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My first e-book “Tales From My Travel Treasury: An Alliterative Anthology”, is a collection of interesting anecdotes from my travels. Hence, I’m naturally attracted to travel writing. As part of the Blogchatter E-Book Carnival, I previously reviewed Dr. Mina’s “Paris: A Stroll in My Red Heels”. Today, I present my thoughts on Sinjana Ghosh’s “15 Days in Europe”.


Sinjana is a data analyst by profession and a travel blogger by passion. On her blog, she shares travel stories, micro-itineraries, and practical tips to encourage people with regular desk jobs and family lives to make time for travel. Backpack & Explore is her brainchild through which she keeps her passion of travel writing alive.


True to its name, the book focusses on Sinjana’s travels through four European countries- the Netherlands, Belgium, France and Spain. As a first-time visitor, she has meticulously planned her itineraries and budget to make the most of her time in Europe. The book documents her first trip abroad with her husband, which she describes as a honeymoon of sorts.


A comparison between Dr. Mina’s e-book and Sinjana’s is inevitable, as both are travel guides on a common destination. Where Dr. Mina’s book is a skeleton of what you should do in Paris, Sinjana’s is the flesh and bones including every last muscle and sinew. Both serve a different purpose- where Dr. Mina’s is a quick reference guide, Sinjana’s is a thorough planning companion. You will benefit from reading both if you visit Paris.

Sinjana’s book has a lot more to offer people that want to explore other parts of Europe as well. She describes why she picked these four countries over others, as well as the best time to visit them. Her expert budgeting skills will aid those who want to experience the best of each place, on a shoestring. The detailed daily itineraries and fun facts and information on each tourist attraction, make it a good travel guide. Pictures and tidbits of personal experiences enhance the readability of the e-book. Apart from a few typographical errors, it is well–written and easy to read. Its division into well-organised sections allows people to pick and choose what they need. The sleek design and conversational writing add to its appeal.

With the exception of Amsterdam and De Haan, I have visited each place covered in Sinjana’s book. As my trip to Spain is freshest in my mind, I enjoyed her chapters on Barcelona and Madrid the most. Though our travel outlook is different, our experiences have been similar. I avoid eating Indian food when abroad, yet she mentions it often; I prefer walking tours where she picks hop-on hop-off bus tours; I choose affordable boutique properties or apartments in central areas where she books budget hotels in the outskirts of cities; yet I connect with her on many aspects. These include a love of exploring museums, walking in local parks, soaking in the nightlife by observing the streets, packing in a large amount of sightseeing in the shortest time. Hence, the e-book has universal appeal. It caters to avid travellers as well as first-time visitors; people on a tight budget as well as those willing to splurge.

The only feedback I can offer to Sinjana, is to make it more like a book instead of a compilation of blog posts. When some chapters towards the end ask the reader to leave comments below, it feels like she has forgotten to edit that portion while compiling the e-book.


Sinjana’s book “15 Days in Europe” is packed with information, if you are planning to visit the Netherlands, Belgium, France and Spain. As she rightly explains, the book is geared towards first-time visitors to Europe, who are confused about where to visit, what to see, where to stay, on a tight budget. Many Indian travelers, especially millennials, fall in this category and will benefit from reading this book.

The e-book format is ideal for this, as one can download and keep it on their device for easy reference. If you are planning to visit Europe any time soon, I highly recommend Sinjana Ghosh’s “15 Days in Europe” as a starting point.


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  1. Thanks a lot Noor for your detailed review. You are right, I didn’t really put in as much time in editing it for a book as it deserved. I have edited it for publishing it on other platforms.

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