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Abbas-Mustan’s “Race”, introduced the Indian audience to a new kind of potboiler. With sexy actors, catchy music, and constant plot twists; it was a roaring success. Attempting to cash in on this, Salman Khan Films bought the rights to make a third film in the franchise. Unfortunately, Remo D’ Souza’s “Race 3”, barring the name and title song, bears no resemblance to its predecessors.

The Plot:

A family of illegal arms dealers own and live on a fictional island. The patriarch played by Anil Kapoor, has three children- Salman Khan who is a stepson, and twins Saqib Saleem and Daisy Shah. Bobby Deol is Khan’s bodyguard and friend, and Jacqueline Fernandez his love interest. The entire movie follows the family’s twisted internal politics, where each character’s allegiance is to be doubted. Arch enemies and dodgy politicians, ripe for blackmail, are thrown in the mix to add even more drama. The three-hour long film narrates the family members’ attempts at winning the “race”. What race this is and to what goal, remains elusive and unexplained throughout!

The Commentary:

Salman Khan, as always, plays himself to perfection. His roles can all be classified as “brawn with a serious serving of desi ethics”. In fact, this movie needn’t have been associated with the “Race” brand at all, and should’ve just been entitled “Salman Khan”!

Anil Kapoor is an actor par excellence. He has the ability to make his character believable even in the most unfathomable story line. Bobby Deol, otherwise a decent actor, is incongruous in this role. The smaller characters don’t fare so well. Jacqueline lacks an inherent acting talent but she adds the only visual appeal in this film (in my opinion!). Saqib Saleem and Daisy Shah are below average, Shah slightly better than her male counterpart. Freddy Daruwalla is laughable as the arch nemesis.

race-3-759From L: Saqib Saleem, Jacqueline Fernandez, Anil Kapoor, Bobby Deol, Daisy Shah and Salman Khan in a still from the film. Picture courtesy:

If this excessively long film had been half its actual length, it might’ve succeeded at being a slick thriller. The plot was ill-devised and various threads are abandoned or left unexplained. The action scenes, fast cars, and excessively noisy violence, meant to be crowd-pullers, are just annoying after a point. The editing is shoddy, with clothes changing colour in the same frame and average special effects. The dialogues are cheesy and cinematography childishly ridiculous at some points. With the exception of the title track, the music is boring and the song “Selfish” veers on being idiotic.

The Verdict:

It’s likely that Khan chose the “Race” franchise for its massive sex appeal. Unfortunately, a cast consisting of men past their prime, two lackluster women and average young boys; can’t possibly rouse any sex appeal. That clubbed with an inane story and terrible direction, makes the film a serious failure.

Khan’s movies are mostly aimed at his undying fan base. With the kind of star power he possesses, he should be more responsible about showing such a depraved level of unheeded violence in his movies. He puts himself on a godlike pedestal by comfortably escaping from impossible scenarios, and in doing so, teaches the worst life lessons to a very impressionable young audience. I wouldn’t recommend this film to anyone but a die-hard ‘Sallu Bhai’ fan.

Film Rating: 1/5

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  1. Race 3 Movie review – as we know its Salman khan movie . there is NO such good story.Cast of the movie – Bobby Deol, Jacqueline Fernandez , Daisy Shah, Anil Kapoor, Saqib saleem.
    Songs are not so good. Still will work as its a Salman khan movie. I will rate this as 1 star only.

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