How Spiritual Clearings Helped Me Ride The Second Wave

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I received a mail from one of my editors this morning – a general notification that the focus of the newspaper is taking a swift turn from ‘sob story’ pandemic coverage, and focusing instead on ‘solid storytelling with editorial ingenuity’. Apparently, readers are tired of us harping on the situation. I’m not a traditional news reporter – I only contribute lifestyle articles across health, art and culture, food, fashion, books, movies and other trends. Hence, I mostly rely on things happening around me to create authentic and relatable content. And so, after this email, my first thought was – “wait, did I not get the memo? Is the pandemic over?!”.

The harsh truth is, it’s not. Though the situation has improved vastly over the last couple of weeks, people who lost loved ones, livelihoods, or simply their sanity, during the god-awful months of April and May this year, will attest to the fact that the pandemic left us all indelibly changed.

My family and I (thanks be to god and may it stay that way), escaped relatively unharmed. We stayed indoors, not venturing out even for a drive and tided the time till the vaccination came through for each of us. My parents and brother moved to their home in the hills, to stay away from the situation worsening by the day, in Delhi.

How spiritual clearings helped me ride the second wave

Yes, we were safe and well, but were we unaffected? Definitely not. With daily stories pouring in of young friends dying themselves or losing family members, I was worried sick that we would be next. So, what did I do?

I did what I always do when I’m stuck in a difficult situation – I turned to my spiritual healer and friend Anisha Dutt of Zariya Healings.

Spiritual or energy clearings, as they are also called, are performed to cleanse one’s soul and energy fields, to help people overcome problems in their lives. Anything from major life transformations to serious health issues, the lack of partners, to seemingly haunted homes can be addressed through energy clearings.

I first met Anisha at a tarot reading stall at the Sunday Farmer’s Market held at Delhi’s Bikaner House, around four years ago. Intrigued by the idea of tarot, I took the 3-question package and asked some routine stuff about my child and general career path (blogging had just begun, and journalism was nowhere on the scene!). I don’t remember what she said but somehow, she stayed with me. A few months later, I found myself in a tricky situation that was wreaking havoc on my mental health. I tried consulting a professional, but when I arrived for my appointment, I found that the psychologist had cancelled! I never went back, though the internal turmoil continued. Out of the blue one day, I remembered tarot reader Anisha and decided she was neutral enough that I could open up to her without feeling judged, while seeking guidance from the cards. I fished out her number and so began a long relationship that has continued to this day.

It started with tarot, moved on to a spiritual clearing to help me out of the situation I found myself in, and then our association continued for other things. I didn’t see immediate, miraculous results but around 3-4 months after the clearing, a stark intervention which I can only call divine, ended the cause of my trouble. At first, I didn’t even connect this outcome to the spiritual clearing, but then it came back to me. And that was all it took for me to believe in the magic of spiritual clearings.

Now don’t get me wrong here – I’m not talking about some abracadabra hocus-pocus stuff. I’m talking about the science of setting intentions, and then having an extremely intuitive person facilitate the receipt of your intention by the universe. In a nutshell, it is the law of attraction, fast-tracked with the intervention of a skilled medium, which in this case is Zariya Healings. And it works.

During the second wave of the pandemic, I was most concerned for the health and safety of my loved ones, and so I signed up for health-specific clearings. I wholeheartedly believe that they worked and will continue to work because I have set my intention as such. Here are a few of the ones I signed up for:


Having grown up in India, most of you will be familiar with the concept of ‘removal of nazar or the evil eye’ – usually performed by burning seven red chillies to specific chants, after circling them around the subject. If they emanate a scent after being put to fire, we know we’re safe, but if they don’t, we know there was ‘nazar’, which was hopefully removed in the process. As someone who is constantly in the glare of social media, I regularly get the evil eye removal clearings done through Anisha – and more often than not, there is ‘nazar’ to be removed.


This was a more specific clearing which I signed up for in early May, as a preventive measure to ensure my family’s safety. I included every member of my household and my parents household in its purview. In case you’re wondering about this one, here are some details shared by Anisha:

“With the second wave, I will be doing the mantra chanting along with the clearing – This clearing is for your health with the healing energies of Lord Dhanvanthri.

These chants will be done during the clearings as well to heal all health blocks.”

We are now in the second half of June and all is well. Touchwood.


A person most dear to me, my first boss, mentor and father figure, was in the ICU for a long period of time, battling for his life. I was extremely concerned for him, as he has always been like a parent to me. I asked Anisha to perform a general health clearing for him, and I am so grateful that he returned home soon after. Even though his lungs have taken a bad hit, he is alive and recovering well. Touchwood.


This is the most recent of clearings I have had done. Anisha offers loads of astrology based / planetary / Hindu mythology clearings. Honestly, I don’t know much about these things but after being in touch with her for so long, I’ve learnt to follow my instincts on what I need.

