Last Minute Christmas Guide in India 2020

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December is the most wonderful time of the year, especially as we have all been cooped up at home for the last few months. Most of us have been feeling the festive spirit quite strongly since the month began, but there may be a few stragglers who are yet to decorate the home or create the Christmas and New Year festivity vibes.

Others may belong to the school of thought that pays no attention to Christmas whatsoever. However, with kids in the house, Christmas becomes a festival that is hard to ignore! I am here to help you plan the easiest and best last-minute Christmas vibe at home. The collection of the material will be at the touch of a button, the only effort you will need to put in will be in the physical act of decoration. Don’t stress however, there is merit in that too! It will distract the children and keep them busy for a while!

So, without further ado, here is my last-minute Christmas guide if you are celebrating in India in 2020:


Christmas is a big celebration in my home, as my mother-in-law is Catholic. We grow 3 Araucaria (Christmas trees) in our garden round the year, and then bring the one in the best condition up to the living room every December. However, I know everyone doesn’t have the facilities or the time required to nurture a live Christmas tree. Hence, I’ve done the work for you and found a 4 feet tall tree available on Amazon, which will make life very easy for you.


Last Minute Christmas Guide 2020


As with the Christmas tree, my mother-in-law has been collecting beautiful Christmas ornaments all her life and has managed to preserve most of them in pristine condition. Some even go back to the time of her grandmother! However, this year I got Christmas ornaments for the first time ever on Amazon and just loved the beautiful pieces. There was a wide variety to choose from and so I made a list of the ones that I liked best and whose high quality will ensure longevity of life. Fortunately, they are reasonably priced too!



This is the easiest way to get into a festive mood. Set your children down and make them write letters to Santa Claus. Make them aware of the need to be good throughout the year if they would like to receive the presents of their choice from him, and ask them to decorate the cards beautifully because St. Nick loves pretty things!


If you want to set the holiday mood, turn to tried and tested Christmas books and movies on various OTT platforms. My picks for movies include

“It’s a Wonderful Life”

“Love Actually”

“Jingle All The Way”

“Home Alone”

“Christmas Chronicles”

“Polar Express”


And here is my list of the best Christmas reading for young children.



We did this activity as part of my son’s online class and it was so easy to do that I had to share it! Just take any biscuits in a square or rectangular shape, use honey or jam or any other spread of your choice as a gluing agent and decorate the sides with Gems, MnM’s, or any candy of your choice! Even if it doesn’t come out looking great, watch your children enjoy eating it


If you are planning to venture out you will need beautiful Christmas and festive themed masks for yourself and your children. Take your pick from these that my mother, designer Harleen Anand, has made exclusively for this occasion. Email me at for price enquiries.


Youtube has numerous karaoke versions of Christmas carols. Just set your laptop up and have a whale of a time singing with your family members.

I hope you liked reading my last-minute Christmas guide in India for 2020, and I do hope you will take my recommendations for the Christmas tree, ornaments, toys, books, movies and masks. If there is anything you feel I have left out, do let me know in the comments below!

Wish you all a very merry Christmas and a terrifically happy New Year 😊

Last Minute Christmas guide in India

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  1. The tree looks very pretty. Infant I just watched your IGTV as well. Kids love to decorate Christmas Tree. So far I have used store bought ornaments along with the Christmas crafts my kids made at their school. But this year, since I am homeschooling my little one, we made ornaments at home using popsicle sticks. And I added those to the existing collection. I am going to try the Gingerbread House. Frankly speaking, the actual ginger house sometimes feel overwhelming to me. But the one you have shared, its pretty compact and a good activity. They look super cute.
    Merry Christmas to you and your family!!

  2. Even we have set up the Christmas tree. The letter has been set to Santa with a long list with justification of being good kids. I loved the masks you have shared.

  3. You know I have been looking for a tree but couldn’t find anything suitable so your link is great. It didn’t take me to a specific product though, but I will try again. And loved the gingerbread house idea! Will definitely try out!

  4. I had already watched your Igtv noor and loved it so much. And this post is just a perfect guide to know many last minute options. Since today my girls vacation is getting started and I was looking for some ways to enjoy some quality time with them with festival vibes. After reading your post got so many ideas. Gingerbread house is sounds most amazing. Will surely try with them . Many Christmas dear to you and your lovely family.

  5. This is a perfect guide for Christmas in india. Baking, making some custom gifts are a great way to spread some cheer. The links too are helpful as it saves the searching online.

  6. So loved your recommendations Noor, will sure check out the stuff on Amazon. Also really really loved Fateh’s letter to Santa and the adorable masks.

  7. I would love to see a real Christmas tree all lit! And that gingerbread home idea is super. Will try this one out, even though we don’t have any children in the house.

    1. I loved the recommendations! Gingerbread idea and the cute christmas masks are my favorite of the lot!

  8. Christmas masks is the new addition this christmas 🙂 Wish santa takes away all the worries and may the coming year rings in bells of good health and prosperity. Merry Christmas !

  9. The ginger bread house is my favorite Noor.Its super cute.The masks your mom made are so pretty.Creativity definitely runs in the family.Loved the Christmas tips you shared

  10. These are some really wonderful ideas to celebrate Christmas. Even we decorate our Araucaria plant, have a YouTube video of that from last year, it is always so much fun. And this year we have made our DIY ornaments, my son is loving all the craft work.

  11. That is lovely to know that you Mum-in-law is a catholic. I can understand that you guys must be celebrating CHristmas with so much of fervour. Christmas tree looks beautiful in your place.

  12. So cute, Gingerbread house. Yes even I collect Christmas ornaments from many places so have lots and make the tree look different every year. We decorate the tree around November 20th itself. Too enthusiastic! 😜

  13. I have always wondered what were there letters to Santa were all about. I grew up in a set up where Christmas means star and nothing else. Now I am slowly learning more. Thanks to you I have more clarity

  14. Lovely post. You know when kids ask about all these we juggle to find a full thought out explanation. Now I can tell my son what it is and why it is. Thanks

  15. I love listening to Christmas carols and watching Christmas movies on Christmas! Polar express is my favorite! 😀

  16. We definitely needs some last minute DIY to complete our christmas decoration. No matter how much we prepare ourself earlier, somehow at the end we left with last min preparation. This is a great blog with creative ideas.
    Hopefully to apple this christmas.

    – Representative of TCT

  17. I was planning to do something for kids this Christmas, but thought it’s late…now with these ideas and guide I am going to give them a surprize!!

  18. My sister and son are super duper excited for Christmas. They also got a red sock to put in their letters. I am going to tryout the Christmas carols karaoke on yt and biscuit ginger bread with them for sure .❤

  19. I just love this Christmas decoration and I missed this post. I really love those mask. I am bookmarking this post for next Christmas. Thanks for sharing this amazing Christmas guide.

  20. I wish I had done something for Christmas too this year to bring in the holiday cheer. A simple Christmas tree made of books would have been good I guess. But I did watch some Christmas movies so I did well there.

  21. That Christmas masks are so pretty. Would love to have one. Also, liked the ornaments.
    I had planned too to buy & do, but travel happened.

  22. My daughter is very fond of Christmas decorations. She makes cards, dresses her stuffed toys, lights up the Christmas tree, and decorates the house. It requires a lot of effort on her end but she does it without throwing her weight around, with a smile on her face. I hope she continues to enjoy the remaining holiday season with the same zeal and enthusiasm. I’ll ask her to go through your post as well. This will give her some new ideas.

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