10 Indian Women Doing Awesome Things!

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It’s the last day of the month and I’m yet to publish a #CauseAChatter post. I’ve been quite diligent about posting them this entire year, and I’ve been sticking to the one-a-month timeline (you can read my posts here). This month, in the interest of keeping it quick yet engaging, I’ll make this #GenderTalks post like the one I did earlier this year – sharing links to my published articles focussing on women pioneers doing great work in their chosen fields.

10 Indian Women Doing Awesome Things!

So, here are 10 Indian women doing awesome things!


This Indo-fusion violinist and vocalist from Assam, currently living in Mumbai, has single-handedly changed the way the violin is viewed around the world. Not limiting it to the genre of classical music, she uses this versatile instrument to create distinctive fusion sounds. Read her fascinating interview here.


Delhi-based Ashwini was known in her circles for her refined taste in art and culture, and people would often turn to her for advice in these spheres. This led her to launch her art gallery ArtSpeaks India, which turned virtual after the pandemic. Read about her interesting work and the exhibits currently on display at her gallery here.


A trained mental health professional from Hyderabad, Drishti was always keen to do something in the lesser-known field of social-emotional learning (SEL). The pandemic gave her time to launch her own learning design venture called Journey Matters, as well as the first set of SEL products aimed at early childhood – her alphabetic flashcards that teach various emotions. Read about her wonderful work here.


Most mothers will attest to reading endless information about babies and how best to bring them up, when they become parents for the first time. While doing her own research, Shreya Mittal from Delhi, learnt that 80% of a baby’s brain development takes place in the first three years of life, yet pre-school doesn’t begin till age 2. To bridge this learning gap, she launched age-specific subscription boxes of toys based on the Montessori system of education, which encourage optimal cognitive development. Read about her venture here.


When the corporate life left her dissatisfied, Jaipur-based Astha Katta ventured into her own creative entrepreneurial venture. Under her brand name Shyle, she creates unique jewellery set in pure silver and models each piece herself. Her creativity and products have led to her becoming extremely popular on Instagram. Read about her business here.


‘Women lack financial acumen’, has been a long-held belief. Fortunately, the pandemic changed this as everyone realised the importance of creating wealth through investments, to tide over tough times. These female financial content creators or ‘finfluencers’ were at the forefront of this change, inspiring others to take their finances in their own hands. Read about their inspirational work here.


As an architect, Delhi-based Suman was aware of the limitations of accessing beautiful pieces of furniture that used local materials and encouraged local craftsmanship. This led her to launch the Mangrove Collective where the client directly interacts with artisans and other specialists to make bespoke furniture incorporating local traditions and materials. Read about her vision here.


This young patisserie chef from Chennai, learnt to make her own chocolate during the lockdown. Her product’s popularity among family and friends led her to launch her own bean-to-bar chocolate brand, BeeTee’s Melt, which offers vegan and refined-sugar free chocolates made in India. Read about her products here.


The CEO of ShowCase Events, this Gurugram-based entrepreneur had a busy year with many noteworthy developments. Her most pioneering effort of 2021 was the production of the song ‘Synthesis – The Indian Muse’, which brought together 16 different artists for an entirely remote musical production. The song has received many accolades since its release, even being called ‘The Song of the Year’. Read about it here.


Author Megha Bajaj has a steadfast following. Hence, when she teamed up with women’s networking group Queen’s Brigade led by Heena Sodhi Khera, to conduct an 11-week creative writing workshop, it was bound to be a success. Now that the first batch is coming to an end and a 9-year-old prodigy’s work is being published in Outlook Magazine, it’s time for the second batch to begin. Read about their work here.

Did you enjoy this post? Shall I do more posts like this one – perhaps one every quarter? In my role as a lifestyle journalist, I come across sooooo many interesting and inspirational personalities, and I would be happy to share their work and vision with you!

Thanks for reading and I’ll see you very soon with my last #CauseAChatter post.


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