We are in the midst of some major planetary mayhem and it’s set to continue in this manner for some time. When Anisha sent me this description, I was intrigued:

“This information is to empower you to prepare yourselves for the great awakening. This clearing will help clear all the negativity this retrograde will cause and protect you from any ill will. Sharing information from one astrologer’s page: “Every Pluto transit puts the world through three vital phases: 1. Devastation 2. Emptiness 3. Fertility” Lots of destruction, death, bad luck and conflicting energies are out there right now due to the planetary positions. It really is time to go within, work on your karmas and focus on positive thinking.”

At first, I didn’t think much of it, but this again just stayed with me, and so I went in for it. It only finished two days ago, but I believe in the preventive powers of clearings.

Now that I have shared my personal experience, I’d like to also share some important disclaimers, since this is a sensitive topic:

  1. Only pursue spiritual clearings if you believe in them. Nothing can be achieved by non-belief.
  2. Do not expect miraculous, immediate results. Believe that whatever the outcome is and whenever it happens, it is in your best and highest interest.
  3. Clearings don’t always work – and by this I mean, nothing happens. However, in my personal experience I have seen success in 70% of the clearings I have signed up for, which is a substantial number to sustain my belief.
  4. Anisha Dutt is a human being – do not harass her.
  5. Keep in mind, clearings are not magic of the kind that we read in books. They are simply a manifestation of your intentions.

If this post has intrigued you enough to want to speak to Anisha, here are a couple more in-depth articles I have written about her:

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You can get in touch with Anisha through her Website, Facebook, Instagram or Email at

How spiritual clearings helped me ride the second wave


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  1. Spiritual clearings is a new term for me, and yes these things work only if we show belief in them and when we have no where to look we need to show belief in this spiritual clearings, shall go through the articles too.

  2. Yes I too was affected mentally with so many covid cases coming so close to my hse… thankfully we made it safe. Though I’ve not tried personally, I knw that spiritual cleansing can really help people who are genuinely looking for it.

  3. A spiritual inclination sure helps us in ways that we don’t see coming. Your experience speaks a lot nd it’s great to know that these things make u positive and help looking forward

      1. At times you do get surrounded by negative people or negative situations and want to get rid of these negative vibrations. Never tried spiritual cleansing but as per your experience if it works then I would like to know more about this.

  4. I agree although you might not be infected but surely you are affected with all the things going around. Spiritual Healing is something people vouch in times like these. I am glad you found help with Anisha.

  5. Spiritual cleaning is an essential part of healing yourself emotionally. Glad that you found mental peace doing that, Noor. Came to know about it for the first time, it’s very interesting. Would like to know more. Thanks for sharing.

  6. I’m totally agree with you. Spiritual clearing can give us positive vibes at this situation when we can’t be calm and cool. I have not much idea about tarot readings and want to know more. Anyway it’s good to know that you have benefited from it.

  7. I am a big believer of Spiritual Cleansing and can vouch for the fact that it really helps. This post made a very interesting read.

  8. The bane of my life is Nazar!! I have asked so many people and same answer everywhere. There is so much negativity around that drains me. I wish I was in Delhi and could go for spiritual cleansing.

  9. I have heard a lot about spiritual clearings but I have not tried them. I feel it is more effective if one believes in it. I came to know about the many different types from your post. Thank you for sharing about them.

  10. I am so glad it worked for you, Noor. One of my aunts practices chakra cleansing. I haven’t tried it myself, but it has definitely worked for friends and family.

  11. i strongly believe in the power of intentions and that it manifests. However, i have tried this only once and i was not very happy as i felt the person who i went to was doing it for the fee only. I stopped after that. My mother does some basic Rekhi healing – but again I have never asked her to do it for me. Like you rightly said, one must have belief in the system if you want to opt for it. Glad it worked for you. Continue to stay happy & safe. God bless!

  12. I have never heard about Spiritual clearing, your article enlightened me. It’s working for you and that’s great proof of its reliability. If found an opportunity, I would like to try this:)

  13. Did not know of such a thing…havan is the only thing I have heard that does something similar…though all this is new for me. I’m more of a skeptic but i do feel that if you believe in something deeply it happens… the while universe works towards it in a way

  14. I used to put a kaal teeka behind my son’s ear when he was a baby. Then I think I just got lazy . But I truly believe that if you have faith then the spiritual clearings really work well.

  15. I have personally never taken interest in spiritual cleaning but I have heard a lot about it. I hope you and your family stay healthy and strong and tide through the tough times happily.

  16. I strongly belive in spiritual cleansings; this is first time I am reading someone’s real experience about the process. I have subscribed Anisha’s website, will definitely check this out. Onw thing you perfectly thers is nothing like miracle it’s a process that goes with utmost patience and belief.

  17. Spiritual clearing is new to me. My MIL used to do ‘Nazar Utarana’ and all but I did not know that it is also a form of spiritual clearing. Great to know more about it.

  18. I couldn’t agree more with you. Spiritual clearings are more important to incorporate in our lives especially these days.

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