What I Bought in the Nykaa Pink Summer Sale 2023

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It’s been ages since I posted anything about makeup – which is very unusual for me as a makeup junkie! But I’m back after a long hiatus with a mini-haul from the Nykaa Pink Summer Sale. Read on to know what I bought and my thoughts on the products.


The Nykaa Pink Summer sale works on an anticipatory concept, where customers can browse through select product deals and combinations a few days before the sale begins. If one is interested in buying the product, they can slash its price by swiping on it. The higher the number of people slashing the price, the lower the price of that product or combination when the sale goes live. Further, if you do swipe to slash the price of the product, it will automatically be added to your cart (or in this case Pink Box) once the sale is live, saving you the trouble of remembering the products you were keen to buy. On the day of the sale, all you have to do is login to your account and choose the best deals from your cart.

What I Bought in the Nykaa Pink Summer Sale 2023

This year’s awesome deals include:

  • MAC : Buy 2 Get 1
  • Huda Beauty : Upto 50% off
  • Clinique : 15% off on full size
  • Lancome : Flat 15% off
  • Charlotte Tilbury : Upto 25% off
  • Bobbi Brown: Buy 1 Get 1
  • Pixi : Mini on 1400; Full size product on 2000
  • Too Faced: Buy 2 Get 1
  • Nykaa Cosmetics : Upto 50% Off ; Free Nail Paint on ₹499 ; Free Gift on ₹699
  • Kay Beauty : Upto 50% off
  • Lakme : Upto 40% off 
  • Maybelline New York: Upto 35% off
  • Colorbar : Minimum 25% off + Free gift on Rs. 699
  • Plum: Up to 35% off
  • Cetaphil : Upto 40% off
  • Minimalist : Buy 2 Get 1
  • L’Oreal Paris: Upto 35% off
  • Schwarzkopf Professional: Flat 20% off
  • COSRX : Buy 2 Get Flat 20%

So go ahead and shop if you haven’t already!


This time, I mostly picked things I needed and a few new items that I was curious to try. Here’s what I bought at the Nykaa Pink Summer Sale this year:

Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk On The Go Kit (Limited Edition):

Regular price – INR 5300, Sale price – INR 4240

This was my only Nykaa Luxe purchase, but it offered such great value that I couldn’t resist it. I absolutely love the formulation of Charlotte Tilbury lip products (lipsticks and lip pencils), and my most-used shade in this line is Pillow Talk which is a good nude / everyday shade on my skin tone. This kit offered a medium-sized lip pencil and medium-sized lipstick in this shade, so it was a no-brainer for me to buy it just for those two products. In addition to these, it also had a full-sized cream eyeshadow and a medium-sized brown eyeliner.

The cream shadow is in a pink-brown tone that sheers out if you blend it. I haven’t worn it on the eyes yet, but I promise to report back on its performance soon. The brown eyeliner swatched really well and was hard to take off the back of my hand, so I’m sure it will stay put on the eyes too.

Maybelline New York The Colossal Kajal 24Hour Smudge Proof – Deep Black:

Regular Price – INR 189, Sale Price – INR 122.85

This is one of my go-to kajals because it doesn’t smudge, has a twist-up mechanism (which doesn’t need tedious sharpening) and is very affordably priced. I love experimenting with different kajals but this is one that I keep returning to. This was part of the Maybelline eye products pack.

Maybelline New York the Colossal Mascara Waterproof – Waterproof black:

Regular Price – INR 449, Sale Price – INR 291.85

This is a good mascara for regular daily wear. It isn’t my favourite, but it works especially well when I layer it with other mascaras. Plus, it was on an awesome discount as part of the Maybelline pack!

Maybelline New York Colossal Bold Eyeliner – Black:

Regular Price – INR 275, Sale Price – INR 178.75

I much prefer pen style eyeliners to brush-tip ones and I’ve never tried this one, but it was part of the pack, so I got it. I may pass this along to my cousin.

Typsy Beauty Crystal Crush Plumping Gloss – Sparkling Sunstone 02:

Regular Price – INR 799, Sale Price – INR 679

This Indian brand has been on the market for only about a year. I may never have heard about it, had I not interviewed its founder Kairavi Bharat Ram for HELLO! magazine’s upcoming issue. This young girl’s passion for beauty and the innovative products she designs really appealed to me, so I decided to try her brand’s plumping lip gloss.

The product has a tingly plumping effect when you wear it, and it offers a very pretty shine without being gloopy or sticky on the lips. I’m not sure if it actually plumps the lips but it certainly looks nice and is easy to wear.

Pears Naturale Detoxifying Bodywash in Pomegranate and Aloe Vera:

Regular Price for two – INR 420, Sale Price for two – INR 210

This one was purely a need-based buy. I needed some body wash and this combo set was by far the cheapest one available. The fact that it’s ‘detoxifying’ doesn’t hurt either 🙂

So, this is my short and sweet Nykaa Pink Summer Sale haul. Did you guys shop in this sale? Did you find anything interesting? Would you like to try any of the products I’ve mentioned here? Go ahead and share your thoughts in the comments below! In case you would like to see me unbox these products and swatch them, here you go:


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  1. Iam absolutely the opposite, not a make up person at all. But I enjoy other people gettign ready, it’s very fascinating to see the change. However, I am a Pears fan, so that body wash surely appeals to me. Will check Nykaa.

