2022: Summer of Transformation – The Best Summer Camp for Youngsters

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If you have been following my blog for any length of time, you are familiar with Megha Bajaj, an award-winning bestselling author, film script writer, popular educator and passionate seeker. Previously, I have interviewed her and highlighted the in-depth creative writing workshops she conducts in conjunction with Heena Sodhi Khera of Queen’s Brigade. Today, however, we will talk about their most interesting project yet – the 2022: Summer of Transformation. Curious to know what I’m talking about? Read on to find out!

2022: Summer of Transformation

Noor Anand Chawla (NAC): What is the 2022: Summer of Transformation?

Megha Bajaj (MB): We are so excited about our new venture! It is one of the world’s first, and perhaps the biggest youth transformation fests. The 2022: Summer of Transformation is a virtual camp for students aged eleven and above, where we will impart important lessons on key life skills. The course is designed to be fun, powerful, engaging, and exciting, and this summer camp is sure to surprise and delight all youngsters.

There are three parts to the course:

  1. The world’s largest Transformation Fest will take place on April 23 at 6 pm IST, where youth from across the globe will celebrate transformations by listening to motivational speeches and working on creating energy together, while having the time of their life.
  2. There will be 12 live sessions focussing on four important life skills. These will take place from May 2- 27, every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 6 pm. The life skills include cultivating people skills, becoming comfortable with public speaking, inculcating the habit of writing and building a positive self-image by learning from the best mentors, including bestselling authors, TEDx speakers, entrepreneurs who are icons in their industry, IIM Alumni, and leaders who have made their way to the top.
  3. Every registered youngster will receive a breakthrough book which is one of the most inspiring reads.

NAC: Who came up with the idea and what was your intention for it?

MB: The idea is my brainchild as I am an author and an educator working on life skills as a niche. I feel that readers across the globe connect to my words, as do youngsters. The idea of 2022: Summer of Transformation (#2022SoT) was to highlight my skills as an author and educator and create something wonderful for the youth.

Transformentors – 2022: Summer of Transformation

NAC: Who are the people in your team?

MB: We are calling our teachers for the summer camp TransforMentors. There are twelve of them, and each one has incredible experiences to share with the youth – they have the experience of working with youngsters and are personalities who are fun-loving, inspiring and interesting.

Apart from me, they include:
Rajdeep Manwani, Academician and TEDx Speaker
Guru Prasad Makam, Chartered Accountant

Arun Kumar Natha, who has worked in many leading corporates and runs his own organisation called inPace working towards the financial freedom of people
Chitra Prasad, Correspondent NSN group of schools

Dr Asha Vijay, Medical Director at GarbhaGudi IVF Centre

Kavish Gadia, co-founder and CEO at Stones2Milestones and Freadom App

Anju Kothari, educator, entrepreneur and home-maker
Heena Sodhi Khera, author, speaker and host

Gayathri Ram, correspondent of Shri Natesan Vidyasala and author

Dr Nidhi Gupta, founder of Merahki Wellness centre, speaker and life skills specialist

Sridhar Ranganathan, CEO and award winning speaker

NAC: Is this a global event? If yes, how are you getting the word out?

MB: Yes, it is a global event and as of date we have students registered from over eleven countries, 50 cities in India and also many children from villages of India. It is inclusive and exciting. Since it is virtual, anyone can join in from anywhere.

Those interested can register through the bookmyshow link https://bit.ly/3jbkR2h for an almost unbelievable cost of Rs 495 plus taxes, per participant. The actual cost of a workshop like this with the kind of stellar line-up we have would ordinarily be Rs 13,500, but since we want more youth to opt for it, we have cut the investment significantly.

We already have over 3000 registrations. We are looking at crossing about 11,000 registrations in the next two weeks.

2022: Summer of Transformation

NAC: What kind of activities are included in the 2022: Summer of Transformation?

MB: We will be focusing on four key life skills in a fun, playful way with lots of storytelling and many engaging sessions. We believe that youngsters need to work on how they see themselves. The idea of self-image, dealing with peer pressure, dealing with comparisons, and other challenges that life brings are an important aspect of 2022: Summer of Transformation.

Further, we are aware that some students enjoy writing but some don’t. Yet, the truth is that writing is an important aspect of life in some form or another. By making writing fun, easy and exciting, we empower youngsters to be better equipped for it. Easy tools like BEM tricks make youngsters better writers.

Speaking well is also an important life skill that helps youngsters throughout life. We have speakers on our team, who were extremely shy in the beginning but have today become successful TEDx speakers. They will teach youngsters what it takes to communicate, connect and win confidence.

People skills are all about getting along, about leading, empowering others, while staying true to yourself and being a good team mate. How can one do this? By learning from trailblazers who lead thousands of people.

NAC: How is your camp different from others on the market?

MB: 2022: Summer of Transformation is different in every way from other camps. Firstly, the stellar line up of speakers is unimaginable. It is immensely difficult to get access to this kind of amazing line-up. Secondly, while most summer camps focus on a skill set, we want to focus on four key life skills that can be life transforming. Thirdly, our methodology is fun, engaging and unique. Having done sessions like these for kids before, we know the kind of impact it creates.


Link to register: https://bit.ly/3jbkR2h

2022: Summer of Transformation


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  1. I have read your previous interview post of Megha bajaj and really liked her work. summer of transformation sounds like an amazing summer camp for youngsters. they have included many impressive activities for youngsters . I am sure they will get immense benefit out of this camp.

  2. Summer of Transformation, wow! I loved the speakers line-up. It’s indeed focussed on life’s transformation. Thanks for sharing this Noor

  3. Summer camps have become the trend now but this seems more like a workshop. Kids have been indoors for far too long and need to brush up their social skills.

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