How I Deal with Emotional Turmoil

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Everywhere I look today, all I see is the announcement that it is World Mental Health Day. It’s all over the newspapers, Instagram, the radio, and reiterated in the idea of this lovely blog hop organised by Roma and Rakhi. It’s nice to see this important subject finally get its due in the world, but I worry that it’s just a trend – a mere buzzword being bandied about by people and brands for the sake of getting eyeballs. In my opinion, mental health is a vast subject and everyone – yes I do mean, every single person in this world – suffers from some type of mental health issue at some point in their lives. Hence, merely demarcating a day or month or particular time period to talk about it, seems to be mere lip service being paid to this very important subject. Mental health issues must be normalised, they must become part of regular discourse so that people may truly have a chance at healing.

I think I’ve rambled on quite a bit already, but I really felt the need to highlight this. By now, from the tone of my (admittedly, very last minute!) blog post, you may have realised that this is going to be more like a diary entry, and less of an offering of advice on mental health. I will certainly share what I do to deal with my emotional turmoil, in keeping with the subject I have chosen to write on, but that will come later. First, let me speak about my own mental health issues.

How I deal with emotional turmoil


My teenage years were difficult to say the least. Severe hormonal issues (PCOS) combined with bullying in school, led to body dysmorphia (I’m also going to link to other personal essays I’ve published on different platforms, which I feel are connected to this subject. Feel free to read them if you have the time and interest), and a deliberate shutting out of the world.

I found solace in books and food, and later I sought out romantic relationships to address this deep-set insecurity about the way I looked (overweight, acne-ridden, hairy and just ugly in my own eyes). The kind of boys I attracted at that very young and impressionable age were entirely wrong for me. Hence, sadly for many years, I suffered many heartbreaks at the hands of many frogs, till I finally met my prince (whom I’m very fortunate to be married to now).

Marriage, a budding legal career, motherhood, and finally transitioning to a second career as a writer and journalist, were all quite challenging in their own right. Yet, with the maturity of age and added responsibilities of life, my own seemingly silly insecurities took a backseat and I learnt to become stronger as a human.

Then came the biggest fiasco of all: I developed an autoimmune disorder called Psoriasis after turning 30. This skin rash began as a tiny spot on my foot but after Covid took on mammoth proportions, bleeding, paining, swelling, preventing regular movement and wreaking havoc on my mental health in the process. After attempting to treat it through allopathy for years, I turned to Ayurveda earlier this year, a slow but sure long-term treatment, as I have been told. As the treatment trundles on and I face numerous setbacks and psoriatic flare-ups, my mental health continues to be the worst affected. This year, therefore, has been the most mentally taxing one for me in a very long time – purely because of my physical health.

Now that you have a vivid backdrop of my mental health concerns that often cause serious emotional turmoil, I’m ready to share what I do to deal with them. Please keep in mind that I am no expert, but I hope you can relate to my methods, if nothing else.


  • Be Mindful, Be Aware

I hate to preach to you about being aware of the cause of your feelings in order to deal with them properly, because I rarely do that myself. However, I have many loving people in my life who make me aware of these feelings, so I can recognise why I’m feeling the emotional anguish in the first place. As so often happens, when I’m agitated for some reason, it ends up coming out in the form of a fight or negative comments directed towards other people. By being aware of why I feel upset, I can avoid perpetuating this sort of negativity, and be able to find my inner zen more quickly.

  • Speak to an Expert

Earlier this year, for the first time in my life, I decided to consult a psychotherapist. The treatment was meant to complement my ongoing Ayurvedic treatment, as stress is a major cause of psoriatic flare-ups. Though I didn’t stick with her for too long, while the sessions lasted they certainly helped. I found myself speaking to her about a wide range of things –from regular stuff that I may share with a friend, to existential crises like the possibility of AI replacing us! A couple of sessions were high-octane tear fests as I moaned and groaned about some minor issue which to my mind seemed very pressing at that point!! Having been through it personally now, I highly recommend consulting a therapist if you’re ever feeling low for any reason.

