Review of Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom- Plenty of Thrills!

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As a child of the 90s, I’ve grown up on Jurassic Park. I missed the first offering in the “Jurassic World” trilogy released in 2015, but thoroughly enjoyed J. A. Bayona’s “Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom”. Monstrous creatures made with the best available special effects rarely disappoint in the thrill department; but this movie went a step further by offering some thought-provoking substance.

The Plot:

A few genetically modified dinosaurs remain on the abandoned theme park island of Isla Nublar, after a disaster made humans abandon it three years ago. When a volcano threatens to kill these dinosaurs, a motley group including dinosaur sympathizers that run an NGO, the millionaire responsible for creating them, and a ‘raptor-trainer’; pool in efforts to save them from extinction, by transporting them out of the island. Unfortunately, these people aren’t aware of a large and frightening conspiracy they’re unwittingly part of.

The Commentary:

The CGI special effects deserve the most applause. Not only are the dinosaurs so realistic as to cause palpitations for the viewer but the stunning scenery and terrifying volcanic lava add extra dimension to the experience. You’re constantly on the edge of your seat. Having seen the original films, I believed I wouldn’t be affected by this newer one, but the movie was still very gripping. A remarkable feat for the fifth iteration of the same thing!

Chris Pratt plays the hero well- he’s sympathetic, strapping and always the good guy. Bryce Dallas Howard adds plenty of allure and emotional quotient. Isabella Sermon as a spunky child, Daniella Pineda and Justice Smith as trusty sidekicks, are well-suited to their supporting roles; as are Rafe Spall and Toby Jones to their villainous ones.


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The cinematography is phenomenal- the visuals take one’s breath away. The well-chosen camera angles and background score indubitably add to the tense atmosphere. The director must be congratulated on making a movie that stands on its own legs, despite being part of a popular series.

The Verdict:

The story is basic but puts certain frightening features in true perspective. Thankfully the human race isn’t battling dinosaurs, but there are plenty of other human creations and inventions to worry about. With nuclear armament, global warming, depleting water levels, the extinction of many species of animals, being a distinct reality; nature will find a way to balance itself. Most pertinently, it’ll do so at the expense of humans who have been misusing its bountiful resources for centuries. The dinosaurs in the movie are a mere metaphor for humans dealing with the consequences of unbridled technological development.

I recommend this movie to everyone looking to be entertained, as well as those nostalgic for a simpler past, in more ways than one.

Film Rating: 3.5/5

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