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As the season of festivities descends upon us, the search for a truly unique and excellent gift to give our loved ones, begins in earnest. Traditional mithai and dry fruit are age-old tried and tested items, but isn’t it nice to break the mould and share new things? If you have landed on this post, it clearly means you agree with me because you were searching for a review of the goodies from Big Bear Farms. Fret not, I’m here to help. Having tried a few of their yummy items, I’m sharing my review of Big Bear Farms and the products sold here.

Review of Big Bear Farms


The vision of this homegrown brand located in Himachal Pradesh is a simple one – to grow and harvest fruit as their family has done for over three generations. With this fruit, they create a variety of fresh and natural jams, jellies, pickles and preserves. They also source fruit from local farmers in the area and their team members live and work in the same community, hence providing opportunities for local employment. From strawberries, cherries, peaches, plums, and apples to lesser known varieties such as quince and nectarine, they have an abundance of local fruit.

They promise to guarantee freshness by picking and preserving their fruit within twenty-four hours. The team also sticks to the family’s heirloom recipes, which are replicated under close guidance. Every product is hand-made and slow cooked in small batches. They use only natural ingredients without any artificial preservatives, and each jar is carefully filled and bottled by hand in furtherance of this promise.

Wholesome and decadent is what their products pride themselves on being. They make apt accompaniments to toast and can be liberally drizzled on ice-cream, mixed in with a morning bowl of porridge or simply added to dessert!

Review of Big Bear Farms


Big Bear Farms divides its product line-up as per the fruits they grow. Largely, the categories of their products remain the same but change as per fruit variants.

Hence, one can choose from

  • Apple jams, jellies, pickles
  • Plum chutney, jam, raw pickles
  • Peach jam, marmalade and bottled peaches
  • Strawberry jams and preserves
  • Three citrus marmalades
  • Quince jelly
  • Blueberry preserves
  • Cherry preserves
  • Tomato pickles
  • Add-on items like Himalayan hot sauce, salted caramel sauce, and lemon curd
  • Gift boxes which are a selection of their best items divided into categories like Baking Essentials, Big Bear Favourites, and Diwali gift boxes of varying sizes

Now that we have examined everything on offer, let’s move on to the review of Big Bear Farms.


Of their numerous products, I have tried the Plum Chutney, Peach Jam and Lemon Yogurt so far – a nice selection that is representative of their broader product categories. Here are my thoughts on each of the products I tried:

  1. Lemon Curd: This product is undoubtedly my favourite. It is astounding how they have managed to get the exact flavour of lemon tart toppings into a delicious spread that can be used in many ways, including for making one’s own lemon tarts at home! Just one delectable bite transported me back to my childhood with its amazing, yummy flavour. It is also frothy, light and not-too-sweet, and fortunately doesn’t have that synthetic flavour which is often the downfall of lemon tarts made at bakeries. If you only get one product from the entire line of Big Bear Farms, make it this one!

Quantity & Price: 300gm for Rs 375.

  • Peach Jam: Another excellent product. I really appreciate the fact that you can taste the natural fruit in their jams, as opposed to the synthetic, colour-treated stuff you get on the market. This jam was sweet, because of the fruit it was based on, yet its sweetness wasn’t overpowering. I also liked the texture which had bits of real peaches – like marmalade but in a peach variation.

Quantity & Price: 300gm for Rs 375

  • Plum Chutney: As its name suggests, this chutney is sour and meant to be taken with savoury foods. Yet its flavour is delicate and very delicious, capturing the tartness of plums just right. Texture added with bits of actual plum further enhance the experience.

Quantity & Price: 300gm for Rs 375

Any review of Big Bear Farms would be remiss if one didn’t mention their beautiful and sturdy packaging. From their catchy logo to their inviting artwork and simple reusable jars – the brand gets an A+ on their packaging. As opposed to long and slim jam jars, I appreciate their flatter and wider ones which are easier to store as well. The aesthetic look, feel and delicious taste also make them ideal Diwali gifts.

Love their aesthetic and sturdy packaging


As you have figured out by now, I was personally very happy with the three products I tried from Big Bear Farms. I will most certainly be ordering the same ones again and will also try the other variants soon. Since they make apt celebratory gifts, I will be booking varied sizes of their Diwali gift boxes for my near and dear ones too.

What I’m most happy about is their pocket-friendly price, clean and attractive packaging and amazingly delicious taste. I’m not kidding when I say that when I tried their products, it was like sampling childhood in a spoon – before the mass-marketed department store varieties of these sweet and savoury condiments entered our lives.

This is my review of Big Bear Farms and having read it, I do hope you will also sample their fare. I’m sure you will not be disappointed!

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  1. Homegrown fruits and the products sound good. I like jam still 😁 with my daughter, but always worried about the quantity to be given as it contains harmful ingredients. I would like to try these products. My search is over now. Thank you Noor for the products.

  2. I personally love jams! We don’t have this brand here in Singapore though. My personal favourite is blueberry jam but now, I’m curious what a lemon curd would taste like as you mentioned it to be your favourite. Will find one!

  3. This seems like a great brand! Since it is homemade with homegrown fruits the taste will be amazing. I will check out the brand and try the products. I love jelly and marmalade, even the lemon yogurt as reviewed by you seems amazing.

  4. Lemon Curd … That sounds real interesting and yummy to me and I wish to pick it up soon to satisfy my taste buds. I am sure its going to win my heart… thanks for the recommendation

  5. I agree, these freshly made products are such a refreshing change from regular Diwali gifting. I’m curious about the lemon curd too and would to try it out.

  6. Lol… Noor, when i read the title of your blog, I thot it was a homestay review😆. Anyway, love the name n love their products and the simple packaging… we get similar homemade stuff back home. Like u have suggested, lemon curd sounds quite interesting n the plum chutney made my mouth water😋

  7. I like home grown brands instead of the big ones. Their raw materials are always fresh. I am surely going to try these. Thank you for sharing about them.

  8. This reminded me of my grandmother who would get preserves and fruits from their farm canned each year. Plum chutney is a favorite. Quite curious to try out their version.

  9. Jams are great gifts. Have better shelf live than regular sweets. I had not thought about it as an option at all until i received some in a Diwali hamper a few years back. Anu idea if these come in sample size smaller jars?

  10. I love gifting, like seriously! And I am always looking for something new so that the receiver has this whole excitement of trying out said gift. This one’s a great idea. Already added the Apple Pickle to my cart

  11. The Big Bear farms are doing a great thing by bringing farm freshness delivered to consumers. We hardly see such freshness kept inside jams and chutneys.

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