Prom Queen #WoWe Week 3

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Camilla was the only girl who hadn’t been asked to the Senior Prom. Deciding to skip it entirely, she took solace in knowing she would soon be away from the cruel boys and girls of High School. Finally, her intellect would matter more than her girth.

A day before Prom, her younger sister Amelia, bounded home in glee. The quarterback of their football team had asked her to accompany him when his date fell ill. As Amelia was merely a Sophomore, she couldn’t believe her luck- she would be the Prom King’s date!

In a frenzy, she scoured her wardrobe, turning to her sister’s when she found nothing suitable.

Camilla’s stunning emerald green silk dress, custom-made for her 16th birthday (where not a single invitee had shown up) would make the perfect Prom dress. Amelia’s silent plea to borrow it was granted and Camilla even helped her size it down.

When Josh arrived at 7 p.m., Amelia stood waiting in her green resplendence. However, when she saw a solitary tear escape Camilla’s eye, she hugged Josh and excused herself from being his date.

This momentous occasion would be celebrated at home and there would be two Prom Queens.


Word Count: 199 Words

This post is written as part of the #WoWe Blog Hop hosted by Mayuri and Rashi, as part of which we have to pen a story within 200 words on the given prompt. This is my entry for Week 3 based on the picture prompt at the start of this post. Do leave your thoughts below!


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      1. What a sweet short story! Sisters before mister 😁😁 loved reading it. Waiting for the next one now.

  1. Sisterhood. The world and it’s desires don’t really have a chance at relationships so serene. I could totally relate to it as have a younger sister. Thanks for writing in, Noor. 🙂

    1. Such a cute little story with a twist. Though I don’t have a sister but I have seen such beautiful bonds between siblings.

  2. Sisters are such a darling..thats why we call them soulmates.. completely loved it story …3 cheers to sisterhood !!

  3. Two sisters could also go the ball even without dates.Right?Loved how positive you made the story.Its not right to judge people by their looks

  4. Aww! Such a beautiful short story. Loved the way you ended it. Sisters are truly adorable, being a sister I can so relate to this bond.

  5. That’s such a sweet story! The ending brought a smile to my face. I too have an elder sister and we have stood by each other’s sides against the world! ♥️

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