  • Don’t Shy Away from Mild Forms of Escapism

This is perhaps the easiest one to follow for each of us. Find a hobby to lose yourself in when you feel particularly low. For me, books have been a constant companion ever since childhood, but I also thoroughly enjoy watching films and TV shows for the same reason. Chatting to a friend, going to the salon, getting a spa / massage, listening to music, doing art / craft with my son – these are all easy and mild forms of escapism that can distract me from my emotional turmoil. You don’t need to do these exact things – find a hobby that aligns with your personality.

  • Retail Therapy Always Helps

This is a highly personal tip, but I love shopping. Retail therapy, whether online or in a mall or marketplace, always pulls me out of a bad mood. In fact, I don’t even need to buy anything. Just window shopping is enough for this form of therapy to work for me!

  • Take Long Walks and Longer Baths

Being out in nature and exercising are age-old methods of inducing a natural endorphin rush. So, I look to combine the two for sure-shot results. Going for a brisk walk in a park while I listen to my favourite music, has the power to pull me out of the doldrums and set the tone right for the rest of my day. If you do nothing else on my list, just do this and you will feel a difference in your mood for sure. And the cherry on top is to take a long and leisurely bath once you come home. There is nothing quite as luxurious as taking time out to pamper yourself. Just follow these steps and keep your emotional turmoil at bay.

  • Play with Makeup

This is very specific to my preferences but those who know me, are aware of how much I enjoy playing with makeup. The application of it, researching on products and playing with colours to create a work of art on my face, has always been therapeutic for me. If I’m ever feeling down and out, just the act of applying makeup and getting ready helps me de-stress!

  • Travel Far and Wide

Travel is certainly balm to my soul. I’m aware this isn’t an easy option for everyone, yet even just planning a getaway can help you de-stress. The idea of being on vacation, away from all the worries of life, is enough to uplift my mood. And of course, when I’m actually travelling, I’m expanding my horizons while also taking time out for myself, which is so important.

  • Book a Session of Acupuncture

This one may be tough for those of you who don’t have access to a good acupuncturist, but I can’t recommend this ancient Chinese therapy enough! I have cured wide-ranging problems such as a slipped disc, boils, and psoriasis inflammations through acupuncture. It is a great way to relieve physical pain as well as an excellent way to relax and de-stress. In fact, it’s also what I chose to do the morning of my son’s birthday party so I could have a fuss-free, fun time!

  • Most Importantly, Write!

Since I’m in the August company of fellow bloggers and writers here, I’m sure I don’t need to explain the appeal of this failsafe method of dealing with emotional turmoil. The most direct form of therapy for me is to write my feelings down in a journal – let them out of my system and convey them in a manner that my anger prevents me from doing in words. But strangely, I find even just the act of writing (not about my feelings but a regular article for a newspaper) enough to calm me down after an emotional outburst. For me, writing is the ultimate form of mindfulness, where I am one with the words, one with my thoughts and deeply connected to the creative zone inside my head. Try it. If you don’t want to write your feelings or journal, just write anything – a story, a poem, a paragraph describing a scene you can see in front of you. Trust me, it works like magic!

Having droned on for quite a while, I’ll bow out now. But I do look forward to reading your posts. If anything in particular struck you from today’s post, don’t hesitate to reach out. I will always be there for a friend.


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      1. Really to share the hard days and also help others cope with our words is something so genuine and healing. Glad I read this and hope to use yoga, aerobics, and writing out in the various ways you have mentioned.

  1. Going through the worst depressive episode in 39 years right now. I don’t give up so I keep fighting the battle. I agree with all the methods you have shared. My main issue right now is loneliness. It is consuming me even after 17 years of living alone Yes, writing is a solace for me but except my affirmations and journal, I am going through my first writers’ block. Writing is therapeutic for me, but unable to overcome it. I love to cook, but have cooked nothing since 2 months.
    If I can talk to someone or go out, I feel better. My finances uptil now have been the reason for living frugally and hardly any travel. I am working this out.In a year I will be financially independent! I am looking for work, not for a salary but just to be amongst people. I dunno what else I can do.

