Wasabi by Morimoto, Delhi: An Honest Review

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Happy wife = happy life?!

Four years of marriage call for a special celebration. We went all out on a dinner date, since we weren’t travelling this year. Wasabi by Morimoto at The Taj Mahal Hotel, New Delhi, is perfect for special occasions. Its outstanding Japanese cuisine makes it popular despite the high price tag.

The cuisine has been specially created by famous chef Masaharu Morimoto, also called the Iron Chef. With fresh cooking techniques and unconventional sauces, he converts the most mundane teppenyaki, tempura and sushi, into veritable works of art. The teppenyaki grill on one side of the restaurant allows one to be part of the magic. There is also a separate section for private dining on prior reservation.


White Fish Carpaccio

We went on a Friday night, having made reservations the day before- a prudent move, since the place was completely full. The service was par excellence, and we were pampered from the moment we entered. A tiny bench to rest my purse, patient explanations of the menu, and timely yet not overbearing inquiries of our experience; were all highly appreciated. The cherry on top were the two delicious Wasabi sorbet desserts (Yuzu and Kinkan Compote), served on the house, when we were too full to order any dessert!

It had been a while since we last visited, so we took recommendations from a friend that goes often. She suggested dishes from the main course instead of the sushi menu. We always gravitate toward the sushi but this time realized the mains actually surpass it, both in taste and presentation.

A work of art: Toro tartare. (L-R: When it was first presented; the chef at work; the final result)

To cleanse our palate, we were served an amuse bouche made of spinach, cucumber and sesame sauce. For appetizers, we ordered the White Fish Carpaccio with Yuzu Soy- tangy to taste and light as a feather. It disappeared pretty quickly! We followed that up with the Shrimp Tempura Roll- good sushi but not the best I’ve had.

The real masterpiece was the Toro Tartare (Caviar, Avocado, Tobiko, Cream Cheese and Wasabi). All the ingredients were presented separately on a platter. In an artful procedure, the chef mixed each layer together and we were served a gooey and fluffy dish. The subtle mix of flavors was truly a work of art. We experienced distinct textures and tastes; crunchy and soft, creamy and tart; at the same time. The Lamb Flambéed in Tallisker whiskey was another stunning success. The meat was specially flown in from New Zealand, and it just melted in the mouth. It came with mashed potatoes, made more scrumptious with the added smokiness.

We also asked for the Rock Shrimp Tempura (served with two separate sauces- spicy mayonnaise and wasabi mayonnaise); and the Seafood Fried Rice with Crab. Both dishes were flavorsome. The serving sizes were deceptively generous and we couldn’t finish everything.

Lamb flambeed in Tallisker

The overall experience here is unbeatable. The place is great to impress a potential client, a date, or even just to celebrate life. The incredible service, plush ambience, and delectable food, ensure a truly memorable experience.

Must-Try Dishes:

White Fish Carpaccio

Toro Tartare

Lamb Flambéed in Tallisker

Wasabi Sorbet

Price per head (including alcohol and taxes): INR 9000

Restaurant Rating: 4.5/5


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