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If you’ve been following my blog for some time, you will probably remember the interesting interview of author Megha Bajaj. With a candour unique to the truly creative among us, she declared, “Writing Facilitates Miracles!” In case you missed it, however, read the interview here.

Megha Bajaj x Queen’s Brigade Writing Workshop

That conversation was held in the run up to her first writing workshop in collaboration with Queen’s Brigade, which took place over a period of 11 weeks, with 12 participants ranging from the ages of 9-65. Now with the first batch culminating in a successful completion and one of the stories (written by a 9-year-old attendee, no less!) having been picked for publication in the prestigious Outlook Magazine; it’s time to prepare for the next batch.

Megha Bajaj x Queen’s Brigade Writing Workshop

Not quite convinced whether this workshop is for you or a loved one fond of creative writing? Read some testimonials here that are sure to change your mind:


I am indeed grateful to Megha ji and Heena ji for giving me this awesome opportunity of attending this beautiful course. In this unique course, through each module, one is able to unleash the writer within. Each assignment made me vulnerable, created mixed feelings and notes within. Sometimes joy, sometimes sadness etc. The homework would trigger my thinking process and words just started flowing out like water in a river. I don’t know where I’m heading to but now I’m sure and convinced that I too can write and one day become a writer. Thank you Megha ji, I’m indeed grateful to you.

RIDHAAN SHARMA (9-year-old):

This entire experience has been wonderful for me! There are many reasons I would like to continue on to Level 2 but I’m naming just a few here:

  • It has given me the chance to pursue my dream and put me on the right path to be an author!
  • WoW Level 1 motivated me to think for myself. It helped me to be more creative than I thought I could be. Because of the sessions ma’am gave us, I also found out I have a little poet in me.
  • I really like to do these paragraphs on MS Word. It is fun typing! Of course, I could do it myself too, but it is more challenging when somebody else asks you to do it!


  • The first time I came across Megha’s work was when I read her book called ‘Frozen Thoughts’ which later became ‘Infinity Thoughts’. There was an article where she has written about headless chickens and it just struck me because whatever she writes is so practical and talks about the things we do on a day-to-day basis, and so beautifully that the impact lasts for a very long time. I started following her Insta pages and all her writing is so beautiful and full of life. She’s such a big inspiration. There was a post where she posted about a Mercedes Benz which she financed herself. It’s very big for a girl to believe in themselves and I think she is a wonderful inspiration for all of us. She taught us that writing too can pay and pay well.
  • I don’t look at Megha only for writing skills, though all of that is beautiful, as everyone knows. I enjoy her holistic approach towards life which is reflected in her writing as well. This is what I like the most. It’s great to learn and inculcate that in our own lives when it comes to writing and other aspects of life. Thanks so much for organising this workshop and I loved being a part of it.

Watch the testimonials and reviews here:

Megha Bajaj x Queen’s Brigade Writing Workshop

Still need to be convinced? Here’s another reason – you can join this wonderful course, where over a period of 11 weeks you will be guided through one-on-one email consultations along with two live virtual sessions, for the heavily discounted price of Rs 11,000 only (regular price is Rs 72,000!).

So, what are you waiting for? Unleash the author within you and sign up by clicking on this link:


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  1. This is a great opportunity to become a published author with a little help from Megha Bajaj. I’m sharing this on my social media so that people can connect.

  2. That’s a great initiative. Every blogger dreams of elevating to a level of an author. I really hope to join this once I have my bandwidth issues sorted out.

  3. I remember the interview. It’s amazing that a 9-year-old’s piece was selected for publication. Would you have the link to the article?

  4. Congratulations to the young man. This workshop looks like something writers should not miss. I am really impressed with all the things Queens Brigade comes up with.

  5. That is quite an achievement for a 9 year old. One cannot teach creativity but have guidance in creative writing really helps. Would have definitely gone for it if I was a writer.

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