Tips to Take Care of Your Nail Health with Perfectil’s Triple Beauty Multivitamin

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When I got married nine years ago, I meticulously began to search for all things beautiful and bridal – from outfits to accessories, tools for weight management and products that promised glowing skin, luscious hair and beautiful nails.

Afraid that my nails would break at the last minute, I chose to experiment with gel nails – a decision I came to rue later on. Once the wedding festivities and the honeymoon were over, I removed the gel coating to discover that it had destroyed my nails leaving them bereft of any sheen and feeling extremely brittle to the touch. It took months for them to grow back to their normal state.

Ever since then, the care of my nail health has been a critical concern for me and I’m always looking for easy yet effective solutions to ensure their health and upkeep. With the onset of the Indian wedding and festive season, if you too are keen to take care of your nail health, read on to know my easy tips.

Incorporate Perfectil’s triple active beauty multivitamin into your daily routine

A quick glance through one’s social media feeds these days is enough to elicit serious envy, especially of the people sporting gorgeous nails and nail art. As I have shunned new-fangled nail options after the disastrous episode mentioned above, it became increasingly important for me to care for my nail health so that I too could show off my beautiful nails.

Hence, I began my research in earnest and narrowed in on Perfectil’s Triple Active Beauty Multivitamin as the easiest and most effective solution available on the market. As outlined on its website, Perfectil aims to nourish the body from the inside so many important factors are taken care of with long-lasting results.

Through their beauty multivitamin supplements, they offer triple active support aimed at improving the quality and in turn, the health of your skin, hair and nails. They come with power-packed ingredients like biotin, zinc and selenium. Perfectil from Vitabiotics has long been known as the United Kingdom’s No.1 beauty supplement brand, and fortunately, now it is available for purchase in India too.

This supplement contains 22 micronutrients apart from the biotin, zinc and selenium mentioned above. It does not have artificial colours, preservatives, lactose, yeast or gelatin. The supplement is gluten-free and has not been tested on animals. Research shows that by including biotin in one’s diet for the improvement of nail health, one can see a 25% increase in thickness and a reduction in the splitting of nails.

All of these factors coupled with the reviews and stories I read of this product online, convinced me of its merits. Now that I have been using it daily for over two months, I can confidently say that this multivitamin supplement has significantly improved the health of my nails. They no longer break as easily and even grow at a faster rate. By including this supplement in your daily diet, you are assuring good care of your nail health.

You may take the 3 steps test to find your customised vitamin recommendations.

Ensure that you take care of your nail health and keep them hygienic and tidy

The path to healthy and long-term beauty begins from within and so multivitamins are the most important step in the care of your nail health. Yet, it is important to care for them on the outside as well if you wish to have beautiful and healthy nails. For this, you must follow the basic steps of nail hygiene and care and do so frequently.

For this purpose, you must wash your hands often to ensure that nails remain clean and free of dirt. Use an acetone-free nail polish remover, so your nails don’t dry out. Get manicures from time to time or do them at home, to help with the exfoliation of dead skin cells. Avoid excessive exposure to chemicals when you perform household chores like cleaning or washing dishes by hand. You can do this by wearing gloves while cleaning. Trim your nails to a healthy length so that you can avoid snags or breakages, which weaken your nails.

Be mindful of the products you use on your nails

While it can be very tempting to coat your nails in bright and vibrant colours or glitter polishes, you must be mindful of the ingredients in the products you put on your nails. Most nail polishes contain harmful and harsh chemicals which are detrimental to our nail health. Look out for ingredients like dibutyl phthalate, formaldehyde, and toluene, as these toxins can contribute to brittleness, splitting, and cracking.

You can ensure an extra layer of protection for your nails by using a good base coat and topcoat. Most importantly, be sure to give your nails a break from all kinds of paint, polish or artificial extensions every once in a while. Using a good moisturiser daily also helps take care of your nail health.

By incorporating these simple steps into your nail care routine, and by taking Perfectil’s Triple Active Beauty Multivitamin, you are sure to see excellent results in the care of your nail health.



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  1. I had read another review on Perfectil and I am quite tempted solely for my super dry skin, although I don’t take supplements. Your review made it all the more easier Noor. Thank you for this and also for the info on harmful chemicals to look out for in nail polishes.

  2. Something very important you shared and I wish to share the same with my too much nail polish lover friends for sure. Secondly one point you mentioned that we should give our nails some break from any cosmetics… that I liked.. Because am a person who mostly gives her nails a break untill and unless its much required to apply nail paint for some functions. clean and clear nails are my favorite

  3. I didn’t know that there is multivitamin for nails too. I know only for skin. After reading I am tempted to take the one. Because after 30 you have to take care of your skin.

  4. I was always very proud of my strong nails but now they are brittle and break easily. I think I should start using Perfectil. I hope they start breaking all the time.

  5. I’m thing using those gels on my nails as well. Perfectil seems like the best solution to have healthy nails along with refusing to go with everything new fad that comes along.

  6. I agree. Giving your nails a break from paint helps maintain healthy nails. Periodic maintenance and beauty from within should be the long term goal.

  7. I had tried gel nail extensions and polish few months back and when I removed them even my nails had become extremely brittle it took a while for the healthy ones to grow. Will definitely try out Perfectil for my hair and nails growth.

  8. U saved alot of us out here, I kept wondering about gel nail to give it a try and trust me after ur suggestion definitely a no, also love the vitamin suggestion will definitely recommend it.

  9. My husband who was a doctor always used to say that nails reflect the state of the body. Multivitamins surely help. Both the body and hair and nails.

  10. I hear you. Exactly the reason why I avoid nail paint.. Perfectil seems like an excellent supplement. I on the other hand need to rely on good diet and natural sources of vitamins, particularly Vitamin B.

  11. I’m not sure if that brand is available here in Singapore already but having supplement for hair and nails is a great idea! I actually just started taking one, a collagen type though. This article is well written as information needed has been well explained. Appreciate your effort!

  12. I’ll confess I haven’t gotten over my fetish for getting my nails done, but it’s to learn of ways I can protect them and subject them to as minimal a damage as possible

  13. Vey well written post and seems a great review. I never used Perfectile but now planning to start using it. Thanks for the suggestion.

  14. I have heard wonderful things about this product. Yet to try it though as iam a little vary of trying anything i need to consume. Nails and hair turn brittle over time if we don’t care for them….

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