Mindful Parenting: An Insightful Workshop with Dr. Anupam Sibal

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With the organisers of the workshop. From L-R: Tamanna Dhamija of Baby Destination; Pia Desai Pasricha of Mommy A-Z

As social media and technology consume our lives, we lose touch with ground realities. It’s especially worrying to think of the effects on our children. One has to adopt an approach of ‘mindful parenting’ to truly stay connected with our little ones. Parenting Facebook group Mommy A-Z recently joined hands with online Indian parenting community Baby Destination; to conduct a workshop on mindful parenting. Renowned pediatrician and author, Dr. Anupam Sibal, conducted the workshop.

A space in the basement of Select City Walk Mall in Saket was used for this workshop. It comfortably housed the 30 odd parent participants. The workshop lasted a little over an hour, with Dr. Sibal presiding for most of it, before the floor was opened to questions. Tea and snacks were provided as apt accompaniments.


From L-R: Pia Desai Pasricha (Mommy A-Z); Dr. Anupam Sibal; Shweta Talwar (Mommy A-Z0; Tamanna Dhamija (Baby Destination)

Dr. Sibal practices at Apollo Hospital as well as his clinic in Defence Colony, Delhi. He specializes in pediatric gastroenterology but has developed a keen sense of child-rearing in his role as a parent and a doctor. He has authored the national bestseller, “Is Your Child Ready to Face the World”, in an attempt to share his personal experiences and wisdom.


The audience rapt with attention

Dr. Sibal focused on the concepts of humility, gratitude and forgiveness; and the importance of instilling these qualities in children. He shared heavily from his own experience and stories of inspirational figures to get his points across. A useful tip he suggested was to spend some quality time with your child on a daily basis, letting them lead the discussion. This would inform the parents of what’s happening in their child’s life and also make the child feel their ideas and opinions are important to the parents. Though he personally started this practice when his son was 10, he advises parents of this generation to start younger, as children are maturing faster.


Dr. Sibal led an insightful workshop

I fortuitously discovered that I know Dr. Sibal’s son- he was my junior at school and we shared a bus ride back home. I have therefore seen his parenting philosophy in practice. I was impressed by his balanced take on bringing up children, especially his advocacy of giving space yet encouraging a friendly relationship between parents and children. Upon being asked whether mindful parenting ever really stops, he said the extent and role of parenting changes when the child is independent and ready to face the world; but one never stops being a parent!


Happy faces after a successful workshop

The workshop was well conducted and insightful. It was also a great place to meet and interact with like-minded parents. I’m grateful to the organizers for bringing us together.

Event Rating: 4.5/5


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