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As a mother, I’m constantly dealing with tricky situations. I’m currently thick in the middle of the ‘Terrible Twos’ and ‘Terrifying Threes’, hence the first parenting prompt in the #momology blog train (details below), really interested me. The prompt is, “What is your secret and most effective #momology or parenting mantra that comes handy in most tricky situations?”. Every parent has an individual outlook to parenting, and every child’s personality is distinct, which means we deal with issues in different ways. Read on to know my personal parenting mantra.


As parents, we must learn to distinguish between attention-seeking meltdowns and serious problems, and not lose our cool every time our child throws a tantrum. This allows us to correctly evaluate every problem, and enables us to deal with it effectively.


By differentiating between frivolous and actually worrying situations, we’re better equipped to deal with all kinds of tricky situations. The first thing I do, no matter the scale of the problem, is to take a step back and BREATHE.

If I don’t stay calm, there is little chance that my child will be calm. I will myself to close my eyes and inhale deeply, and immediately find my heart calming down, and my brain thinking logically. I’m present in the moment and able to multi-task by calming/distracting my child, alongside formulating the correct strategy for dealing with the particular problem at hand.

This mantra also helps to ensure that the child feels reassured. Our children pick up on signals through our behaviour. If we send out signals of extreme worry and/ or unpreparedness, they’re adversely affected. A composed parent ensures the child is able to communicate in a calm and coherent manner.


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Having shared my secret, I also want to make it clear that sometimes our best intentions fail, and we find ourselves losing our calm. Don’t stress, that’s not the end of the world. We’re humans, not superheroes (as much as our children would like to believe of us!), and we can never be perfect parents.

Don’t berate yourself on reacting badly in a tricky situation. Instead, learn from it, and be better prepared in the future because tricky situations will never end!

It’s imperative that we put every problem in its correct perspective, and remember that stressful moment will certainly pass. I agree with a dear aunt of mine, who once said to me, “small children, small problems; big children, big problems!”

What are your most effective mantras to dealing with tricky situations? Please share them in the comments below. Share this post with someone you think would like to read it!

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  1. Hi Noor,

    This was a good read and interests me because even I have a toddler and can relate to most of what you’ve got to say. Would definitely like you to keep blogging! Plus, it is always good to know that tricky situations sometimes have simple solutions. 🙂

    1. Thanks for appreciating Sneha! I plan to put more parenting content in the coming weeks. Stay tuned 🙂
      It’s great to connect with other parents. It’s what keeps us sane!

  2. I agree that its very important to step back and breathe. It helps put things in perspective. For example I get extremely worked up when my kids dont sleep on time. But as per my husband, in the long run, it really does not matter. They will device their own mechanism for energy management.

  3. Living in that very moment and giving your child undivided attention no matters even it is for a short span is something I strongly believe in. These days, one of the biggest distraction is our phone. I make sure when I am playing with my kids or doing some activity with them, my phone is away from me.
    #Momology #Mothersgurukulreads

  4. Great post and I agree that as a parent it is very important to be calm and patient. its our duty to be a role model for our kids. they follow more what we do than what we teach. #Momolgy

  5. I can understand how tricky it is at times. And As a mom you feel stressed and often loose control well I do loose control. your mantras are really nice and I loved reading them and I appreciate it that how nicely you manage it all.

  6. I too try to keep myself Calm. Listen to my baby, why he or she throwing tantrum what can be done. Distracting them from the situation so they get calm and I get a sigh of relief

  7. Looks like my story, between the Terrible Two’s and Terrifying Three’s.. just hanging out there between the mood swings and tantrums and not. Just trying to make things in the best possible way.

  8. Mom knows the best I loved the concept behind this blog train…Like you said unless we breathe in deep, it’s difficult to find solutions. Great momology in this post.

  9. I think it’s really tricky sometimes to calm down your angry toddler when you are out. He might even know that you are helpless. Your pointers are really helpful.

  10. It was such a beautiful blog, ‘don’t be tough on yourself’ was a point that I loved the most, My brother has a 1-year-old baby boy I am so sure he & his wife is going to love this bit, thank you for sharing!

  11. That was a great read, with toddlers and preschoolers , we need to handle so many tricky situations. The best is what you wrote, step back, take a deep breath and then work out things calmly.

  12. so important for all mothers to understand not to be hard on themselves. many moms remain stressed cause of this. #Momology @clanpedia

  13. Sounds real hard, but taking a deep breath is something we mom’s master with time. Thanks for taking part in #Momology

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