Why Smart Parents Vouch for Real School Workshops? A Review   

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Review of Real School’s Boot Camp Workshops


Exposing kids to several activities and hobbies is essential for their growth years. This not only ensures their holistic development but also opens up several fields where they may develop life-long interests. You never know, they might even pursue an activity as their full-time profession in the future, or apply their knowledge irrespective of the field. Therefore, several parents have reviewed Real School as the best platform to give them the best exposure to the subjects and concepts they really need to know.

uFaber’s Real School aims at doing just that! With their core focus on STEM subjects which have real-life applications, Real School offers 500+ workshops, boot camps, masterclasses and much more according to the kid’s pace, time and convenience. Every student has a personal mentor who prepares a study plan according to the child’s interests, goals, availability and hobbies. Age is never a barrier at Real School and even kids below 12 years of age can start with the basics of coding, programming, game development, filmmaking etc.

Real School’s workshops are listed on their app and it includes several interesting activities like illusion drawing, graphic storytelling, game development among others. Real School has 4 major boot camps i.e. Programming, Communication, Applied Robotics, and Design and Innovation. Here are the details about them:

  1. Programming Boot Camp:

Programming opens up the faculty of creativity and injects it with a dose of logic, enabling students to control the world around them with a few lines of code. Programs manage our personal computers, bank servers, websites, tablets, smartphones. In the future, everything will be run by machines but we will still need humans to program those machines. Here’s what Real School’s Programming Boot Camp has to offer:

  • A personal subject-matter expert mentor
  • 60+ programming and game development projects
  • Unlimited online video classes
  • 3 programming+ game design portfolios
  • Scholarships for advanced projects
  1. Communication Boot Camp

What is the one key attribute that children need for being leaders, regardless of whatever they do in the future? It is being an effective communicator! Therefore, here are the best features offered by the Communication Boot Camp of Real School:

  • A highly skilled language expert as a personal mentor
  • 100+ communication-centric activities
  • 40+ one on one private classes with your personal mentor
  • 20+ group classes with fellow Boot Campers
  • 10 published projects
  • Developing a reading routine
  • Special focus on public speaking and self-expression
  • Enhanced debating and persuasive speaking skills
  1. Applied Robotics Boot Camp

The world of tomorrow is going to be dominated by robots. Everything from production to surgery to space exploration to deep-sea missions will be done by robots, deployed by humans. By 2040, about 60% of the jobs that exist today will be done by robots, will you be competing with robots or designing them? Here’s why kids should opt for Applied Robotics Bootcamp of Real School:

  • Real-life projects for real-world problems
  • Promotes both dexterity and ingenuity
  • A perfect combination of mechanics, electronics and programming
  • Offering students a chance to make path-breaking intelligent machines using a custom-made robotics kit
  1. Design and Innovation

Everyone knows who created the iPhone, but not so much about who invented the touch screen. So what was the difference? Well, all that matters is the design! That’s exactly what Real School’s design and innovation Boot Camp does. It makes children understand design concepts in a simplified and practical way. Here are some features of the Design and Innovation Boot Camp of Real School.

  • A personal subject-matter expert mentor
  • 60+ product design projects
  • Unlimited online video classes
  • 3D Printed prototypes
  • Product design portfolio
  • Scholarship for advanced projects

These Boot Camps and workshops are specially designed so that, irrespective of the field selected, children will develop logical, analytical, and critical thinking. Talking about the same, Sudhir Sharma, in his review said, “Being from a tech background I really wanted my son Mayur and daughter Neha to also get interested in STEM fields but I was unable to find any sort of classes that could both teach them and also be fun. I always felt guilty that I could not devote enough time to them to teach them any of these activities. In fact, just getting all of the stuff in the inventor kit was so convenient! It’s all so much fun that at times I’m tempted to solve the problems myself.”

In another such review, Priya Nair said, “The Real School is a great platform that makes STEM subjects fun and enjoyable. Today she’s learning so much more and she enjoys teaching me whatever she learns.”

