What’s Happening in Delhi: Latika Nath’s Exhibit on Ethiopian Tribes

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Chilly Delhi evenings see multiple cultural events, much to the delight of the city’s residents. Last evening, I attended the launch of renowned wildlife conservationist and photographer Latika Nath’s latest photo and art exhibit. Entitled “Omo- Where Time Stood Still”, the exhibition showcases the tribes of the Omo valley from Ethiopia.


Latika Nath. 


Originally a wildlife biologist, Nath started photographing various cat species in the course of her conservation work. For years, she’s passionately advocated the conservation of big cats, as well as landscape ecology and the resolution of the human-wildlife conflict. Having been featured on television documentaries and magazine covers of note, she now wisely uses her celebrity to promote the beauty of nature and its many inhabitants.

The success of her first coffee table book, “Hidden India”, earlier this year, led to “Omo- Where Time Stood Still”, her first solo photography exhibition.


With Latika Nath


Intrigued by the diversity and vibrant history of Ethiopia, a country located in the Horn of Africa, Nath camped out in its Omo valley for three months. This hidden gem is home to some of the oldest tribes known to man, having preserved their way of life through millennia.

To really understand the customs and mores of the people, Nath lived with and photographed eight tribes, including the Hamer, Bana, Mursi, Suri, Kara, Dassanech, Arbore, and Nyangotam. Her expert eye captured the essence of these communities in a way that’s rarely, if ever, been done before. The raw imagery literally speaks in each photograph. She curated and selected the best photos from a library of over 60,000 shots for this unique exhibit.


Photo entitled “A Suri boy stands on a tree”


Ethiopia is a major component of Nath’s stunning photography. It’s no surprise then, the Embassy of Ethiopia sponsored the launch party for this exhibit. The royal environs of Bikaner House (read about its iconic Sunday Market here) made the perfect backdrop for the dramatic works on display. Wine and tapas complimented the conversation well, and the live band ensured a lively atmosphere.

Young Ethiopian diplomats engaged all attendees in intelligent discourse, answering any questions about their fascinating country and the culture of its people. Latika Nath entertained her guests while addressing queries on her work, spread over numerous rooms at the venue. The evening was indeed a memorable one.


Sculptures and ceramic plates were the other art works on display


I loved the entire collection on display. Each photograph was beautifully composed and very evocative. My favorite photos included the poignant “drinking water” which blurred the lines between human and animal; “Nyangotam woman” the serene expression of which prompted my family to buy it; “a Suri boy stands on a tree” for its vividness; and the striking wooden wall panels with “Mursi faces” at the entrance. Apart from the remarkable photographs, Nath has also created six ceramic plates with gold rims, and two sculptures.

Collectors will appreciate the quality of Nath’s photography as well as her artistic bent of mind. Lovers of art can enjoy the fabulous work on display, while complete novices like myself, can sample the fascinating culture of a mesmerizing people. I highly recommend a visit to the exhibit, on till November 12, 2018 at the Bikaner House.


Venue: The Bikaner House, Pandara Road, New Delhi

Days: November 5- 12, 2018

Time: 10:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.

Entry Free

Contact Latika Nath here

Email: latika@latikanath.com

Buy Latika Nath’s Coffee Table Book, “Hidden India” on Amazon here

Here’s a quick vlog I made at the launch event. Follow me on Instagram @theladylawyer to see more vlogs and real-time content!

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