A Memorable Evening in Delhi: Sounds From The Desert Show

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Delhi, the capital of India, has a lot to offer its inhabitants, guests, as well as short-term visitors. As a lifestyle blogger based in Delhi, I often look for fun experiences and activities in the fields of art and culture, history, music and the like. Last month, while I was firmly in the grips of the A to Z international blogging challenge, I attended a fantastic musical evening called “Sounds From The Desert”. I’m now finally free after publishing the resultant ebook, and excited to tell my readers about this phenomenal experience.



Our Indian heritage is multifarious, with literally something for everyone to enjoy. Rajasthani folk music, as well as the energetic dance forms, colourful costumes and innovative instruments, in particular, have enthralled audiences for generations.

This beautifully organised show took place at the Siri Fort Auditorium in Delhi on April 26, 2019, to rekindle the interest in Rajasthani folk heritage amongst the cosmopolitan city-dwellers of Delhi.

I have visited the beautiful State of Rajasthan in India on various occasions, and I have witnessed their cultural performances at close quarters. Hence, I was expecting a similar performance, albeit on stage without the requisite desert ambiance. To my pleasant surprise, the show included different components that made it truly unique. Perhaps aimed at a millennial audience, the 2 hour show included fantastic regional artists, accompanied by talented musicians on traditional instruments, and the occasional appearance of folk dancers; but it also had an amazing audio-visual element. A large screen placed behind the performers, played a movie capturing scenes from desert life, transporting the audience to the desert, in the comfort of the air-conditioned auditorium in their home city. Talented artists on the drums and synthesizer added oomph to the fascinating sounds of the traditional instruments.

It was hard to believe that two hours flew by so quickly, with the audience even requesting an encore once the show was over!


18 talented musicians on stage at the show


The star performer of the evening was the internationally renowned Kutle Khan, known for his soulful voice, ability to play multiple instruments and write and compose his own songs. He was ably accompanied by his brother Gafur Khan who masterfully interspersed the tiny Morsing instrument placed in the mouth, with the wooden Khartal, never missing a beat. The duo amazed me with their outstanding singing talent, their palpable energy, as well as their skill at keeping their audience enthralled.

The interludes to most songs were dedicated to the powerful beats of the Nagara drums played by Nathulal Solanki and his team. The Langas musicians and talented dancers of the Khatu Sapera troupe, added to the magic of the evening.


The dance troupe takes the stage


Showcase Events joined hands with Turnkey Music & Publishing Pvt. Ltd to produce the two shows in this series- the first having taken place in Mumbai in January. Turnkey is well-known for the popular Paddy Fields Folk/ Fusion Festival that takes place in Mumbai. With Hindustan Times as their flagship sponsor, as well as a host of other recognised sponsors, the show was beautifully organised, without a single hitch.

The tickets were reasonably priced for such an amazing world-class experience. Once the show was over, the audience rose to a standing ovation, not wanting it to end.

It is likely that the show will do the rounds of other Indian cities in the coming months, and I highly recommend a visit to “Sounds From The Desert”, if it comes to yours.


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  1. This surely looks like a great show…I am myself a folk music lover…I am sure you would have enjoyed it a lot.

      1. Wow seems you enjoyed the event to the core. It’s been a long time since I attended any music event.

  2. Sounds from the desert seems to have been a great show. An evening filled with echoes from the sands of the desert. Love Rajasthani folk music which has such a lingering aura.

  3. Oh wow, this is so awesome. I am sure you enjoyed a lot. I love Rajasthani folk music. They have such a feel to them.

  4. Rajasthan has such a rich cultural heritage and this show seems to be one that one must watch… beautifully described!

  5. Such a amazing show. I spent good 25years of my life in Rajasthan and love the folk culture there.. loved ur post, you made me fall in love with Rajasthan even more

  6. Was recently in Rajasthan and kinda felt nostalgic! The folk show sounds great and looks like u enjoyed a lot.

  7. It surely sounds like a mesmerizing evening of musical enchantment.

    Folk music is something which we all connect our roots to.

  8. Guess what we also attended this event on that day. The beautiful program reminded us of the Dharohar concert we saw at Bagore Ki Haveli, Udaipur. This was a beautiful musical journey to the heart of Rajasthan and any kind of travel is forever welcome.

  9. When I was in Delhi, I used to attend many such festivals. Music from Rajasthan touches the heart like no other music. I am sure you had a great time!

  10. I am sure you have a Wonderful time with the soulful music and such maestros. Such events bring a lot of energy and fill us with much needed tempo to go ahead.

  11. I am sure you had an great live music evening, especially the rajasthani songs. I too wanna go some events like this.

  12. Must have been such a wonderful event dear. I worked have loved to join it with you. I loved the entire concept

  13. I can feel the vibes and connect because I have spent many years in staying Rajasthan. Rajasthani folk music & dance is that which I saw from my early childhood. Memories refreshed.

  14. Wow, this is awesome, how did I miss this. The show looks fabulous. Loved reading this post.

  15. This looks like an exciting show. The pics you shared give a glimpse of how much you would have enjoyed. I keep visiting Delhi often and would love to check this out next time.

    1. I had attended a Rajasthani Folk Musical show on my visit to Rajasthan years back. This post is nostalgic, bringing back the memories of vibrant colors and soulful music.

  16. What an.awesome audio visual.feel. Rajasthani folk music and dance has been a favourite of mine …

  17. I just loved your post as it took me back to my childhood memories…I am from Rajasthan and just love the whole culture and tradition..folk music.. colorful outfit

  18. Looks like an evening with so much fun and filled with music. I love folk music and being from Rajasthan, that music is my favourite needless to say.

  19. I love Rajasthano folk music and I am also a great fan of Kutle Khan. His songs from the Coke Studio is one of my favourites. The Sound of Desert Show seems to have been a great programme. It must have been a great experience.

  20. Such shows that take us through regional art forms or dances are always a great treat to watch and experience.

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