In her feedback, she further continued, “I enrolled for Real School after seeing several parents’ reviews on their site. They were all praises on how Real School’s online workshops and boot camps have been helpful for their kids and how they benefited from it. I opted for a demo class and really loved the rapport between my daughter and her online mentor in the first class itself. There were 5 free workshops after enrolling and then I could access a plethora of other workshops as well. My daughter has loved her sessions and it’s a blissful experience every time she makes something and shows it to me.” 

Along with Frank and Priya, several other parents have vouched for Real School as the best platform for their child’s holistic development. They have shared their experience of the Real School’s projects, allowing them to spend quality time with their kids and track their progress too. They were extremely happy that their child interacts with his peers across the globe who share the same interest and isn’t restricted to any geographical area. You can check out all those reviews here.

At Real School, students are challenged with real-world problems, dedicated mentors guide them to constantly acquire knowledge and develop essential skills that will pave the way to success no matter what they plan to do in the future. It is indeed a revolutionary school where there are no boring lectures, no rote learning. All that your child has to do is select a topic of interest and the mentors will leave no stone unturned in making them fall in love with learning!

Why Smart parents vouch for real school's boot camp workshops


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  1. STEM education is the future and I personally like it. It focuses on overall development of kids. Today’s kids learn quickly when the learning and teaching styles is interactive, and more hand on. And from grasping also, I feel thats the best way. They understand the concept well. Real school seems an ideal option for this generation’s curious minds.

  2. Education has come a long way and keeps evolving to suit the needs of parents and kids who have been exposed to so much more than every generation before them was. This was a very interesting and informative read.

  3. I didn’t know about such boot camps. In the current situation I personally believe that schools and educational institutions should focus on such skills than the regulat text book education.

    1. Thank you for sharing this it’s really informative for everyone I was also not known about this boot camp. Nowadays learning system is is totally changed kids also love to learn this new way then from textbook

  4. Real School sounds like a platform parents can utilise to acquaint kids with things that schools don’t always teach them. STEM and Applied Robotics are emerging fields and it’s great if kids can get their basics right.

  5. I am very keen on these types of courses for my son and so found this post very useful. Thanks a lot for sharing about Real School. I will check them out.

  6. I didn’t know about these boot camps.Thanks for the post,through this post I get to know of this types of education skills To get to know real world problems and solve those with the help of their mentors is really a great idea.

  7. Real School sounds like the future of schooling which focuses on STEM education and concept based learning. I am definitely going to check out their workshops. Thanks for sharing, Noor.

  8. A good blog. I have had the privilege to do a virtual tour myself. I feel like it’s a good initiative. I feel like no one teaches us finance, how to manage our money, our credit cards, but trigo formulae are expected to be in our heads. What did we achieve by memorizing organic chemistry and math formulae, anyway. What matters really is a 100% experiential format of learning. That’s where initiatives such as REAL SCHOOL come into play. Thanks once again.

  9. I wasn’t much aware of these boot camps. Thanks for sharing this. STEM and Robotics are gaining a lot of popularity. Good to know about this viable platform for kids.

  10. With the changing dynamics in the education and learning sector I think schools and parents have also adopted newer ways of teaching kids. I have seen interactive and involved learning helps kids more these days. Your post is quite informative and I got to know things that I wasnt aware of before.

  11. This is interesting. I agree that STEM education is the way forward, and a boot camp designed specifically to engage the student individually is quite a smart and efficient way to help the child really explore his interest and talent and grow into it.

  12. I wasn’t aware of such boot camps. In the current situation I personally believe that schools and educational institutions should focus on such kind of skills than the regulat text book education.

  13. These boot camps are a much needed approach to education and learning for kids in this situation. Parents should opt for these.

  14. My daughter’s school also follows STEM methodology for teaching practical subjects and she enjoys that. It’s good to know that a platform like Real School is enabling learning via STEM.

  15. I had no idea about stem education say around 5 years ago, but when I got introduced to it it was never going back. I am proud that my daughter also has learned via STEM. I will definitely check out the Real School and recommend my friends

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  17. In this competitive world, such programs are important for children to enrol in. I am going to enrol my child in one of their programs.

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