Review of Ruskin Bond’s Coming Round the Mountain: In the Year of Independence

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Title: Coming Round the Mountain: In the Year of Independence

Author: Ruskin Bond; Illustrated by Mihir Joglekar

Publisher: Puffin Books by Penguin Random House India

Publication Date: 1 May 2019

Genre: Non-Fiction; Children; Memoir

Pages: 117

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Puffin Books is celebrating summer vacations from school with its #PuffinReadingList #PuffinSummerReads program, as part of which I will read and review their pick of newly-released children’s books. I will recommend the best of the lot on my blog, so you can keep your children mentally engaged with these beautiful books throughout the summer.

Today I’m reviewing Ruskin Bond’s “Coming Round the Mountain: In the Year of Independence”. Read on to know my verdict.


The last of a series of childhood memoirs, “Coming Round the Mountain: In the Year of Independence”, chronicles Ruskin Bond’s memories of school during the fateful year of 1947.

Bond explains how India’s independence and subsequent partition of the country, seriously affected the lives of the children studying in a boarding school up in the hills, far from their homes. He shows how friendships were torn apart and lives were changed forever.


Ruskin Bond is a master of his craft. His simple yet expressive writing skills will appeal to even the most resolute non-reader. The fact that he describes episodes from his own life in this book, makes it more endearing.

Bond takes you on a charming journey through his boarding school life, with the attraction of team sports, the fascination of the only girl student in school, the colourful personalities of his professors, and his heart-warming friendships.

The beautiful illustrations by Mihir Joglekar add a lovely visual appeal, which makes the reader feel a part of the story.

The writing is short and crisp yet evocative. The charming story and subtle message about the futility of war, make this book a must-read. I particularly like Bond stressing on the unimportance of factors like religion, caste and creed when it comes to childhood friendships.


“Coming Round the Mountain: In the Year of Independence” is targeted at young children and pre-teens, but having devoured it in a single sitting myself, I feel that people of all ages will thoroughly enjoy it. In fact, I’m rushing to share it with my father and father-in-law, both of whom studied in boarding schools, as I know they will love it too.

The book made me smile, cry and feel thoroughly nostalgic, and I’m sure it will appeal to you and your children too. Please pick this gem of a book up at the earliest- you will not regret it!

Rating- 5/5

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  1. A really nice and honest review.

    This looks like a good read for the kids, a story with a subtle message.

  2. All of us at home are fond of Ruskin Bond. I have even met him once in Mussoorie. It was such a pleasure meeting him. I totally agree, he writes the way as if the scene is happening right in front of me

  3. I always love Ruskin Bond’s writing.. never got a chance to read this one … It looks like an interesting read.. soon going to grab a copy of this

  4. Ruskin Bond is my all time fab author. He knows how to create an impact on readers mind. This book is in my bucket list and hopefully ll fulfill it soon.

  5. Ah… after watching kesari I feel like I wanna read all possible stories of old India. This sounds like a good start! 🙂

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  7. I m a big fan of Ruskin Bond and his style of writing. Will surely get a copy for this as your review shows its an interesting read.. thanks for perfect review

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  9. Partition changed everyone’s life of that time and I am very curious to read this book and to introduce it to my kids. Thanks for the detailed review.

  10. Have been reading Ruskin bond since school days as it was prescribed in our syllabus.Though nice review and the love the clicks.

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