Review of Simmba: Is it Worth Watching?

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This week’s Bollywood blockbuster release is Rohit Shetty’s “Simmba”. Read on to know if it’s worth watching.


Simmba aka Sangram Bhalerao (Ranveer Singh), is a corrupt cop in Goa. Durva Ranade (Sonu Sood) and his no-good brothers are gangsters, ruling over the area assigned to Simmba, and not a leaf turns without their say. Simmba willingly comes under their sway for the high pay-out he receives. However, when a girl he adopts as his sister, is raped and murdered by the gang, he’s forced to awaken to his duty as an honest protector of citizens.



“Simmba” is a mash-up of “Dabbang” and “Singham” with any Bollywood movie from the 1990s. The predictable plot and overly sentimental storyline, prevent it from being a good film. However, it scores points as an effervescent entertainer, and for raising some pertinent questions.

Slow-motion action scenes, over-the-top dialogues, excessive romanticism, annoying background music and toilet humor are par for the course in all Shetty’s films. These aspects make the audience laugh, despite their inanity.

Shetty adeptly touches on corruption in the government sector. He makes it clear that institutional corruption is rampant, because the government doesn’t pay its civil servants enough to lead comfortable and happy lives. A complete overhaul of the system is required to end this vicious cycle.

The film also explores the theme of rape and the lack of respect for women in India. I’m glad a mainstream film talks about the dastardly act of rape, but I don’t agree with the method adopted to denounce it. By having the protagonist take matters in his own hands, the film sends across the wrong message. Instead of killing rapists to punish them, everyone should be educated to put a stop to the act for good. Men should be educated to respect women and women should be educated to spread knowledge to their children.

The actors do a good job, a dapper Ranveer Singh does justice to the role in the second half, though is too much of a buffoon in the first half. Sara Ali Khan is cute as Simmba’s love interest, but purely ornamental. Sonu Sood as the villain, and Ashutosh Rana as the sidekick honest cop, particularly impress.

The cinematography doesn’t take much of beautiful Goa into account, losing a point in the process. The editing adopts a new approach, especially in the songs, where footage is edited in the manner of streaming/ YouTube videos. I see this unique step catching on. The music, though mostly remixed versions of old songs, is noteworthy, with “Aankh Mare” and “Tere Bin” being my favorites.


The movie is silly in an out-and-out Bollywood way, but that’s also its USP. Members of the audience clapped and hooted at various points, and I’m sure the film will appeal to the masses. I recommend it as a one-time holiday watch, but avoid it if you have no patience with “leave-your-brain-at-home” cinema.

The movie is rated U/A, but please don’t take children under the age of 16, as the subject matter is very sensitive. I regretted taking my 14 year old cousin with me. Take them instead for “Hotel Transylvania 3” (review here), and if you’re looking for some wholesome entertainment for yourself, check out my review of “Aquaman” here.

Rating: 2.5/5

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  1. I watched Simmba and loved it . It’s a complete masala entertainer and I didn’t try to find any logic in the movie. Ranveer Singh is awesome!

  2. That sounds like a typical mix of South Indian and Bollywood movie! Where hero’s sister is raped and he takes revenge! I think, as you said, showing something like changing the mentality of men and all would have been a better concept! But a good entertainer the movie is!

  3. I have heard mixed reviews of Simba. though I like and enjoy masala movies by Rohit Shetty, I was confused to go and watch it. Thanks for your review. I would better watch some more of netflix or zee5

  4. I was about to watch Simmba this weekend but thank god I came across your review.. I don’t think it is worth the hype. I should miss this movie..

  5. Even I was planning to watch the movie since every body around me is going gaga over it. But I see no point. It’s a typical piece from Rohit shetty. Thanks for the honest review.

  6. Sounds like a typical Bollywood action movie. Predictable storyline and ending. But would love to watch it for Ranveer Singh only.

  7. I liked Dabaang and Singaam.But Simbaa looked a little way beyond the potboiler genre. Like you said a tad silly but an entertaining holiday watch

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