Hot Topic: Raising Emotionally Balanced Children in a Competitive Environment

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At the new Dolphin POD Center in Vasant Kunj, Delhi

As technology takes over our lives, the upbringing of children is rife with challenges. Dr. Shimi Kang, neuroscientist and bestselling author, offers a method for children to succeed in this ever-changing world. Her philosophy of creating future-fit children has been encapsulated in the swanky Dolphin POD center in Vasant Kunj. Members of my favourite parenting Facebook group, Mommy A-Z, were recently invited to a talk by Dr. Kang.


With administrators of Mommy A-Z Facebook Group, Shivali Jaggi and Pia Desai Pasricha, and Dr. Shimi Kang

Dr. Kang has authored many parenting guides, but is best known for “The Dolphin Parent: A Guide to Raising Healthy, Happy and Motivated Kids”. Her teachings are inspired by the dolphin, whose body is firm yet flexible; advocating a middle path between a tiger-like authoritarian manner and a jellyfish-like permissive manner.


Dr. Shimi Kang- neuroscientist, bestselling author, parenting guru. Picture courtesy:

According to her, the future demands a high CQ or Consciousness Quotient for children to thrive in this competitive age. CQ is a measure of the child’s creative, collaborative, communicative, critical thinking, and contributive nature. Emphasis on three key skills enables the highest growth of everyone’s CQ. These are:

P- Play

O- Others (social communication)

D- Downtime

The benefits of free play for children are well-documented.  We also know of the advantages of establishing meaningful connections with peers and family members, as well as relaxing from an over-scheduled lifestyle. Most busy parents aren’t able to put these theories in practice, despite best intentions. The Dolphin POD is a learning center for the child to freely partake of these life skills.


Dr. Shimi Kang spoke about dolphin parenting in an exclusive session for Mommy A-Z members

A dolphin style of parenting is aimed at making children emotionally balanced. The focus is on teaching them adaptability to a rapidly-changing world, social leadership to succeed in their endeavors, innovation to encourage creativity, ethics to make the right choices, and resilience to withstand hardship.


A play room at the Dolphin POD center

Children’s unfettered use of technology is a major cause for concern. It cuts down on playtime, on real social interaction and leads to sleep-deprivation. The biggest irony is that despite connecting us to the world at large, social media often leads to extreme loneliness. The only way forward is to use technology correctly, enabling mental stimulation without losing touch with reality. The Dolphin POD claims to do just that, based on years of extensive research.


Even the lobby at the Dolphin POD center encourages imaginative play 

The state-of-the-art Dolphin POD center has different areas to encourage the three life skills. Each after-school session lasts 90 minutes and should be done 2-3 times a week for optimum results. They have a playschool program for children of 1.8- 5 years of age. The after-school programs are aimed at 2.5- 16 years of age.


The downtime area at the Dolphin POD center

Personally, the center’s distance from where I live, deters me from sending my son, but if the movement gains popularity I can see them expanding. Each session is costly but promises results. I have purchased Dr. Kang’s book and hope to incorporate her philosophy in my own parenting style. I’ll get back to you with honest thoughts on the book soon. Till then you can purchase her books here:


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The Dolphin POD Centre Address: Pocket 8, Sector C, Gate no. 14, Vasant Kunj

Timings: 9:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.

Cost per session: INR 2000

Cost per 6 month package: INR 63,720

Contact email: