Spago: An Honest Review

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Friends like family!

Living in Delhi, I have a close-knit circle of family friends. Having grown up together, these friends are family to me. One such group of mothers and daughters recently met for lunch at Spago, N-Block Market, Greater Kailash Part 1, to celebrate Divya’s birthday (follow her on Instagram here).

Spago is part of the Kasbah group of restaurants, which offers varied cuisines including Zaffran (North Indian), Spago (Italian), and Mirza (Awadhi). I’ve eaten at Spago many times but haven’t tried the others. In a sea of restaurants, Spago remains as popular as when it first opened.


Birthday girl, Divya

I experienced the beauty of Italian cuisine on a trip to Italy a few years ago. The USP of Italian cuisine is that each flavor shines through distinctly; unlike Indian cuisine, which is a mastery of mixed flavors. Much of the Italian fare sold in Delhi has been Indianized so that it is tasty but not authentic. This meal at Spago surprised me with its attention to detail and near authenticity.

For eight people we ordered seven main dishes to share. We had clearly over-ordered, and there were many leftovers. We also had a few non-alcoholic beverages and coffees after our meal.


Pizza Della Casa

The Risotto Funghi (Arborio rice cooked with chicken, spinach, jalapenos, pepper and cheese sauce), was very creamy and filling. The Pizza Exotica (tomato, mozzarella, sundried tomatoes, asparagus, zucchini, sweet corn and olives); and the Pizza Della Casa (tomato, mozzarella, black olives, chicken, onions and sweet peppers), were satisfactory. The Pollo Senape (grilled chicken breast cooked in a green pepper mustard, brandy, cream, and Worcester sauce served with rosemary potatoes), was the stand-out dish, with each diverse flavor shining through. The Penne Verdure (penne pasta tossed with grilled exotic vegetables in a creamy tomato sauce), was light and very flavorful. I ordered the Pollo Cacciatora (pan seared chicken breast cooked in rosemary, roasted garlic and tomatoes served with roasted pumpkin), which was succulent and hit the spot! The only average dish, in my opinion, was the Lasagne Vegetariano (lasagna layered with mixed vegetables in a creamy tomato sauce), owing to its blandness. The cappuccinos were well made too.


Pollo Cacciatora

Located on the first floor of a multi-storey building, it isn’t a big restaurant. It was completely full on a Wednesday afternoon, so I would recommend prior reservations. The restaurant is clearly a hit with the kitty party crowd, as it was occupied completely by women! The servers were lackluster and unresponsive, but quite prompt. The meal was quite pocket-friendly since we shared dishes and skipped alcohol.


A happy bunch

It wasn’t the best Italian meal I’ve ever had, but it was a very good one, especially in its price range.

Price per head (including non-alcoholic beverages): INR 600

Must-Try Dishes:

Risotto Funghi

Pollo Senape

Pollo Cacciatora

Restaurant rating: 4/5

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