The Amazing Benefits of Being Part of a Blogging Community

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The Amazing Benefits of Being Part of a Blogging Community
The Amazing Benefits of Being Part of a Blogging Community

When you have been blogging on a self-hosted website for a significant amount of time, you begin to realise the immense importance of the blogging community at large, and especially the one in India. Though bloggers function entirely online, their frank communication, in-depth understanding of each other’s work and easy camaraderie, often creates strong bonds akin to close friends or family. Blogging community members in India specifically, often bolster the engagement on each other’s blogs and always welcome new members with open arms!

I have been blogging for over three years but only discovered the vibrant Indian blogging community a year after publishing my first blog. Once I discovered other bloggers, they connected me to more bloggers and the network kept growing. It gives me immense pleasure to say that I have made some wonderful friends through this community, whom I can lean on whenever required.

Soon after being introduced to the blogging community in India, I began participating in various blog trains, blog hops and blog contests. Now, I consider myself a veteran participant in these events and hence have decided to host my own blog train with my friend Cindy Ann D’Silva of Blogaberry. If you are new to the concept, let me tell you about the amazing benefits of being part of a blogging community in India or anywhere in the world.


Above all else, bloggers are writers. However, before feeling the need to express themselves through writing, most if not all writers are readers. Hence, bloggers are willing readers of other bloggers’ content, and the favour of reading content is almost always returned. Even if you are no social media maven, nor have knowledge of SEO and other tactics to help your blog gain organic traffic; once you are a part of a blogging community, you can rely on it to provide steady traffic to your blog.


In this day and age, a blog’s success is measured by numbers. This includes the domain authority, the Alexa ranking, the number of subscribers and monthly blog visits. For new bloggers, struggling to raise their numbers, the blogging community in India is a safety net. Often, we become each other’s first few loyal subscribers. By participating in blog trains and blog hops, we exchange valuable back links which are instrumental in the growth of our domain authority numbers. Further, the traffic we provide to each other’s blogs, simply by reading and commenting on posts, helps our rankings grow!


Everyone loves a good contest and the blogging community in India offers many opportunities to participate in them. Most blogging contests offer prizes to the best writers and posts which can be in the form of cash, vouchers or physical prizes. Even if it’s just a token, the recognition of winning goes a long way to help your blog’s visibility and growth. In case you are wondering about the different types of blogging contests, here’s a quick explanation:

Blog trains are essentially link chains, where each blogger links to one before and one after, in addition to linking to the hosts of the blog train. On the other hand, blog hops don’t mandate linking to other participants, who are only required to hop from one post to another, read and comment. Other blog campaigns such as Blogchatter’s My Friend Alexa also offer prizes, but are community-building and rank improvement exercises instead of being serious contests based on the worthiness of content.


Interestingly, quite a few of the sponsored brand campaigns on my blog, have come through fellow members of my blogging community in India. As a fairly tight-knit group, we know each other’s strengths and weaknesses. Hence, when brands ask us to recommend other bloggers, we know who will be the right fit and happily recommend each other on the basis of the brand’s requirements.


As with most other professions, bloggers readily lend a helping hand or offer advice when it comes to any query related to the craft of blogging or the tedious technical issues we often have to navigate. Some of the more established members of the blogging community in India, offer workshops and classes to teach the nuances of making one’s blog grow organically. I myself have participated in a few of these workshops, and conduct them too. Even if you don’t have the time or the inclination to be part of workshops, you can always learn new things just by observing the best practices followed by blogging community members. This pertains to the creation of content and to learning the various methods to promote that content.

Apart from these five essential roles that the blogging community in India has played in my blogging journey, there are many other ways I have benefitted from being part of an engaged community too. These include the wonderful personal relationships I have formed and a detailed understanding of the digital environment we function in. If you are a new blogger or one that shies away from being part of various blogging groups, you should seriously consider joining a few. I assure you they will provide an immense boost to your blog and your general well-being!

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  1. I am truly grateful for being a part of this community. Everything you mention is 100 percent valid. on top of it I feel it is best to have a community support and try your ideas with. it is the best place to experiment and get better at what we do – write. already loving the blog hop. thanks for sharing the opportunity – urvashi

  2. I completely agree with you Noor on the all points you had mentioned here, in fact I had written a post also on the same topic few months ago. I believe blogging communities and participation in various blogging campaigns give us a confidence at various level. we learn a lot from each others experience and at the same time, it also help in increasing our blogs stats in term of numbers. really like the way you had explained each point.

  3. Blogging communities are a perfect place for all the bloggers to know more bloggers. Ever since I have stepped into blogging, I got to know so many people through blogging communities. And it’s growing. It definitely help our blog grow.

  4. Nice post. There are certainly many benefits of being part of a community. To me, the most important is the chance to express myself and getting my ideas bounced off other bloggers. Nothing gives a more high than when an idea finds acceptance.

