Only Time: A Short Story

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“Who can say where the road goes?
Where the day flows? Only time…”

Strolling along the beautiful tree-lined streets of Defence Colony, Kimmy Sahni was deep in thought. She paid no heed to the pleasant spring morning, or Irish singer Enya’s soulful beats playing on her phone. The reason for her dismal mood was the imminent departure of her boyfriend Aman Singh, whose year-long stint as the head of a WHO project on the Covid-19 virus in India, was coming to an end.

As she crossed the colony’s famous Sukun Park – relatively quiet now that the kids were finally back in school – she recalled their first meeting at this very spot, when he boldly tapped her on the shoulder and introduced himself, all dimples and charm. She hadn’t thought they would fall for each other so quick and so hard. In a matter of weeks, they were inseparable, going from friends to confidantes and eventually lovers. When she bickered with her parents or faced a professional setback, he comforted her; when he battled the emotional and physical turmoil of documenting India’s deadly second wave of Covid-19, her warmth provided succour.

Kimmy’s parents, Brigadier Baljit Singh Sahni and his wife Rosie, had been supportive of the relationship, hoping they would marry. At 35 and 40, the couple was certainly of the right age, but they weren’t ready to take this step yet. Aman had barely recovered from the scars inflicted by a painful divorce, and Kimmy was wary of leaving her ageing parents alone in Delhi. Attempting a long-distance relationship seemed the only possible outcome. But as a die-hard romantic, Kimmy secretly hoped for a miracle that would keep him with her.

Last night, things came to a head when an emotional Kimmy picked an unnecessary fight. As Aman was packing his life in boxes, she berated him for not having returned her call earlier that day, despite knowing he was in a day-long conference. She further needled him by saying he would probably drop her like a hot cake as soon as he left the country. Tired, sad and battling his own emotions, Aman had retaliated with a mean retort, which made the hot-headed Kimmy storm out.

“And who can say if your love grows
As your heart chose? Only time…”

Kimmy had promised herself she wouldn’t cry, but one fat tear found its way down her cheek as she heard these lyrics. Aggressively wiping it away, she made her way to Aman’s flat, deciding to tackle the issue head on.

He opened the door on the first ring. “Kim, I have to tell you something!” he said with palpable excitement. But she cut him off with, “Please let me say something first. I love you, and that is enough for me, whether you’re physically in my presence or not. I’m sorry for what I said. Will you please forgive me?”

Enveloping her in a big hug, Aman smiled, “Kimmy Sahni, I love you with all my heart, and I’m not going anywhere! I’ve been looking for work opportunities in India for months, to stay close to you. But I just hadn’t found anything… Then this morning, I got a call from the UN headquarters – Putin’s invasion of Ukraine and India’s ‘independent position’ of not quite denouncing their action, has them quite worried. They’ve asked me to be part of their on-ground team in India and stay for the foreseeable future. You’re not getting rid of me yet Kim!”

Despite the volatile situation and its possible implications on the world, Kimmy had got her miracle.


Number of words: 600


The prompt for this story was ‘Volatile Life’, and it had to be written within the near-impossible word limit of 600 words. As always, I have attempted to weave a story around current events, using my favourite family of characters – the Sahnis.

As it is very difficult to develop backstories and characters in such limited words, I encourage you to read my previous stories where these characters have been fleshed out more:

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This story is not meant to promote war or India’s political stance on Russia’s actions in any way. I am absolutely against political aggression of any kind, and will always stand for peace and universal brotherhood. If you liked this little story, do share it with others, who may enjoy it too.


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  1. I need to read about Kimmy more, she sounds like a fascinating character. Yes, sometimes volatility of life can bring detours that might not be totally unwelcome.

  2. Noor your short stories are always a treat. While reading your story, I was also expecting a miracle but didn’t know it would happen till end. I was eagerly waiting just like Kim. And when that happened, I was very happy to read the ending. Beautifully penned as usual.

  3. Wow, what a story. It had everything literally from love to war. I loved the way the ongoing events were added to the story as it led it more credibility. Fabulous work!

  4. If we want something truly from our heart, the Universe conspires!
    She got her miracle 🙂
    Story with a happy end, and with realistic portrayal of current events- pandemic & Ukraine conflict.

  5. The Sahnis are out of hibernation! What a sublime story.You.weave so much into such a short story and I love happy endings. If only life was so perfect and surreal.

  6. It’s always fun to read fiction around your favourite Sahni characters. Love finds its place in your heart provided you let go off your ego. Kimmy stepped out and moved a step towards Aman and situtations also fell on her side.

  7. beautiful words and a beautiful story. I am a hopeless romantic love stories. I must say it was a welcome break from your usual stuff that I have read in these 5 weeks. Hats off to you for coming up with such a lovely piece in 600 words.

    1. Thanks Kaveri! I share the sponsored posts on Blogaberry Dazzle because they need higher engagement to appease the brands – however, my creative writing continues on the side – check in regularly to my blog – the sponsored posts are always interspersed with non-sponsored ones!

  8. Lovely story. I didn’t know you wrote fiction as well. By the way, neither did I know that the park is called Sukun Park now. We always called it Gurudwara wala park 🙂

    1. Gurudwara Wala Park is different… Sukun Park isn’t located near either of the Gurdwaras! Sukun Park is in the interiors of C-Block, and everyone knows it as Sukun Park 🙂

  9. Wow, everything from Covid to the Russian invasion of Ukraine got weaved so beautifully in your story! Every event has more repercussions than we can imagine. Amazing storytelling as always.

  10. You made it quite relatable and realistic by weaving the story around contemporary events. Would love to read your other stories to feel connected with the characters. Very well written.

  11. Being a die hard romantic I only saw the love blossom in this story. Covid and war are two very depressive events going on in the world and ta such times it is love that can help you stay sane.

  12. Good to see Sahnis making a comeback. And I always love how you make your stories topical with the ongoing. Will we see the full fledged fiction book this year from you? 🙂

  13. Lovely ending to this part of the story. There is always light at the end of the tunnel – for them the war situation is a boon in disguise. I think I have read another one of this series. Very crisp and articulate.

  14. I love that in a time of turmoil you gave us a happy ending- the world needs more of them these days!

  15. This is your first short story I’ve come across and I’m all set to read through the previous ones now that I;ve been introduced to the Sahnis! I especially love how you’ve woven the story around current affairs that concern the world today.

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