“Quarantine Birthday” – A Poem #birthdaybloghop

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Quarantine Birthday_ A Poem

It is again that time of year,

The most special day of your life is here

No matter if you’re growing old,

After all, birthdays bring pleasures untold


You can have your cake and eat it too,

Decorated with candles aplenty or few

Be demanding and arrogant,

The person standing right up front


But, what’s this proving a dampener?!

Has the virus made you a quarantiner?

Oh no! What’s a birthday without a celebration?!

“Life’s so unfair!”, you declare with irritation


But hold on a minute, let’s assess

the situation as it is, not more nor less

Is it really that bad or is it all in your head?!

Some “keeping-up-with-the-joneses” tripe you’ve been fed


For once, you are free from hosting duties,

No need to shell out money for your groupies

Save the cash and put it to good use

Instead of spending mindlessly on food and booze


Host a birthday party on Zoom,

It’ll surely drive away the gloom

No thought will go into planning an elaborate shindig

The party may be small, but the celebration will be big


With no excuse to offer and nowhere else to be,

Your friends from round the world will join in gladly

The ones that don’t turn up for any reason

Are probably fair-weather friends, not for every season


There’s no pressure to dress up or look a certain way,

Pyjamas and a big smile are all you need to slay

But if you’ve been missing dressing up as you would in real life,

Now is your chance to bring out your inner Stepford wife


Hone your culinary skills, whip up a fabulous cake

Show the world that you too can bake

Pop that bottle of bubbly hidden away

What are you waiting for? Snow in the month of May?!


After all, it’s your birthday, do as you please!

Quarantine be damned, as well as the disease

For once the celebration is actually about you,

Not playing to the crowds as you usually do


So what if you have a quarantine birthday,

Fret not, it’s a blessing in more than one way

Just remember, what makes the occasion special is you

Not a party, a treat, or the world’s expectations overdue


Happy birthday and enjoy your day,

This year is unique in every way

You will have next year to revisit

All birthday plans, simple or exquisite!


Hi everyone, this post has been written for the keywords “quarantine” and “birthday”, which were prompts for the blog train.

My birthday hasn’t arrived yet, but I’ve been talking to friends who are rather bummed out about the low-key birthday celebrations this year, due to the coronavirus pandemic. I feel it’s an opportunity to celebrate your special day in a unique and unforgettable manner. There’s always next year to celebrate big! If you do have a birthday coming up in quarantine, I hope it’s wonderful in every way.

Please leave your thoughts below if you enjoyed the poem, and share ahead with others that might enjoy it too.


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  1. A very good approach to cheer up anyone. I know some of my friends who are sad because of boring quarantine birthday at home. But this idea would certainly make them happy. It’s a very beautiful poem.

  2. I have my birthday in a day, was just writing a blog post about how I am feeling and what are my plans to make the most of what I can. Amidst that, I came across this post by you and it cheered me up ten folds. Thanks for writing this. 💖✨🙏

  3. This is an interesting take in verse of Birthdays in the current scenario.One of course needs to make the best and enjoy the new experience, be it a party of Zoom or a homemade cake.

  4. The poem will certainly lift up the spirits of people who feel sad coz they have quarantine birthday. Beautifully penned.

  5. My birthday was in April and I was feeling bad that I couldn’t go to meet my family or celebrate. Your poem is really very positive.

  6. This poem teaches to celebrate birthday in more meaningful way. We humans spend unnecessary on show off our money. Why not switch to sustainable living and use our money in making difference in everyone life

  7. I am not good with poems. I have attempted many times but haven’t been successful but you have expressed your feelings really well in these lines and I agree that it is a great opportunity to make the birthday unforgetful.

  8. Loved reading through your poetic musings & infact could relate to them too; some best lines with a message to spend the saved money in good use. Loved it.

  9. I can feel you! My son too celebrated his bday during semi-lockdown..It was different but not boring …Thanks to technology.

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