  5. Nice post. I agree with all the advantages you mentioned as part of being a community. To me the greatest advantage is to freely express myself and getting ideas bounced of other bloggers. Not better high than finding an idea getting accepted.

  6. Yes the support of blogging community is needed . I have been blogging for 2 years and it now tat i have actually met other bloggers. Yours comments will help me in improving my post.

  7. I’ve been blogging since 2011 and was going about it as if it was my personal journal. I started my own domain only in 2018.Whatever I have achieved since then is because of the Blogging community.Mainly Blogchatter and Bloghops like this one. My blog never moved up because none of my friends around me have a clue about blogging.They still look at me weirdly. I have barely met any fellow bloggers in real life. If i belonged to a bigger city maybe I would have. But my online blogger friends are what keep me going. You have expressed so well the need for a community as bloggers understand. And yes, we read that’s why we understand. We have to hold hands and move forward.

  8. Very-well curated post Noor. I agree with all the points you have mentioned and participating in blog trains has always helped me expanding my readership and to connect with new bloggers.

  9. Well Said Noor. Having a blogging community is like having our own close knit family members. Blogging is a freelance job, it becomes very lonely at times and its this our own blogging community would be able to understand us and our feelings about blogging.

  10. I absolutely love blogging communities, Noor 😀 And so many things you have mentioned find mention in my lists too. Benefit of curating a world around your blog is that you get to meet so many liked minded people

  11. Thanks for letting me know about this bloghop. Earlier I too hesitated to take part but I took it as a challenge for me. I am not writing regularly but this is helping me to follow a routine. And no doubt, geting connected, reading and learning from other wonderful writers is the best thing. The support and encouragement coming from blogging community is awesome.

  12. So true, Noor. I am a part of two amazing blogging communities apart from Blogchatter and learn something new each day. I agree about blog hops. They do have their fair share of critics, but are a great way to expand your tribe and increase your numbers, of course.

  13. Can’t agree more on this Noor! Blogging community and the fellows of the stream welcome you with open arms. It makes me believe once again on ” you can grow by lifting others”, people usually say this in general, hardly someone follows but I can proudly say that Blogging community is gifted with this attribute.

  14. I completely agree on all the points you mentioned . I got to know various things after meeting you guys and really glad to part of this amazing blog train .

  15. To be successful un every profession, good networking is must. I agree with you that Community helps us learn and grow. There is so much to learn from people who we meet. Writing contests and blog hops are great.

  16. Wow, this is a beautifully curated post. I wish I had access to this when I started blogging. Indeed it is a great community where we not only connect on using our unique creative styles but also end up learning from each other and getting inspired.

  17. This is my first blog link party. Though I have been freelancing content for several years now, I started blogging as a way to express my thoughts. Having finished the first week, i must say that i have quite enjoyed myself reading the various blogs and interacting with the others. Thanks to Cindy & you for hosting this event!

  18. I love being part of blog contest and challenges. It really helps with finding fellow bloggers and helps me improve my content also. The first time I was a part of blog challenge was my friend alexa which helped me be a part of the blogging community and got recognized till then I was struggling with to be a part of blogging community. Since then I love being part of any blog trains, hops or challenges.

  19. Every point you mentioned about blogging community is valid here. Learning, growing and connecting with new bloggers are some great benefits of being part of a blogging community. Very well written post.

  20. I strongly endorse being a part of a blogging community and taking part in blogging contests. It helps in connecting with fellow bloggers, learning from them and growing together. It helps gain visibility and draw traffic to your blog. You have covered all these aspects very well.

  21. When I started blogging I felt so lost.. It was only though blog trains that I connected with some like minded people and gained organic traffic on my blog. Blogging communities are indeed a blessing for blogger’s who have absolutely zero knowledge. This post is really helpful for the newbies in the blogging world.

  22. What a great post for budding bloggers to read and understand the benefit of blogging community. I have to say that it is because of such blogging communities, new bloggers get motivated to stay in the industry plus I believe that knowledge is only gained when we share it with others. Great Post! And I am glad to be a part of this blogathon too!

  23. I totally agree that being part of blogging communities is of immense help. In fact I’d say once you start blogging, it is equally an important step to consider making yourself to join such communities so as to start networking as early as possible.

  24. Very beautifully expressed & explained; i totally agree to all that’s mentioned in your post. Truly having a community from real to virtual World is really the strength & guiding factor in our personal & professional growth. You learn so much from your fellow bloggers & yes we do have a really warm community.
    Such blog hops, trains & contest help us better our perspective & work & it’s crucial to learning & honing our craft better.

  25. Blogging community inspires beginners to grow and get the chance to learn many things from fellow bloggers.
    You have expressed the benefits step by steps beautifully.

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