The Blind School Diwali Mela: Truly OG!

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On a mission to shop!

The annual Diwali Mela held at the Blind School, Lodhi Road, is on everyone’s must-visit list.  This post is aimed at the few people who may be living under a rock!

The Diwali Mela is on from the 10th to the 16th of October, from 11:00 am to 8:00 pm. This year it’s much larger, both in terms of number of stalls and what’s on offer. I’ve been visiting this Mela with my mother since I was 14. Today the baton was passed along, as my son accompanied me for the first time.

IMG_4003Food stalls galore

The Mela has always been a shopper’s paradise. With various types of home, fashion, jewellery and food related items available under one roof; it covers your entire Diwali shopping list. It’s especially good for stocking up on Diwali gifts (traditionally Indians exchange gifts with their near and dear on Diwali). It’s also known for its diyas (oil lamps made of baked clay), made by the blind students of the school, 100% proceeds of which go towards their welfare.

There is a clear hierarchy of goods sold here. The Gandhi Hall houses the most exclusive items, and is probably the most expensive area to rent. Next is the enclosed area right outside the hall, followed by the rest of the garden. An entire section is dedicated to the popular food stalls. Most returning vendors get the same spot every year, perhaps for ease of recognition.

IMG_4031Gorgeous potted plants

This year, there were some new additions. A separate area was dedicated to a “story-telling tent” which seemed quite popular. I also noticed a plethora of cheap merchandise for sale. Chinese toys, fake designer handbags and cheap homeware were lined along the route to Gandhi Hall; unlike previous years. In fact overall, there were more stalls than usual. While this is a positive step for people with lower budgets, it poses a huge problem in terms of space.

The already full to capacity area may get stifling when inundated with crowds. The swarms of people usually come after 4 pm on weekdays and all through the weekend. You can just imagine the difficult parking situation and traffic in surrounding areas.

IMG_4033The “Story-Telling Tent”

Having said that, missing the Blind School Mela would be almost sacrilegious! If you’re looking for some serious shopping, I would recommend you visit in the morning or early afternoon on a weekday.

IMG_4032Quirky yet beautiful homeware from Crafted Passion

My favourite stalls this year (of the ones I visited) were the lovely home goods at Crafted Passion; the embellished shoes at She Shoo; and all the stalls with adorable potted plants. It’s a great place to find a spectacular bargain, or a certain unique piece.

Whether you’re on a shopping mission, or a fun jaunt for yummy food and people watching; there is something for everyone. I know I’m definitely going back!

Mela Rating: 4/5


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  2. I always love to shop from these sort of fairs and exhibitions where we get such amazing variety of products at really good rates.

  3. It’s heartening to see that some of the products are made by visually impaired people and the profits go in their welfare. I would love to buy some. Potted plants interest me as well. It must be good that’s why you are visiting it since so many years.

  4. Never heard about such mela. Looks so vivid and full of colors. I love collecting such hand made products. Will definitely visit.

  5. Oh god, I missed it, this mela looks so good. The crafted with passion section is so good while the potted plant and storytelling sections look interesting.

  6. I thoroughly enjoyed reading through this blogpost z it gave me a feel of that I am in that Mela. I totally loved those hand-crafted servewares. Are they available online too. Would love to buy some from them

  7. I love to visit such kind of melas. The feeling of handmade products is something very close to my heart. The awesome stuffs will gonna make Diwali more beautiful.

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