  2. That was a very sincerely written post, Noor. Talking about our own issues is not easy. I agree with you that retail therapy helps when you are down in the dumps, if only temporarily. I did a lot of binge-shopping after I lost my Father and regretted most of it. I think these are escape routes that help till we are really prepared to accept the situation and truly move on.

  3. Dear Noor, firstly, I want to give you hugs for being such a courageous woman and a gorgeous soul. The way you have talked about your mental and emotional struggles, it takes time and courage to bring the inner words to paper and share with the world. When I am at emotional turmoil, I use music, chanting, and journaling as my tools for coping mechanisms. Your tips about getting acupuncture and going for travel are two important takeaways for me from your post. Thanks for sharing them, it feels nice to read you after a long time though I try to read your blog posts as much as possible. Sending you good vibes.

  4. I can imagine how tough it would be to deal with Psoriasis. We will be left to think what we did wrong and how to just get out of this. As you said, stress is the major trigger for psoriasis and hence keeping yourself stress free is important. However being stress free is myth if you ask me. We can only not let the stress affect us. Mindfulness helps in this feat

  5. Everyone has own story and challenges to deal with an emotional turmoil. Your tips are Genuine and relatable. Retail therapy and writing are my go-to ways to deal as well.

  6. Such a straight from the heart piece Noor, I never thought you have been through so much but what i know is you are very string girl, we both have written on our coping mechanisms and they are very much the same for both of us. I may ping to for the accupressure therapy though.

  7. Honesty in expressing your true inner self is one such quality which I like you in the most. You are always bold about expressing your opinion and even do that with so much confidence and that inspires me Noor. Noor do you know why you managed to battle your depression and take care of your mental health… because you actually wanted to do that. Majority dont even make the slightest of efforts to overcome the issues related to mental health and fall prey in the hands of time. You showed the guts and addressed your mental issues by visiting psychotherapist which again very few can do and in many cases even if they wish to visit the families don’t encourage and restrict saying that people will call you mad if you visit a psychotherapist. I never realized that behind this beautiful smiling face there is such a painful journey of survival. You are a genius because you actually overcome it with your will power and support of the people surrounding you who loves you so much. The tips are very practical and will help many who needs guidance to overcome their emotional turmoil. God Bless you and more power to you.

  8. Kudos to you for bravely handling your physical and mental health. It is great that you’ve shared your struggles and tips to deal with mental health issues in this article. Many people are going to benefit from this!

  9. I haven’t tried accupuncture but I’m curious about it. You are one of the few that say make-up and dress up make you feel better. I’m totally the opposite. I dislike doing either unless I’m in the mood for it. Sleeping is my best meditation when feeling low.

  10. Everyone has their own struggles, but you are brave enough and I look up to you always. I have obesity and I till date face issues with that but you and Roma both had come up with good solutions that would help me emotionally as well.

  11. It was interesting to read how the Yakshi became your mentor at Bihar Museum. I like the travel, the writing, the long baths, the walks a lot. I am dealing with weight issues since my thyroid was diagnosed in 2009! And I have tried the make-up mildly, but haven’t succeeded in that. Wellness is more on my agenda nowadays with lots of fresh air, massages, healthy food and staying away from toxic people and relationships. No more critics, only silence for some years, as I process the change that I am trying to achieve. Mental health is certainly something we need to address first before going through the gambit of change.

      1. The way you’ve expressed your struggles with mental and emotional challenges is truly commendable. It takes a lot of courage to pen down and share those inner feelings with the world. During my own emotional ups and downs, I’ve found solace in music and writing for my blog.
        I completely relate to your post as I, too, dealt with urticaria. Red patches would always crop up, especially during exams. I went years without a proper diagnosis, and it was only after my allergy test that I discovered it was triggered by milk, eggs, almonds, and stress. My homeopathic doctor was like a blessing, and thanks to their treatment, I’m completely healthy now.