  2. I am a sucker for Nykaa sales myself, only because I get genuine products from my favourite brands and the loyalty points help in future purchases. Love your haul! I would like to check out the Charlotte Tilbury eye shadow.

  3. Wow, I wasn’t aware of the Nykaa Pjnk Summer Sale where great products are available at huge discounts 😍
    Thanks for your lovely post, I’m heading to the Nykaa app!

  4. Ohhhh… so sad… I missed the sale. I wouldv loved to buy the plumping gloss cuz one was already in my nykaa cart but I didn’t order as I am travelling.☹️

  5. Nyka Pink Summer Sale is an absolute steal which i love to splurge on. I loved your recommendations and will try the ‘Typsy’ products. Maybelline Kajal is my staple and the Faces Canada Kajal is also unbelieavable good. I shopped crazy for perfumes and nail paint in pop colours, and am loving them.

  6. The Pilbury pillow talk kit is something I will definitely love to have in my collection. I am little choosy when it comes to any makeup products. To be honest I am not that much of a makeup loving person but I will not deny on special occasions I definitely love to dress up in a picture perfect way. Thanks for the lovely suggestions and I will definitely pick a few from the list.

  7. Wow, the Nykaa Pink Summer sale sounds absolutely incredible!
    Slashing the price of the products by swiping on them; the more people slash, the lower the price gets during the live sale is something new I came across in this post—this unique and anticipatory concept.

  8. loved this post though not a makeup enthusiast because I always like buying during pink sales as the products cost less than the actual. I also liked the way you pointed out the difference in the cost during the sale.

  9. I keep hearing about Nykaa but I have never bought anything from there. I will surely share this with my daughter. She will definitely find it useful.

  10. I was watching the first episode of Broken on Netflix the other day and it was shocking to learn that websites sell toxic and fake make up products. Nykaa is one trusted website that gives the assurance and the certificate of authenticity for all the products. I loved their sale and bought a few things that you have as well. The Maybelline Colossal Mascara and Kajal are must-have products in a woman’s vanity. Will buy the Typsy Pumping Gloss. It looks interesting. Thanks for the great reccos.

  11. Whoa! First things first, I never knew about the price slashing system in Nykaa Sales. I missed it and for the first time I’m deeply regretting it. I am not a makeup junkie but I love my mauve lipsticks like crazy. I usually order quite a few every time I shop on Nykaa. I just checked your swatch on Instagram and boy I’m floored. Though the Charlotte Tilbury is a bit too expensive for my taste, it looks so luxe and premium like it promised. Maybelline is my go-to for eye makeup. But I am definitely trying the plumping gloss. Thanks, Noor.

  12. Your makeup posts always tempt me, Noor. I am more of a kohl is makeup person 😀 Some really good deals out there. I rarely shop beauty products online but will give Nykaa a try next time.

  13. I may not be a make-up junkie but there’s something about stealing a great deal on products like these which you know costs a lot! I always tell my hubby, when toiletries (including make-up/various skin products) goes on sale, it’s always a steal so we need to buy! Guaranteed the expiration still lasts a year long, then it’s good to go! You would surely use it and not worry if you don’t get to use it immediately either. Happy you got a great deal!

  14. You smash it with the sale Noor. It is really good to shop during sale. I never shop from Nykaa. I think I should try out specially during these Sale. Thank you for giving insight.

  15. I always keep a list of things I need to buy during these sales. The offers are amazing and there are new brands to check out too. I love Maybelline eye products. They’re very good.

  16. I saw your reels on Insta about this. The punk sale is very interesting; I didn’t know how it works until I read your post. Thats so cool. Will look up products in the next sale. Thanks.

  17. I love sales but I am really sceptical about the authenticity of products like those of MAC. As much as I would like offers and discounts, still I prefer to buy MAC products full price from Select CityWalk.

    Great deals though on all the products! I really need to replenish my make up stash!

    1. I’ve never had an issue with any product on Nykaa, especially when I compare them with the ones I buy in-store. They are exactly the same. The only difference with the sale items is that they are closer to their expiration date and therefore are discounted.

  18. I loved your Haul! I am gonna try a few of the products from your purchase, I am not much itno all these so this is of great help for me 🙂

  19. What a loot, Noor. That is a real overhaul for your makeup kit. My daughter and I usually order from Nykaa. They have all products under one roof, basically nd it is all on display, easier to pick.

  20. Nykaa Pink Summer Sale is a good opportunity to buy your favorite products at deal prices. I liked your product selection and look forward to the review of Charlotte Tilbury products.

    1. Most of the Charlotte Tilbury products are repurchases and I love them all. Even the one I tried for the first time is excellent. Definitely worth the hefty price tag!

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