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As the Delhi summer goes from hot to scorching, and our children remain indoors for summer vacations, we are all on the lookout for wholesome entertainment that will also help our kids stay away from the excessive heat. A potential option that is sure to appeal to people of all ages is iSkate by Roseate in Gurugram – a state-of-the-art ice-skating rink located inside Ambiance Mall. My son and I recently had the opportunity to visit this place as he was invited to a classmate’s birthday party held there. Read on to know my review of iSkate by Roseate, Gurugram.

Review of iSkate by Roseate, Gurugram


Before sharing my review of iSkate by Roseate, Gurugram, I thought I would share some basic facts about the place. As Gurugram is quite far from where we live in Delhi, we try and avoid going there as much as we can. However, birthday parties and important events are exceptions to this rule. Hence, though I have known about the existence of this place for the last decade, I have never visited it. This party provided the best excuse. Fortunately, Ambiance Mall is located very close to the border when you enter from the highway, so it doesn’t take as long to reach as the interiors of Gurugram sometimes can.


The main attraction at iSkate by Roseate is of course the ice-skating rink. According to its website, iSkate by Roseate is “India’s largest and only all-weather indoor ice-skating rink. It’s spread over a sprawling 15,000 sq. feet.” Anyone above the age of five and with any level of ice-skating experience is welcome to skate. For children and absolute beginners, cute little penguins serve as balancing buddies, so one doesn’t feel completely bereft on the ice. Ice-skating slots last for 45 minutes at a time, but you can always book another session after one ends.


For birthday parties and corporate bonding events, one has the option of booking the entire place or a package to bring a certain number of people, who then will have to use the venue at the same time as regular visitors.


Roasted by Roseate is the in-house café that offers a range of sweet and savoury items. There is a separate private dining area as well, which can be booked for events. A wholesome menu is an added benefit.

Co-Working Space:

To cash in on the co-working trend, the team behind iSkate by Roseate decided to convert a gallery section that overlooks the ice-skating rink into a co-working space. I have to say though, I’m not sure anyone would get any work done there because the music is sooo loud!

Other fun activities:

A snow room and a storm room recreating these natural features are other added attractions. However, we didn’t try either of these.


Since we were invited, I’m not sure of the per slot package rate, however it seems to be under 850 for one person as on their website, 850 per person is the price listed for a package that includes food and beverages.


Right off the bat, I have to say it is a very unique activity and definitely high on the list if you are looking for something to do indoors. Having said that, here are few things you should keep in mind when planning a visit to iSkate by Roseate, Gurugram:

  • Be mindful of getting off at the right gate at Ambiance Mall. Choose the one closest to the entrance for iSkate by Roseate as it’s a long trek of about 11 minutes from the main entrance on foot!
  • Be careful of the slots you choose because afternoon / evening and weekend slots can get very crowded. It may seem like fun when you picture it but in reality, it was quite a nightmare. Our host had not booked the entire rink, and therefore along with a bunch of 7-year-olds attending a birthday party, there were huge adults who had never ice-skated in their lives falling all over the place and leaning on our children’s penguins – you can imagine how scary that sight was!
  • For the same reason pointed out above, I would highly recommend booking the entire space if you do choose to have an event there – or choose to do it on a weekday.
  • Some logistical things to keep in mind: IT’S COLD! After all, it’s an ice-skating rink! No matter how hot it seems outside, be sure to carry a windcheater or light jacket for your child and yourself in case you plan to get on the rink. Ice-skating rinks abroad also declare it mandatory to wear gloves and a helmet to protect people, however this is not the case here. Gloves do help though, as when you fall on the ice (which is inevitable), they protect your hands. Don’t worry about the ice-skates. Those are available at the venue but be sure to ask for the right size. My son complained that they hurt his feet even though they were based on the shoes he was wearing.
  • Though they have experts in the rink to prevent mishaps, people sometimes refrain from following the rules. Everyone is told to skate in a single direction to avoid run-ins, yet frequently, people forget this basic rule. I think capping the number of people per slot may help with controlling the situation. Though it wasn’t needed while we were there, their website highlights that paramedics are at hand in case of accidents.
  • The idea of 45 minutes of skating followed by a wholesome meal works really well where kids are concerned. After expending oodles of energy on the rink, they are famished by the time they sit down to eat. Though I didn’t try any of the delicacies on offer, the food seemed to be a big hit overall.

Ice-skating is a unique experience in Delhi, so I would highly recommend a visit just to check it out. You could go with family or even try it as a new date idea. Who knows, if you get the hang of it and enjoy it, perhaps you’ll keep going back for more?

Did you like my review of iSkate by Roseate, Gurugram? Have you been there? Do share your thoughts in the comments section below!


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  1. Loved reading your review. It sounds like a cool adventure on the ice! Thanks for the tips and reminders about the chilly fun. I’ll definitely keep in mind the gloves for protection and the right size for skates. And hey, a good meal after all that skating sounds like a perfect combo for hungry kids! 🥶. Sharing with friends in Gurugram.

  2. Wow so cool Noor!!! My kids would love to do ice skating. I wish we had something like this in Blr.
    But ohhhh… I didn’t think that only a part of the rink was booked for the party… thats must have been an inconvenience. And I am actually visualizing people falling in the ice here n there while the party is going on😀

  3. Ice skating can be fun and at the same time difficult to learn when I was in school I remember going to the ice skating rink in Kuwait, people who knew skating well use to pull you from the corners are put you in the middle. To make ur way back was a mission.

  4. So far it was only water parks to cool it off in summer but now we can add ice skating to the list, thanks to you, Noor! Your tips are very helpful, It is a nightmare to trudge a long distance with an over-excited child that too in the summer heat. Your advice would definitely make it a better experience when planned in advance carefully.

  5. It’s nice to have a co-working space with a fun space. It would make it easier for parents and seems like a perfect summer spot. Am sure, most parents would love this, as holidays are in full swing.

  6. As the summer is at its peak with negligible to no sign of sufficient rain to melt us down I personally need some chilly waves to cool me down. Iskate is not that far from me and will be a nice day out for me and my little one but I too dont know skating but I still want to go and will ensure to book the whole ring . The tips you shared are really worthy and helpful for many like me who wish to go with family with no skill of skating.

  7. This sounds like a enjoyable place for kids. I will share this with my family in Gurgaon and Delhi. Thank you for sharing the tips. People need to follow the rules in a place like this.

      1. Your post reminded me of my feeble attempt at skating in Simla. I only fell & fell….there was no skating. That penguin is such a cute helper for Lil trainees.

  8. I can image how packed it might be given the Delhi summers. But looks like a fun place. Your tips are on point. Particularly about jackets and protective clothing. It is ice after all.

  9. Modern technology at work. Imagine an ice-skating rink in Delhi summer. Looks like you had an exciting day at i-skate by Roseate. Interesting how can they have a co-working space in such a scenario.

  10. It’s amazing that places like Snow World and now this Ice skating rink are created in malls for our kids’ enjoyment. This place is perfect for parties and I can see that they’ve managed it very well too.

  11. Always have been a fan of your writing style. This ice skating rink review was so detailed. Everything is clearly written including what are the things one needs to take along as a reminder and a checklist.

  12. I wish there was something like this in Chennai to get over the sweltering heat here.What a fun place for kids to be with their friends!! loved your review.

  13. Wow! This is a fun way to spend a day, especially in this scorching heat in Delhi. 🙂 I have never tried ice-skating. Maybe I should try it!!

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