practice, you can change your posture to increase the amount of body weight being utilized. Apart from muscle strength, it’s a fantastic tool for improving balance, flexibility, as well as one’s core strength. The rope can be lengthened, shortened and used in various ways to target each body part and fitness level.


Working on lower body strength


Great tool for stretching

Here is a beginner-intermediate level workout targeting the entire body. Depending on your preference, you could break these exercises up focusing on just one body part, or do the entire workout. If you’re breaking it up into legs, core and arms separately, do 10-15 reps of each exercise, 3-4 sets each. If you’re doing them all together, do 10-15 reps of each as a circuit.

*the video is made by Tushar Bhatia. You can check out his YouTube channel here

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Suspension Rope Training Workout: 5/5

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