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Though I’m not much of a cook, I’m a die-hard foodie. When I was invited to attend Yamini’s Cooking Classes for basic South Indian cooking, I jumped at the chance. Their proximity to where I live was an added attraction.


With Yamini Chandra, the wonderful chef and teacher


Yamini Chandra has been cooking for 25 years, influenced by her two places of residence in Delhi and Hyderabad. Her hobby turned into a successful business when she began teaching the intricacies of Hyderabadi and other cuisines. After making a name for her classes down south and in Gurgaon, she is now focusing on increasing her Delhi-based clientele by taking exclusive classes in Alaknanda.


Giving directions and answering questions


Her forte is designing personalized menus and cuisines for individual clients. Though group classes are more economical, individual classes won’t break the bank, and you’ll receive specialized attention. Classes can be customized as per cuisine preferences or requirements. Do you have a baby or person with special dietary needs at home? Yamini will teach you dishes catering to their needs. Do you want to learn to cook Hyderabadi Biryani and Mysore Bonda’s together? She’ll willingly teach you both.

However, if you prefer attending a group class where you can benefit from the insight of other attendees’, you have that option too.


All the masalas prepped beforehand


I attended the second day of the South Indian Basics course, with another food blogger and food lover, Sangeeta Goel. She had attended day 1 of the course where she learnt to cook Bisi Bele Bath and Banana Halwa, among other dishes. On Day 2 we learnt to make deliciously fluffy Mysore bonda’s with a tangy-spicy ginger chutney; wholesome ven pongal, flavourful and filling lemon rice; and tasty paneer stuffed dosas made with wheat instead of rice flour.

Some of the preparation is done beforehand but Yamini guides you through each step while cooking. She also encourages you to do some of the cooking yourself, to make you aware of the ideal flavors and textures.

One constructive criticism I would give is to request them to provide printed copies of the recipes, so the clients don’t have to scramble to write everything down before forgetting it!


Trying my hand at cooking


If you enjoy learning new cuisines and are constantly experimenting in the kitchen, you will love Yamini’s cooking classes. Her passion for food is evident, and her painstaking explanations and patience with answering basic queries really enhance the overall experience. If like me, you love to eat but not to cook, you could send your domestic staff or attend the class yourself and supervise the cooking of new and innovative dishes at home. Overall, if you’re looking to learn cooking which is off the beaten path, Yamini’s Cooking Classes are the way to go!


From L-R: Atta dosas with paneer stuffing, ven pongal, lemon rice, Mysore bonda’s, ginger chutney

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  1. Oh I love South Indian food! And although I am not so fond of cooking, I like experimenting once in a while. Would love to take classes and learn new recipes for her 🙂

  2. Oh I love South Indian food! And although I am not so fond of cooking, I like experimenting once in a while. Would love to take classes and learn new recipes from her

  3. Wow would love to join Yaminiji’s cooking classes. I am a total foodie and lady of her experience and forte will add fineness to my cooking skills especially Hyderabadi delicacies.

  4. These classes look great. I am sure you had fun learning the yummy south Indian cuisine. After moving to Bangalore, I slowly learnt all this yummy stuff. I am a fan of south Indian food.

  5. I am not a cook but I am starting to learn… I have been getting so fascinated with south Indian cuisine lately! Want to learn something from her! ❤

  6. I am also a good cook but n our area every lady is cook so we can’t take any classes here but i want to ask you how can i transfer my hobby in to business?

    1. Hi so i’m just a blogger who was invited to attend the cooking class. I don’t actually give cooking classes.
      If you’re asking about making cooking into a business, I would recommend finding a cuisine niche that you excel at and start by making YouTube videos or blog posts about that. Offer reasonably priced cooking lessons to people in your area, slowly your business will pick up from word-of-mouth.

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