Why Vitamin C Should be a Part of Our Regular Diet

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Health is perhaps the most important aspect of our lives. In fact, it’s something we should never take for granted. And while speaking of health, one shouldn’t ignore the aspect of building immunity either. Regular exercise and a healthy diet are par for the course, but these are not enough to safeguard our health in today’s day and age.

Why Vitamin C should be a part of our regular diet

Why you may ask?

  • Fast-paced lifestyles
  • Excessive stress
  • Sedentary life induced weight gain and consequent problems
  • Increase in allergies as our immune systems become weaker[1]

A well-nourished diet that includes the five food groups like vegetables, fruits, cereals, legumes or meat and milk[2], as well as the inclusion of Vitamin C in particular, is known to improve overall immunity. Here are some other well-known benefits of Vitamin C:

  • Helps prevent iron deficiency[3]
  • A powerful antioxidant that can strengthen your body’s natural defences[4]
  • An essential part of the skin’s defence system[5]

Some ways in which you can add Vitamin C to your diet through natural sources are citrus fruits, bell peppers, papaya, strawberries and tomatoes.[6]

While a well-balanced diet is important, alternative supplements can further augment the nutrients we don’t get from the food we consume. Thus, when our regular food falls short of essential nutrients, a physician should be consulted to seek advice on alternatives which can be made part of our diet. Alternatives work best when incorporated into regular routines, based on your doctor / physician’s recommendation.

On a personal level, one of the alternatives I have been advised to take, and have been consuming on and off since I was a teenager, is Limcee Vitamin C Chewable Tablet 500mg. Today, as I talk about the importance of Vitamin C in our diet, I’d like to share a few incidents from my life where Limcee played a significant role:

  1. In my growing teen years, my mother was very particular about my well-being, as any parent would be. On the recommendation of our family physician, Limcee was incorporated in my routine.
  2. When I decided to move across continents to pursue my Master’s degree in London, I was once again recommended by our family physician to carry Limcee along with me. And so, all the way from India it went as part of my travel kit.
  3. And now, after all these years, on my physician’s recommendation, Limcee continues to be part of my family’s routine.

Over the last few years with the rising risk of infections, immunity has become very important for all of us, and the role played by Vitamin C has become more prominent. As I shared today, from being a teenager to the primary care giver of my family – I have always banked on sufficient Vitamin C in my diet to improve immunity against infections.

This is how I #BoostImmunityWithLimcee, and I am curious to know if your approach to building your immunity and the role of Vitamin C has evolved over the last few years? And if so, how have you included the correct amount in your diet plan?

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  1. Very informative post and for all of us, Limcee plays such an important role in the entire life span. Vit C is often ignored but cant be forgotten. Thanks for this

  2. Highly agreed. The need for staying fit and healthy has never been so important. Thanks to the pandemic, everyone is on high alert. Vitamin C is one way we all can stay healthy. #BoostImmunityWithLimcee

  3. I truly agree with you on this that we need some additional supplements to compliment the diet. And Vitamin C being one of the major ones to improve immunity, it’s important to have it in our diet.

  4. Beautifully expressed thoughts and views in your article. Yes, even my daughter carried few strips of Limcee Vitamin C chewable tablets when she went overseas to Canada. The importance of Vitamin C in our lives is uncomparable

  5. I agree with you on all the points you have mentioned in the post. I would also like to share that even fruits can cause some infections. Thank God, we have tablets like limcee.

  6. Which is the best
    repair nutrient for your body? Which is vitamin-A and C
    Vitamin-c required for strong immune system as on daily base

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