Pro Tennis League, India: Everything You Need to Know

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Professional sporting events are an immense draw for most people. The success of various international Grand Slam tournaments and Wimbledon is a great example. India is now awakening to international tennis with the Pro Tennis League, currently taking place at the R.K. Khanna Tennis Stadium in Delhi.



Named after Raj Kumar Khanna, former President of the All India Tennis Association (AITA), as well as former non-playing captain of the India Davis Cup team; the R. K. Khanna Tennis Stadium (or DLTA as it’s better known), is the foremost tennis training academy in Delhi.

Since its inception in 1971, DLTA has promoted a love of the game among children and adults from all strata of society. This year, the stadium’s ownership has broken fresh ground with the Pro Tennis League, patterned loosely on the Indian Premier League for cricket.


The Davis Cup Lounge


This league aims to ignite a wider interest in tennis, which unfortunately takes a backseat to other sports like cricket, hockey and badminton. DLTA is the ideal location for this league, with its world class center court, a mini center court, and 12 additional tennis courts with 9 being lighted to international specifications.

All matches take place over four exciting days, with the final culminating on December 22, 2018. Eight teams with a team of highly experienced players at the top of their games, are fighting for the cup.


Cheerleaders perform between games


I was invited to visit the league, and chose to go on day 2 of the tournament. I saw the Babolat team in action against the Surya Warriors. I thoroughly enjoyed the box seating with the best view in the house. A functional bar and tea/coffee service with minimal snacks was a welcome accompaniment. My toddler loved watching the game, as well as the dance of the cheerleaders. Overall, it was a fun experience for the entire family.


Enjoying the vantage point of the box seating at the Davis Cup Lounge


Watching a professional match at close quarters is really an unbeatable experience. Tennis is a fast paced and skillful game, and is great fun to watch. As the league is in its first iteration, tickets are easily available at the stadium. Young schoolchildren make budding cheerleaders to keep the audience entertained between games and sets. Foot-tapping beats by the resident DJ, and snacks available on ground are added attractions. Take your children and elders, everyone will have a good time. If you prefer box seating, that is also available at the Davis Cup Lounge.

Most importantly, it’s a great way to spend time with your family, while supporting players and boosting the game in general.

The seats aren’t in the best condition, but are comfortable. It’s an outdoor stadium so make sure to dress warm.

I’m going to be at the final on Saturday, would you like to join me?



Dates: 18 December to 22 December 2018

Timings: 3:00 p.m. onward

Address: R. K. Khanna Tennis Stadium, DLTA Complex, No. 1 Africa Avenue, Deer Park, Hauz Khas, New Delhi

*All pictures are taken on my iPhone camera. Copyright belongs to nooranandchawla

**This isn’t a sponsored post. I was invited to watch the league and wanted to share the experience with everyone.


  1. it’s great that every sport is getting a boost now. this way the players too are getting nice support. you have covered it very well.

  2. It’s very nice to see other sports are slowly growing in India. Otherwise it was all about cricket. Thanks for sharing this wonderful post .

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  4. I never seen match closely. it surely going to be fun and i am sure my family will enjoy too. your post inspire me to watch the sport with family very soon

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  6. Must have been a great experience attending the pro tennis league. Sports events are fun to watch and all the excitement gets to you.

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  9. Tennis is something I’ve played at state levels and I love this game the most. It’s fast and furious. Good to know that you had a great time at stadium enjoying the best view.

  10. Wow before I begin let me tell you that you have lovely hair. Watching match live is something filled with excitement, energy and blast. I remember once we went to ses IPL match and trust me my eyes were stuck on ground and I Was so damn excited that I still feel that in my skin whenever I recall it.

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