  12. Noor – agree with you 100% that everyone has their share of dealing with mental health issues and are responsible for emotional well being. The buzzword and allocation of one day, does not really address the issue. Human kind has always dealt with stress, there has been lack and war and plunder, but no one talked about it openly. With more awareness, openness and compasion, folks are creating a need to address the mental health issues the same way someone deals with say a broken bone – without any stigma. To me you always stood out as a cheerful leader. I clearly had no idea of your life journey. After experiencing the familial impact of autoimmune conditions I can fairly imagine what you deal with. My best wishes to you – continue to take it in the stride and remain who you are.

  13. After meeting and having a great time with you it’s tough to believe that you’ve been going through so many health issues, Noor. This proves that whatever you’re doing to control your emotional turmoil is clearly working and very practical. Shopping, travel, hobbies, walks and reading are my go-tos as well. Make-up, I’m learning (as you know!) and find it fun. We can’t undo the past but I hope toxic people and bad health have no place in your future.

  14. Completely agree with all the points that you have mentioned here. Acceptance is the greatest asset that one can practice for a happy and peaceful life. I loved your post on Didarganj Yakshi, it was truly an inspiring one.

  15. Loved the practicality of the tips you shared, Noor. Completely doable. Journaling has been a life saver for me. I often immerse myself in work when stressed although I know it is not completely healthy. It helps divert my mind, though.

  16. Your approach to handling emotional turmoil is truly inspiring Noor. Taking control of your emotions shows immense strength and resilience. Thank you for sharing your method; it might inspire others going through similar struggles. Wishing you continued strength and positivity on your journey!

  17. Fantastic post. I think retail therapy is a great idea, and I use it myself these days. I never inquire as to whether I want to purchase something. If I like it, I just buy it. Acupuncture is another. Despite the fact that I usually go for a foot massage to calm my anxiety, I would love to try this one. These are helpful guidelines that support preserving emotional well-being.

  18. This will truly be helpful to a lot of people including me. Handling emotional turmoil can be difficult and these five steps ar definitely going to help. Journaling has indeed been a savior for many

  19. I am glad that you have found things to help you deal with your emotions and doing them too Noor… cuz finding things that uplift you is one, actually doing them another. Many people end up drowning themselves in their miseries… few like you fight it out and win. Best wishes to you💖
    Btw, when I hang out with my girl gang I feel good even if I am low n blue. It has a huge impact on my well being and the effect is instant.

  20. Noor! what a revelation! you are someone i associate with intelligence, strength and beauty, and it was quite unexpected to read about your experiences as a young girl. It is amazing that you have been able to work through and continue to focus on your healing… these are such practical tips to take care of yourself, irrespective of our experiences in the past and present.
    I agree with forms of self-help/healing and therapy and hobbies giving one such a sense of joy and wonder in one’s own self 🙂

  21. I can so very well connect with you Noor. And I agree at some point in time we all go through some form of mental illness. Some of us realise and work towards getting better and some I have seen suffer through the years. Its important they accept the situation and then find ways to deal with it. Retail therapy, long walks, talking to friends, listening to music, gardening and reading are some of the things that have helped me to feel better always.

  22. Truly relatable and applaud your courage. We all have our own way of dealing with things and the tips you have mentioned are doable and definitely try what best suits for me.

  23. The optimistic way to live a life. Tips are really useful. I had been through emotional turmoil in my life and still going on. Sometimes I broke down. For me writing is my solace. And painting yes. I love to paint. It is like mediation for me where I forgot every painful things. Your article is really helpful.

  24. I totally agree about retail therapy. Not just shopping but just getting out of the house also helps. When I am very disturbed, I prefer to just go to sleep.

  25. What an honest post! How great it was to be able to be free and be openly talk about this things nowadays. Not only are we able to express ourselves but also encourage others to do so too, and even inspire others by letting them know that it’s normal and okay to feel that way, you’ll get over it, and rise up from that.

  26. These days, I am feeling a bit depressed. I don’t know why. It may be the biggest reason to quit my job and start freelancing, or it may be self-doubt. Whatever it is, I know how someone feels when they are depressed. It is important to talk to loved ones, travel, or at least do something that gives you hope and a positive vibe. Thanks for this informative post.

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