The Importance of Education in Social Emotional Learning

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As I’ve highlighted time and again on my blog, parenting is not a walk in the park. There are many aspects of a child’s holistic development that parents must take care of. This includes academic learning along with paying attention to their social emotional needs. The latter is done best by understanding the importance of education in social emotional learning. Now, you may feel that using education to impart social emotional learning sounds incongruous, but bear with me…! I’m not referring to education in its most traditional sense here. Instead, I’m speaking about the importance of encouraging creativity and learning through robust and attractive mediums, keeping the vast advancements of technology in mind. A service that I have recently discovered and which my son and I have both come to appreciate immensely is that of Renaissance Learning, a cutting-edge international edtech platform. More specifically, I’m referring to myON by Renaissance, which is a student-centred, personalised literacy platform that offers every student unlimited access to a state-of-the-art digital library. Curious to know more about the importance of education in social emotional learning? Read on to know more about Renaissance Learning and its specialised platform myON…

The Importance of Education in Social Emotional Learning


Combined with a suite of literacy and homework tools, Renaissance Learning is an incredible product that works well on its own and can also be combined to work in harmony with other reading platforms like Star Reading and Accelerated Reader. Since their launch in 1986, their mission has been to accelerate learning for all children and adults of all ability levels and ethnic and social backgrounds around the world.

Over 40 percent of US schools now rely on Renaissance solutions for data and insights that help them constantly improve. As technology continues to change, and as teachers and students connect in new ways, their commitment to this subject never wavers – both inside and outside the classroom.

Further, the team at Renaissance Learning is not restricted to the US and works to support educators and students in other parts of the world as well. They opened their first international office in 1999 in the United Kingdom and currently their products are used to accelerate learning in over 100 countries across six continents.


This digital library platform gives students all the choices in terms of what they would like to read, and it gives parents the tools to guide and nurture their children in this regard. The library gives access to thousands of books which can be read or heard on any device. Each student has their own personalised profile which allows the platform to assess and give recommendations of books on the basis of the student’s interests and reading levels.

For parents, it is akin to a class teaching tool, a main check-in point for learning and an integrated homework hub. They receive notes per class or per student so that they can individually assess progress. Parents can access tools from other schools and organisations and can also see the integrated reading levels of the rest of their child’s class.

With access to tools like the built-in dictionary, audio support and a journal, every student is sure to be engrossed in the myON platform from the word go.

The importance of Education in Social Emotional Learning


There is no denying the importance of reading as a medium of imparting education and enhancing social emotional learning. Hence, the digital library offered by myON is a boon for many. Here are the reasons why I feel myON is the ideal platform for imparting social emotional learning:

  • Students have access to wonderful books in large numbers, including difficult to source international books and timely and relevant news articles.
  • They can choose from personalised recommendations and browse the titles by topic or genre, or through a keyword search.
  • Students can read these books on their favourite digital device, whether they prefer to be online or offline, and can use the built-in close reading tools to mark pages, highlight words, listen to audio versions of the books, and interact with the text in a variety of ways.
  • Literacy tools and Projects centred around reading and writing skills help enrich the students’ regular school curriculum across different subjects.
  • Real-time data and reporting on students’ reading activities helps us to boost student motivation, strengthen differentiated learning, and see their engagement and growth. It also allows us to celebrate achievements and ensure each student has the support they need to succeed in their endeavours.


Let me start this review by narrating an incident that took place a couple of months ago. My 6-year-old son is obsessed with dinosaurs, to the point where he likes to believe he is a dinosaur himself! His interest in this subject was fostered mostly through books, both works of fiction and fact-based encyclopaedias. Hence, with the passage of time, we have been through most books available on the Indian market on the subject of dinosaurs. We are constantly scouting for more books in this genre and so we decided to order a physical copy of a specialised dinosaur book from the Smithsonian library collection all the way from the US. The book took over two months to arrive and needless to say, after duties and taxes, it was frightfully expensive!

A month after this incident, I was introduced to the myON library and lo and behold, we found the entire collection of dinosaur titles from the Smithsonian Library on this platform! All we had to do was click on it and read / listen in a flash. Can you imagine our excitement on this discovery?!

I highly recommend that all parents should check out myON by Renaissance to encourage a love of reading, which in turn helps impart education to bolster the social emotional learning of children.

Visit this link you would like to know more about the myON platform:


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  1. It is always good to challenge kids as per their caliber. At my son’s school, they do follow DRA (district reading level) when assigning new books but they have Renaissance Learning from 3rd grade onwards.

  2. I had read about social emotional learning recently on other website and loved the concept. the platform you have shared sounds amazing. will check out this for my little one. I am sure it is helpful in fostering love of reading in kids.

  3. Your son is adorable, Noor, He has such a cute dimpled pixie face. Sorry i went off the road. I am going to check out Renaissance for my grandsons. I am sure they will love it.Thank you for sharing it.

  4. Platform that has bundle of activities and library then that is surely a plus. SEL can learnt over time and has to be inculcated slowly and steadily.

    1. I take reading activities with my students and children too. So , this is something going to help me for sure and also prove a help for me

  5. The two years of Covid has confined kids in the four walls. Kids need the outdoors and the interaction with their peers. SEL is a subject much needed. It must be well researched by mYon.

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  9. Renaissance learning is a new concept for me. I read it for the first time here in your article. I will definitely research it more and suggest it to family.

  10. This is lovely for the little book lovers. I like the different options it offers with the tools and projects. Makes it a lot more fun for the kids.

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  14. Myon platform seems to be a good initiative which will be very helpful to explore diverse subjects for kiddos।every post is informative.

  15. I always believe that the best way to read is to go digital. Not only it’s sustainable, but you could use dictionary, highlight important stuff, refer back to it on the go. It’s great to inculcate such habit through myOn from the very beginning.

  16. Social-emotional learning is vital for students because it teaches them crucial life skills, including the ability to understand themselves, develop a positive self-image, take responsibility for their actions, and forge relationships with the people around them. Renaissance studies look really good and helpful for children.

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