Why I’m Afraid of Water: A Look Into My Past Lives

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What is the first thought that enters your mind when you look at this picture? When I saw it, I could only think of my fear of water, specifically the fear of large water bodies. If you read my e-book, “Tales From My Travel Treasury: An Alliterative Anthology”, you would know that I attempted to understand and address this crippling fear through Past Life Regression (PLR) Therapy at ‘Ananda in the Himalayas’ Wellness Resort in Rishikesh.

Here, I’ll tell you about the three lifetimes I purportedly saw during my therapy sessions. They may not have cured my fear, but they make for a pretty good story!


As the therapist asked me to open doors in the corridors of my mind’s eye, the first one showed a teenaged girl hiding in fear, having stolen some food. Her mop of unruly hair, buck teeth and pockmarked face, bore no resemblance to me in my present avatar, but I could recognise her eyes as my own.

I was told the only way to recognise people, including oneself, in past lives is by observing the eyes. As strange as it sounds, I knew this girl was me.

The scene was a sea-side town in what felt like industrialised England, sometime in the 18th century. The girl was clearly on her own, an orphan ostracised by society. To fend for herself, she would steal food and other basic items. That day she was almost caught stealing and chose to hide in a dark and dingy room that smelled of fish.

I could feel her unhappiness and the terrible burden she faced, living hand-to-mouth as a child. The large water body which was the hub of all activities in that port town, made an indelible mark on this unhappy girl.


The therapist kept guiding me to see water while I explored my subconscious. A handsome, tall sailor floated into my mind next. I was witnessing a troubled family scene that took place a few centuries ago. Here I saw myself packing up my meagre belongings and heading out to sea, leaving my beautiful young wife and newborn child behind.

My wife pleaded with me to reconsider. I kept assuring her that it was a short assignment on a ship and I would be back soon. However, that was a lie and I knew it. I had no intention of returning to domesticity when being on the high seas was so much more fun.

I was poor in this particular lifetime too, but the prospect of not being attached or settled was exciting and I was a happy young man.

A few years later, I saw myself stuck on a makeshift boat, surrounded by water. My ship had sunk and I had managed to survive, where everyone else had perished. Many days of sailing without food and water gave me ample time to reflect on the wrongs I had inflicted on my wife and child, making me regret my actions deeply. When I finally washed ashore on an island, I was dead. To my mind, this gruesome water death was redemption for my reckless actions, but it also worsened my fears.


As I continued to think of water bodies, I saw an ocean from a high window in a tall tower. The lashing sounds of the water seemed to mimic the unhappiness that plagued my mind. I wore a floor-length white dressing gown and my long, dark hair flowed free, as I stared at the water. My husband, clearly a man of regal bearing, was leaving my room. It was rare that he visited and there was no love between us, even when he did visit.

A different scene in the same lifetime showed me sitting in front of a mirror, dressed in red ceremonial clothing. It was a lehenga-choli suggesting that I was a princess in an Indian principality from a past era. As I looked into the mirror, I saw a beautiful woman. She was so perfect that her beauty was legendary, but it was also the reason her paranoid husband kept her locked away in a proverbial tower. In fact, the only times she was allowed out were for ceremonial occasions.

As she examined her physical perfection in the mirror, she thought of it as a curse that forced her to live a life of abject loneliness. Despite having untold riches and comforts in this life, it was the unhappiest of the ones I saw. The water she constantly heard from her window, was a forceful reminder of her despair.

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Witnessing these stories in my mind allowed me to understand potential reasons for my strange and debilitating fear of water. However, I only attended two sessions of PLR which were not enough to cure this fear or give me the courage to face it. I hope to try it again this year and achieve better results!

Do you have any unreasonable fears? How have you faced them, if at all?


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  1. You are really a bravo! It needs real courage and guts to go thru PLR. But it was really interesting reading it. And keeping the trend, you are beautiful in this life too 🙂

  2. Wow! Those are some revelations there! Glad you got some answers to your fear of water, Noor. I used to be afraid of heights, though I conquered that by visiting quite a few tallest structures around the world. Hope you get over your fear of water soon.

  3. These three stories gave me a good clarity of how PLR must be for you. But you are a brave girl, I must say. If you want to do a second session then that’s nothing but bravery and your willingness to get over it and you will, I am sure.

  4. You are such a brave person Noor, I had a goosebumps while reading your post. I also have a fear of water and height..especially I become overprotective for my kids, whenever we go to any water sources. also, you have amazing expressive style. your blog and vlogs both are great. keep up the great work dear!

  5. If you ask me…I don’t fear water as such. Infact it attracts me! What I fear is staying in it for long! The fear of what is underneath! Your experiences of past life were interesting.

  6. Well to begin with PLR is something new to me and obviously I am curious enough to even try it out now. Secondly, it goes without saying that the narration was flawless and captivating. As a matter of fact I have been a dead sinker all my life and was even able to drown myself in the pool around 2 years ago :P.

  7. Very interesting post. I read many lives many masters years ago and it left a big impact. I hope you find yourself overcoming this fear.

  8. I have read a lot of books written by Brian Weiss and truly believe in this therapy. I am glad you were strong enough to undergo this session and learn the reasons for your fear.

  9. I don’t believe in after lives and reincarnation but the three stories you saw were all so engaging and I got goosebumps with every twists and turns .. I like your blogs , good work 💕

  10. How interesting! I’ve always been interested in taking a past life regression session but somehow apprehensive.

  11. Have only read about PLR, but never experienced it not heard first hand experience about it. Reading about your experience was really fascinating. A lot to think over and contemplate for the day!

  12. Wow your story gave me goosebumps.I believe a lot in past lives and reincarnation stuff.You are a brave person having experiencing the therapy .I am very fearful of waters even during bath times 🙈

  13. I am very curious to try PLR and will try when get an opportunity. Your post is very fascinating and mystical. Loved it!

  14. I’m a post graduate in Psychology myself and have attended and participated in many workshops on Past life regression and read a lot on it. It personally intrigues me. Hope you find your peace through therapy!

  15. Wow! Now this is something I really didn’t hear of before… I mean I know a bit about regression therapy… But your experience has left me speechless! I hope this cures your fear soon!

  16. I have never tried past life regression but your session got few answers to your questions. PLR is good to overcome your fears, stress and other hurdles of life

  17. PLR is definitely a very powerful therapy, and you are lucky to have found a good therapist. While you have not completed the therapy, and i hope you do, this experience has hopefully given you some answers and most importantly an understanding of the reasons for your fear.
    I do believe that knowledge has the power to shoo away our fears.

  18. I had no clue about plr 😀
    Now I feel like getting it done!

    I fear water too, although I love the beach but can’t even walk a bit into the sea ( 😢)

  19. Knowing your past lives is something really interesting. It actually relates your present actions and gives reasons to many troubles. All the best if you join next sessions.
    Thank you for participating in the contest.

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