7 Reasons the Dyson Air Purifier is a Worthy Investment to Combat Air Pollution

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The less said about the terrible air quality in Delhi, the better. As the mother of a 3 year old, the recent spike in air pollution has been a great concern for me. Though we have multiple air purifiers in our home (one for each room), they don’t purify the air completely. I was very impressed with the state-of-the-art technology of the Dyson Pure Hot+Cool Air Purifier, when I attended its launch. Now having used the machine for over three weeks, I have a positive opinion of it. Read on to know the 7 factors that make this machine worth investing in, according to me.


Dyson has patented many technologies in filtration and air multiplication for its high-performance vacuum cleaners, and other products. These technologies have been perfected to create a highly efficient air purification system in the Dyson Hot+Cool machine. These machines sense pollution as soon as it occurs, capture it down to ultra-fine particle sizes, purify these particles and then project cleaner air back into the room. You can see the results on the LCD screen on the machine. When it’s first turned on it shows a high AQI index, which reduces to normal levels of AQI in a matter of minutes!


Picture courtesy: Dyson team


The Dyson air purifiers have been customised to Indian conditions, where the air pollution is significantly higher than other countries. Two new levels of AQI index have been added to the machines (extremely poor and severe), for a more accurate reading. This AQI index follows the stringent WHO norms for good quality air, as opposed to often unreliable Indian ratings.


The traditional method of testing air purification machines is known as the CADR method. This test is conducted for 20 minutes in a compact chamber, smaller than an actual room, with an added fan to circulate the air (to ensure the air is mixed), with only one sensor to measure air quality. Being tested in a small room, and the fact that pollution peaks in winter months when ceiling fans aren’t used, ensures that conventional air purifiers aren’t equipped to deal with the ground reality of Indian air pollution.

Dyson has come up with a new testing method called the POLAR test, which goes beyond the limitations of the CADR test. The air purifier is placed in the corner of a much larger room, and pollutants are pumped in the other corner. The test uses eight sensors in the corners of the room and one sensor in the centre, detecting particles of indoor air pollution that are 300 times narrower than a human hair. The POLAR testing method assesses the ability of machines to remove harmful particles and gases, the uniformity of the cleaning performance delivered around the whole room, and airflow projection. It starts when the machine thinks the room is polluted, and ends when the machine thinks it’s clean.

POLAR test Chamber-1

The POLAR Testing method innovated and used by Dyson to test their machines


Dyson Pure Hot+Cool is the first multifunctional product of its kind in India. It’s equipped to cool you in summer, heat you in winter and purify the room all year round.


It’s sleek and unobtrusive design ensures that it blends well in your home. The glass HEPA filter (to capture ultra-fine particles), and the activated carbon filter (to capture harmful gases), ensure purification and the LCD screen shows the results. It’s safe and easy to clean, as it doesn’t have fast-spinning blades. It also automatically cuts out if tipped over.



The Dyson machine comes with its own app (available on iPhones and Android), which is easy to control and even easier to understand. You can control the settings of the machine when you’re away from home, making your room purified and ready for when you return. You can also see the real time AQI of the purified room on your phone, control temperatures, and the angle you want the machine to point at; at the touch of a button.

Scenes from the Dyson Hot+Cool Air Purifier launch event


The Dyson team is committed to providing the highest quality experience to customers. Their qualified team of engineers can present you an in-depth demonstration, as per your convenience, in the comfort of your home, at no cost. The team happily answers any questions for you, and shows how to use the machine optimally.  The 2 year warranty period, is an added bonus.

My experience with the Dyson Pure Hot+Cool Air Purifier has been very positive so far. I appreciate the intelligent real-time reporting on the LCD screen, and the night-mode which eliminates disturbing noises at night, though the air continues to be purified. The price is high, but should be considered a worthy investment in the health of your family and purification of your personal space. I highly recommend the Dyson air purifiers.


You can purchase the Dyson Hot+ Cool Air Purifier here

*Unless specified, the pictures have been taken on my phone. Copyright belongs to nooranandchawla. The featured image and Pinterest graphic are courtesy the Dyson team.

**This machine was loaned to me for testing, and I was invited to the launch event. However the post is not sponsored and my thoughts are honest and completely my own.


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