Landour, Mussoorie in 48 Hours: Where to Eat

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Enjoying a hot cuppa in the hills at Landour Bakehouse

As a long and enduring summer descends on Delhi, everyone wants to escape the heat. Most Indian hill-stations are over-crowded and make stressful vacation spots, but Landour in Mussoorie is relatively untouched and stunningly beautiful. My husband’s family has a home there as the children of the family studied at the esteemed Woodstock School in that area. We’re fortunate that we can return to this idyllic destination often, as it pleases all family members from the youngest to the oldest! This post is a round-up of where to eat in the area on a weekend getaway. The previous post in this series was dedicated to places to stay and what to do, which you can read by clicking here.


1. Landour Bakehouse:

Step in to this adorable bakery for a little slice of Europe. My personal favourite items include the carrot cake and chocolate ganache cake. The cold coffee is creamily delicious too!

IMG_0337 - Copy


From L-R: Red Velvet, Carrot Cake and Chocolate Ganache pastries

  1. Emily’s:

This is the in-house restaurant at Rokeby Manor hotel and serves a tasty Italian/ European menu in a welcoming setting.

  1. The Stray Dog:

Managed by the Rokeby Manor hotel, this isolated pub and restaurant is a 5-10 minute walk from the main hotel. A well-stocked bar, saloon style games and activities, atmosphere inspired by the Swiss Alps, and regular events, make this a happening spot in an otherwise sleepy hill-town. At the moment this facility is only available for guests of the Rokeby Manor hotel.

  1. Chaar Dukaan:

Literally translating to four shops, this market is most popular with locals and students studying in nearby schools. Each patron favors one of the four shop-cafes, but they all serve equally delicious food. One must try the pakoras, cheese maggi, waffles and honey-ginger-lemon tea. If you’re curious, my favourite of the four is Anil Cafe.


From top left: Cheese Maggi, Aloo Paratha, Mixed Veg Pakoras, Cold Coffee at Anil Cafe

  1. Café Ivy:

This relatively new addition to Chaar Dukaan market is cosy and inviting. Its balcony offers lovely views of the hillside, and the indoor section has many board games to enjoy. The pastas are particularly tasty.


  1. Klick Café at Laal Tibba:

As tourists flock to see the gorgeous views from this viewing-point, a lively trade prospers in the area. Klick Café is one of two proper restaurants. A makeshift balloon-shooting range and other fair-type entertainment is also available in the vicinity. One must try the freshly made, delicious tandoori momos.



From L-R: Non-Veg Tandoori Momos and Non-Veg Steamed Momos with Masala Tea

  1. Doma’s Inn:

This is the best place to try authentic and tasty Tibetan food in this area. The Dumplings, Khao Suey and Noodle Soup are especially impressive.

  1. Lil Llama’s:

As we move further down towards Mussoorie, this café is much closer to the main town than Landour but offers great food and will willingly arrange for a taxi back up.

  1. My Shop:

If you’re like many Delhiites who miss their North Indian ghar ka khana (home-cooked food), this place in main Mussoorie delivers delicious food. The butter chicken and daal makhani are very good, but the naans and rotis lose a bit of their luster in the journey up!

IMG_0349 - Copy

From L-R: Naan, Daal Makhani, Butter Chicken from My Shop, Mussoorie, delivered home

This wraps up my definitive guide to Landour, Mussoorie. Though most of these places can be covered in 48 hours, I’d recommend a longer vacation to really savor the beauty of this hill station. Don’t forget to read the first part in this series to know where to stay and what to do (Click here).



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