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As we stay home with yet another wave of Covid upon us, our health and safety and that of our loved ones, is definitely uppermost in our mind. Never has it been more important to keep our homes and the surfaces we come in contact with, sanitized and pure. But what of the products we use for this purpose? Do we have any idea of the kind of chemicals that go into making these products? Unfortunately, not. When PUER reached out to me to test and share an honest review of their clean products, I happily agreed. Read on to know my review of the PUER Living range.

Review of PUER Products


With the promise of cleaning better and smelling better, PUER products shun toxic chemicals completely. They are formulated with the power and goodness of nature in order to guarantee cleaner and safer homes. They also have a line of personal care products which aim to clean safely and softly. With a germ-kill rate of 99.99%, their products claim to deliver cleanliness, softness and freshness in one go.

“For far too long, everything you have used on your body, in your home and for your baby, has remained unchanged. The same products, the same formulations. Just 5X whiter, 200 times stronger, and with super-extra-ionic-magnetic-germ-cleaning-crystals. All these products claim to be excellent, but are they truly better? At Puer Living, we are working to redefine the word ‘better’. Our products have been developed with the core thought that ‘nature is powerful’. We believe that truly effective products don’t just come from stronger and more complex chemicals. Real effectiveness comes from nature. Borrowing from nature’s bounty, we made hard-working, born-of-the-earth, do-good, work-better products. We found natural extracts that clean every kind of fabric intelligently. We found fragrances that can dispel and neutralise odours without causing allergies. We found ways to kill 99% of germs with 100% natural products. And, we also found a lot of ways to make our everyday lives cleaner, healthier and safer. We don’t believe in compromising on effectiveness for goodness or the other way around,” share the founders, Ankit Daga and Sushant Panda.

Review of PUER Products


Before we move on to the review of PUER products, I thought I’ll highlight their product range for everyone reading this post. They currently have products in two categories, and are planning to expand to include a Baby Care Products category soon:


Their home care line includes Liquid Detergent in two varieties – Intense and Advance Care. They also have a Dishwashing Gel, Fabric Conditioner, All Purpose Cleaner and Floor Cleaner.


Their personal care items include Handwash and Antiseptic Liquid.

Review of PUER Products


I was sent a bottle of their Advance Care Liquid Detergent to try out. They also sent a recyclable shopping bag as an additional gift. The Advance Care Liquid Detergent is advertised as having the following characteristics:

  • 2X Stain Busting Actives
  • Fights 30+ stains
  • Whiteness expert: Maintains whites up to 30+ washes
  • Cleans in 1 wash, every wash
  • Visibly clean, soft and fresh clothes
  • Malodour Control Technology with NEOFRESH® Aroma Molecule
  • Complete colour protection technology
  • Water-efficient liquid laundry detergent
  • Plant-based formulation
  • 6 plant-based enzymes for deep stain removal
  • Blend of 4 powerful natural surfactants
  • ECOCERT and COSMOS Ingredients
  • ZERO harmful chemicals

That is quite an impressive list right off the bat. The packaging too is very attractive – a sleek and shapely bottle houses an attractive pink liquid. It’s certainly the kind of minimal and clean packaging that would catch my eye in an aisle full of shiny products.

As per the directions provided on the product, one needs to use one cap of the product for a regular load and 1 and ½ caps for a dirty load of clothing. The product comes in two size variations – the 500ml bottle is priced at Rs 189 and the 1000ml bottle is priced at Rs 360. It lasts a fairly long time and gives good value for money at the price it is currently being sold on.

My clothes felt clean and soft after being washed with the PUER Advance Care Liquid Detergent and emanated a pleasant smell. Did they do a better job than a regular detergent sold on the market? I can’t say because the results seemed fairly similar. But there is a HUGE advantage the PUER Living detergents have over regular detergents – they are better for planet Earth, and safer for my family owing to their natural and chemical-free ingredients.

On the basis of these factors I would say that the PUER detergent is a good bet if you are looking to make the switch to a cleaner and better product – for your home, your family and yourself.

I hope you found this review of PUER products useful, and I do hope you will try their products. I’m sure you won’t be disappointed! Have you tried them already? Share your thoughts in the comments below!



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    1. I sometimes think can 100% natural products compete with other products in the market in performance? Anyways good know about these products.

  1. I had no idea of Puer. As you said, the products being environment friendly is a huge advantage. I liked your detailed and honest review. No going over the top!

  2. Pure seems an amazing product to use for homecare safety and cleaning purposes. I loved their no plastic bag eco concept. Would love to try this for sure.

  3. I’ve used PUER too and am happy that they’re committed to safety and are environment-friendly. Good product range! Definitely a brand I would recommend myself.

  4. This is the first time I am hearing about the brand. It sounds good and is priced well too. The founders are absolutely right. Brands claim 10 times better etc but just keep adding more chemicals.

  5. Thank you for sharing an honest review, Noor. We need more such products. We often don’t realize the amount of chemicals we use in our cleaning products. And the damage it has been causing to the environment.

  6. The packaging is very pleasing for sure and the product is very pocket friendly too. I am always looking for new products to try, so this one will definitely go to the list!

  7. Looks like a good time and a good product to switch to now. Specially for floor cleaning and antiseptic handwash. The added bonus as you said the clothes smell pleasant after the wash. Would definitely want to try it out.

  8. Looks like a really good brand. I really like the liquid wash.It has
    so many pluses. IIU would like to check out the other products as well. Thanks for sharing this, Noor

  9. Thanks for sharing your review Noor – I am always looking for all-natural products to try out. So will definitely check this one out. And the pricing is pretty decent. Do they have any liquid sanitizers that can used for spraying?

  10. Thanks for sharing. I’m redoing my floor and their products seem worth checking out for cleaning up the space 🙂

  11. I have been trying to be stick to clean, organic, sustainable products, will surely try a few of these products and see how it goes. Thank you for the detailed review which is quite helpful for endusers like us.

  12. I’m so glad a brand cares about not only the effectiveness of its product but also about its ingredients. PUER being chemical-free and safe is what has my heart! Thank you for bringing this to us.

  13. I am using a couple of their products and finding them to be very effective for cleaning purposes.

  14. Firstly, I wasn’t aware of this brand. But after reading you post, I think it is a useful product for house-cleaning.
    I was looking for such a product with which I can clean the windows, mirrors, floor, utensils etc. Thank you! for letting us know it…

  15. I am hearing a lot about Puer clean products all across the web. I loved the fact that they are chemical free and environment friendly. will surly check out their website to know more about their range of products, thanks for sharing your honest experience with us.

    1. Just recently I got to know about these products. Love the colour and the fact that it is friendly to the environment unlike many other products that i myself cannot tolerate (the smell).

  16. The first thing that caught y attention was the pink color and its packaging. Knowing that clothes felt softer after using it and it left a pleasant smell along with the fact that they are environment friendly-its a “should buy” product.

  17. Products that are close to nature are always my preference and I have also used they products and found it effective as they mention. Plus when we have choice over chemical free products natural products are my first choice.

  18. Generally cleaning products are loaded with harsh chemicals but its nice to know they Puer products are all natural. It makes it perfect to use for homes keeping hygine in check and chemicals at bay.

  19. Wow. It’s a great product. When I came across the Puer ad, I was concerned about the quality of a natural detergent against the chemical one but being a nature protecting person, I thought of experiencing the product and it’s quality. After I bought it, I realised that it’s worth the cost. White clothes become whiter and it also leaves a sweet fragrance even if the clothes are not put out to dry immediately. I found it safe to use on expensive dresses as well as the colour doesn’t run and it leaves the clothes soft. So I use only Puer now.
    I bought Puer hair oil too. My hair fall reduced, but didn’t stop completely so I was not so happy about the white hair turning black as promised in the ad. Yet it seems to be a good product.

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